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Summary for Outing Monday 8 April 2024

April 9, 2024

Summary for Outing Monday 8 April 2024

Today was unique in a number of ways: first, it was the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord (when the angel Gabriel came to Mother Mary to give her the message that she would have a Son - Jesus) for The Church - a special year in which this solemnity does not fall on this date, but usually occurs in March, but since Holy Week was celebrated during its feast day of 25 March (nine months before Christmas which is the birth of Christ), The Annunciation was celebrated on this day. Second, on the same day a Solar Eclipse occurred, where the sun (Son) aligned with the moon (His Mother), three days after a 4.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the north east of the United States (including New York). Luckily for us in Watertown New York, we were in the path of full totality where everything went dark for over three minutes. Because of this significant event, up to 10,000 people from across the country traveled  to this area in order  to witness the event. Great opportunity to evangelize!

We have a new dedicated member of the team, Dave, and he joined me on this evangelization outing. We both went to Thompson Park to set up our table in the midst of a large crowd where we stayed outside in this event for up to seven hours. Yes, my bald head got sunburned!

We brought plenty of Saint Paul Street Evangelization informational tracts, miraculous medals, Catholic literature, prayer cards, scapulars, and blessed rosaries. Furthermore, we provided free turkey and cheese sandwiches along with water, string cheese, and chips for anyone who may have been in need. It is also important to note that at this event, we came across a number of satanists who clearly displayed their symbol (via clothing/tattoos); however, they did not approach our table, even though they probably saw our material and observed what we were doing. There was also a station elsewhere in the park where you could pay for a tarot card/psychic reading along with a shop selling occult material. 

Now, I say that it is good we were there, because enemies of the faith are out evangelizing souls for their cause everyday, so it is good that we shall do it all the more!

Please enjoy these pictures taken from the event, along with the solar eclipse taken from my personal cellphone which shows the image of a Cross!

(Pictures - Dave is in the camouflage jacket. I (Scott) am in the black hoodie that says Saint Paul Street Evangelization.)

Evangelization Encounters-  

EE#1.) Erin and Allison are a homeless couple. They approached our table with much enthusiasm. Me and Dave introduced ourselves and began to learn more about their situation. They explained to us how they were kicked out of the homeless shelter because of excessive coughing/spitting into a cup because they became sick due to the communal nature of the living arrangements there. They told us how they helped out and were hard workers, but were met with stern rules that did not make much sense which ultimately led to their current situation now. Erin also explained to us how they go attend some of the local protestant churches around our area, but have trouble going back because they see how some Christians act “righteous” in their assembly, then once they leave they begin acting crude with foul language. 

Me and Dave explained to them that the Lord’s creatures fall short in what we do all the time, and to not turn on Christ because of Judas. Our focus is on Him, and we are a work in progress, because He is the example we must follow. We also gave this couple community resources for shelter and food pantry, along with information on the nearest Catholic Churches in our area while encouraging them to check out the Holy Mass which is offered everyday. Before they departed, we gave them some food and water, information pamphlets on the Catholic faith and the sacraments, rosaries, instructions on how to pray the rosary, and miraculous medals. Please pray for Allison and Erin to find meaningful employment, adequate shelter, and to be drawn closer to the Lord’s Church in truth. 

EE#2.) Lane approached our table. He was interested in some of the information we were providing on the Church and the sacramental items we were passing out for free. He explained to us how he subscribes to the Messianic Jewish belief in Christ Jesus. He told us some deep personal experiences in his life that were hurtful for him, such as being abused by his family, let down by church members of other faiths such as the baptist movement and the seventh day adventists, who would not give him a ride to their congregation/assembly on the days they would meet when he needed a ride. During his faith journey, as Lane put it, he “put God to the test,” by asking Him in prayer to show him a sign that God is real. During this time in his life, there were enemies accusing him of wrongdoing. At the time, he was not sure how to handle it. So, what Lane did was pull out a bible, picked a random page, and without looking placed his finger on a random verse. What Lane described was exactly what he needed, as he put it, and according to him, his faith grew from there by this one single act. 

Me and Dave explained to Lane that this was not exactly “putting the Lord to the test,” because He always wants us to seek Him in prayer and talk to Him, just like a Father would want to talk to His son and see how His son is doing. In the same way, a Father would also like to give His son what he wants (within reason), and to help him with his problems. We then proceeded to elaborate on scripture that what the Pharisee did was put the Lord to the test, when they witnessed miracles He performed right in front of them, but still publicly challenged Him because of their little faith and yearning for power and control. 

