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Ybor City - 4/17/21

May 13, 2021

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With COVID winding down it's almost as if the people have missed us. It seems like we are getting more people stopping by, deeper conversations and less snide comments. At least that's the way it was at our April outing in Ybor City.

As always in Ybor, many of our contacts were homeless. It is so important to recognize Jesus in them, look them in the eye, hold a conversation, and treat them like everyone else. Artavais put it best when he asked that we pray for "situational improvements".

I delivered a rosary to Kim, who was giving COVID shots across the street.

Once again we had someone (Pappy) show up and show us the item (miraculous medal) we had given him over a year ago, around his neck.

Brianna had an important interview that day and asked for prayers. I hope (God willing) she got the job.

Two women stopped by (Evelyn & Rosanna). They were having a women's afternoon out. They both asked for prayers for their husbands. There were issues. So being a husband, who always has issues, I prayed over them, for their husbands, right on the sidewalk.

Thanks to all who came out. It was like I arranged it, Mike had the early shift, Bob and Stacia, had the middle shift (so I could get a slice of pizza and a beer) and Reuben had the late shift.

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