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Ybor City - 2/19/22

March 10, 2022

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After a trying outing last month, the Holy Spirit blessed us with a wonderful reception in Ybor City last month. Thanks to Mike for joining me. I'll bet we gave out over a hundred items.

We had so many encounters; the entire spectrum of evangelization was covered. We talked to non-believers about the existence of God, to protestants about Catholicism, to new agers about the spirit being a person. The weather was great, and we saw many tourists from the colder climates: Iowa; Queens, NY; New Jersey, Minnesota, Germany, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and more. We ministered to a number of God's children struggling with health issues, homelessness, and addiction. We even gave a rosary to the mailman as he attended to the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

If you are from or visiting Tampa, come help us spread the Gospel message. E-mail me at