We also explained to Lane that we should not let the hate, malice, and hardness of heart of those who are far from Christ (at the moment) ruin our own relationship with Christ so as to lead us to sin and burn us up with vengeance and anger. Forgiveness is just as much for us than it is for them, and frees our spirit in a way that can draw closer to our end goal (Heaven). Lane also mentioned to us that evil spirits bother him. After some questioning us that he was in line to be baptized in a protestant church, as the pastor was baptizing up to 60 or  70 people, while he was last in line. Right before the pastor came to baptize him, he pulled something in his bicep and the pastor refrained from baptizing Lane. Myself and Dave proceeded to explain to Lane how the Church views baptism, as being baptized into the Holy Trinity as Christ proclaimed, and that it was like a minor exorcism and relieves him from original sin while offering spiritual protection.

Lane told us he would consider getting baptized and asked that we pray over him by laying on of the hands. Me and Dave prayed out loud with him for a stable mind, stable emotions, to be baptized, to have Christ bring him into a closer union with him, and for the wicked spirits in his presence to depart never to return, in the name of Christ Jesus! Lane was very satisfied with this and told us he felt much better afterwards and would be looking into the Catholic Church. You can see his picture that was taken with Dave (Lane is in the pink shirt). 

EE#3.) A man by the name of Roger approached our table and was asking questions about the book of Tobit and what our views on it were. He also had some questions about the nephilim in Genesis 6, and whether or not we believed that giants existed. He also wanted to talk to us about the apocrypha such as the book of Enoch and other texts that are not widely used in the Church. Roger is also a Lutheran and believes that the Pope shows signs of the antichrist. After some discussion about scripture, we explained to Roger how the Church doesn’t talk much about these matters because it prefers to keep the focus on Christ and the things that are helpful for building them up. Although we accept these things in the literal sense, we try not to focus on it alot because it can lead people astray or frighten them. These kinds of discussions are more appropriate in more advanced bible studies with sound teaching and foundations of faith rooted in Church sacraments. 

Furthermore, I began to ask Roger why he became a Lutheran. Roger told me that he was born into it. From there, I explained to Roger who I was through personal testimony and what I was born into; I told him that I was born a Jew and was an atheist my entire life until the Lord converted me Himself in the year 2020. Once this happened, I too was probably a protestant at that point because I did not know which Church to goto. After much study, reasoning, and praying, the Holy Spirit brought me to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church - the Church of the Apostles and the gold standard of worship through the sacraments. To really emphasize this point, I mentioned the old testament regarding King Jeroboam, the King of Northern Israel. I explained to him what the sins of jeroboam were, in that King Jeroboam did not want his people conducting pilgrimages to Jerusalem for worship in the temple where the Levitical Priesthood (ordained by the Lord at the time) offered sacrifice in the temple because of fear of losing power. So, as an abomination to the Lord, he created his own priestly class, thus commissioning false ministers and turning from the legitimacy of the Levitical Priesthood, as this was known as “the sins of jeroboam.” From there, I emphasized the last book of the old testament, Malachi, in which the Lord cursed the false minister’s blessing, and reminded Roger about how only the Levites could hold the ark with their own hands, and anyone else who did this would die - thus reminding him that just not anybody can make themselves a Priest, because the Lord alone does this. 

Going even further, I led into apostolic succession into the new testament, where John the Baptist, who was from the Levitical Priesthood of Zechariah, baptized our Lord in the river Jordan in water, thus transferring the Priesthood to Him ceremonially. This same Christ Jesus called Apostles, who in turn called Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, and this laying on of the hands has transferred through apostolic succession for 2,000 years today, where the sacrifice of the mas is offered in every country in the world everyday for two millennium. Roger did not like this and countered that “any priest in Israel was anointed with oil.” Me and Dave countered that this new covenant was with water, as the Lord told us plainly. We also handed Roger a pamphlet on “bible alone” and points on Sola Scriptura from a Catholic perspective.   

After some more discussion, Roger began to explain his Lutheran faith and precepts. I then responded  by asking Roger “when was Martin Luther born?” After some thought, Roger seemed caught off guard, so we concluded together that it was about 500 years ago. I then pointed out to him that the church is 2,000 years old, and is why I went to them and not Luther, in my own experience, because I wanted what was directly given by Christ and the apostles. I also explained to him how I understand why some left the Church because of corruption and misdeeds, but the sins of men and people who fall short should not intervene in our supernatural relationship with Christ through the Church he established. Roger got a little frightened and wished me and Dave a good day and took off. We promised that we would pray for him, and we also ask you that you pray for his conversion as well, because I definitely feel that he is almost there in the fullness of truth and worship!

EE#4.) Bill and his wife Sherri, along with Sherri’s son Damien approached our table and was asking questions about the faith. We provided them rosaries, instructions on the rosary, and information on the church. Sherri explained to us how her whole family has passed away. When they passed away, their Catholic items were taken away with them and she never got them back. She was very pleased to receive items that she grew up with in her own family while she was holding back tears. Her husband Bill wore a cross around his neck and he was dressed like a biker and had many tattoos. He looked very strong and tough. He told me how he was in Desert Storm (we thanked him for his service), had three heart attacks, and other surgeries. You never would have thought these serious medical conditions happened to him because he looked healthier than an ox! We had a good discussion with them and realized that Bill’s faith was very deep. He was also a Marine Scout Sniper. I too was also a Sniper in the Army, so we had something in common that helped him be more open to exploring what was on the table. 

Their son Damien who is 26 was telling us some things about himself and his family, and how his biological father passed away from lung failure in his bed while Damien was in the house and had to discover his father. Damien explained to me that his father’s ashes were in the car at the event and that he normally takes them wherever he goes. Please pray for this family and the soul of Damien’s father!

EE#5.) Kathy and her husband with her children came up to our table and was asking us questions about the faith. Kathy went to Catholic religious training as a child but was never fully received into the Church. Her husband is an ex-mormon who became Presbyterian, but is now considering the Catholic faith. We gave them rosaries, information on the Catholic Church, and had a discussion about the Arian heresy which mormonism subscribes to, in that they believe Christ is not from the same substance of God, but is more like a high level manager, and that the basic understanding and belief of a Christian is the Holy Trinity. Kathy’s husband affirmed that in the mormon church, they do not even claim to be Christian now, and their tactics for getting new members were very forceful and abusive. He could not take anymore of it and had to leave. 

Kathy also described how she reads and studies the bible, but still has mental blocks into what she is trying to understand, and that she has trouble committing to anything because it is so overwhelming to her. I explained to her some key points about the faith and emphasized the importance of prayer in asking the Lord to help us understand His word. I also asked her if whether or not she believes the Lord puts people in her life for a purpose, to which she agreed. I also explained to her that there are people who can help her understand scripture, and what she would be getting herself into when she professes the Church and the faith, so there is no confusion, and is why if she went to a Catholic Church and wanted to enter it, should would need to do RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) which goes all the way back to the early Church period. She would have time to discern and study of the scriptures in a no pressure format where she can opt out anytime, and it wouldn’t be like a cult that would come to her door with pitchforks. 

She was more open to this concept and wanted more information. I told her and her family about the local Catholic Churches in our area, but she insisted she go to whichever Church I was attending. When I told her the Church that I was attending, she told me how she lives right down the street from there and got into a story of how she met her husband in that area. Before Kathy and her family left to enjoy the festivities (live concert, bouncy house, and food vendors), I wrote up some contact information for her to Church, their website, and contact numbers.

Please pray for this family to enter the Church and to partake in the fulness of worship! 

EE#6.) A Russian Orthodox lady who spoke broken english came up to our table and looked at some of our prayer cards and images of Christ on them. After offering her some information tracts on the Catholic faith, she asked me “why do they portray Christ as a white man, and why not as a darkened arab?” Plainly, I reinforced the concept to this woman that “I do not care what Christ Jesus looks like, whether He was black, white, pink, green, or blue, I would still follow Him, and so should you!” I also explained to the woman that there are many human divisions in the world and none of it is helpful. The woman agreed and then walked away.

Me and Dave concluded this was a trap; a way to get us to stroke a division that someone may overhear at the table which may cause them to stumble. Surely, it is quite obvious what Christ was in His human nature, but this is not the focus, for He is for everyone, and resides in the hearts of those who love Him and follow Him, regardless of their race, color, or physical characteristics! Please pray for this woman to focus on the things that truly matter, such as her salvation, and not mere appearances!

EE#7.) Scott and his wife, who are Jewish, came up to our table and wanted some Catholic information to give to some of their friends. They explained to me how they did acknowledge Christ, but would not elaborate much further. I talked to them a bit about the Levitical Priesthood and Christ being for us Jews as well and who I was. They were very kind and respectful, but seemed to have been in a rush. Please pray for these descendents of Israel to come to the fullness of worship in Christ!

EE#8.) Maureen who is from Scranton Pennsylvania took the drive up her with her husband, who is a Lutheran, to witness the solar eclipse. She is Catholic, and told us about her faith journey, as she had a Marian medal and crucifix around her neck. I explained to her not to give up hope on the conversion of her husband, because when I was an atheist, I attacked and persecuted my wife’s faith, and I mocked the priests and accused them all of being pedophiles, while also opposing the infant baptism of my son. My wife still prayed for me and the Lord did not forget about me and converted me, and I told her not give up hope and to keep praying. When I told her this she looked like she wanted to cry. She came up and gave me a hug. She then explained to me and Dave how the Holy Spirit came upon her once and taught her two complex songs on the Holy Light of Purity and Love. She sang these two songs for us at the table for a few minutes before the eclipse started, and it was beautiful and indescribable. Before Maureen walked up to our table, we were talking about family division and satan splitting up families, and one of the lyrics in the song she sang to us mentioned this. When she got done, she explained to us how she is retired now and wanted to get working for the Lord in a new way. Me and Dave explained to her how God has the best employee benefits package in comparison to other companies on the market. She chuckled at this. We also gave her a book on spiritual warfare because she expressed interest in this. Please pray for Maureen, a very holy woman, and for the conversion of her husband!

The Solar Eclipse appears and everything gets very cold and dark. Clouds are in the way but we can see it with our eyes safely and did not need any glasses. I took a few pictures of it and attached it in this posting. Please notice the cross coming out of the last image I took, even though I did not notice it when I was there!

EE#9.) A family with children came by the table during the eclipse but we did not notice them while we were observing. They were interested in many rosaries and informational tracts on the Church, and the angel coins and religious key chains that were provided in a bowl. Me and Dave gave their children water, chips, string cheese, and turkey sandwiches. They were very grateful and considering the faith, especially after witnessing the celestial event. The mother of the children along with her husband there explained to me that these type of things get people thinking spiritually, that there is a deeper purpose and that she is considering giving her family a Church that can hold onto. Me and Dave agreed this was a good idea. Please pray for this family to stick together and be one in Christ Jesus!

EE#10.) Gretchen and her family member approached our table and explained to us how she was received into the Church recently on Easter vigil. Me and Dave explained our testimony to her and our stories of why we came into the faith. Gretchen’s family member mentioned how she was a convert to the Catholic faith many decades ago, and slowly but surely her family members were trickling in as time went by, but there are some who are still holding out. Gretchen also explained to us a story about someone she knew who practiced wicca who influenced her life, as she too also practiced before converting, and this person converted to the Catholic faith before she died. Me and Dave thanked God for this because this soul has a chance after renouncing divination, and we could tell this was a very personal story for Gretchen. Gretchen and her family member agreed to a picture with Dave before they left. Please pray for Gretchen, her family’s conversion, and her friend’s soul who passed away!

EE#11.) Sean, who is a security guard for the Solar Eclipse event at Thompson Park in Watertown, approached our table when we were breaking down and about to leave. He explained to us how he only shows up to Easter vigil once a year for appearances sake, but has not really attended mass for the right reasons in about five years. He wanted some information on the Latin mass. Dave was a great resource in this as he gave Sean locations, times, and Priest information who conduct such services. We also asked Sean why he considered genuinely returning to the faith. He told us because of the evil and wrong that is increasing in the world. We explained to him that when evil increases, grace shall increase all the more, and that the more sinners sin, the more of a right we have to His mercy, because if we were sinless, then we would not need Christ, but this isn’t so. Me and Dave also preached the rosary to him while giving him a rosary and instructions on how to pray it. We also emphasized that it starts with prayer, which is a conversion of the heart, and replacing worldly things and thoughts that lead us to sin on the mysteries of Christ so we can replace our thoughts and mind with His so we have a mind like Christ and in this way we will draw our hearts closer to Him. The fruit of this is monthly masses turning into weekly masses (as it should be normally), and weekly masses turning into daily masses because your heart longs to be in the Lord’s presence, not for reasons to be seen by other men, but for reasons of love for the Lord alone. Sean was happy with this and said he would consider it. We also gave Sean informational tracts on reasons to return to the Catholic Church. Please pray for Sean to return to the Church fully in both body, spirit, and heart!

EE#12.)  As me and Dave were breaking down, Laura from the the cricket wireless station came up to us. She wanted information on the Catholic Church. We gave her pamphlets explaining the faith and sacramentals. She told us she was not Catholic, while also seeming to be in a hurry, but that she would consider the faith. Please pray for Laura’s conversion! 

Throughout the rest of the day, we had many other encounters with people, especially children and mothers who came out for rosaries, information on the Church, and for some free food that we were providing. Dave did an excellent job in meeting the needs of these people and pointing them towards Christ and the Church. We also found out that many of them traveled from New Jersey and Maryland, and that dedicated doordashers will even drive up large hills on bicycles to give people their orders in major events (hopefully they got a good tip). Please, pray for all of these people we encountered and for their safe travels. Many people are hurt out there and confused, and there are many different influences in the world leading them down the wrong path, as me and Dave witnessed families with children shopping for occult items. Please also pray for them that they will find the Lord as well. 

Thank you!

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