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Summary for Outing 25 May 2024

May 26, 2024

We were in Watertown, New York Saturday morning for about three hours in the square from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The city recently gave us permission to be there every Saturday up until October first of this year. This is great because it is a good chance to follow up with some of the people who came up to our table last year, including the barbers at Db’s Barbershop across the street who came out to meet me, after they all heard a woman’s voice suddenly say to them, “go outside and receive my medal!” I was passing out miraculous medals at the time. 

Me and Dave set up our table with Holy Rosaries, miraculous medals, literature on the faith, information tracts about the Catholic Church and the sacraments. Since Dave is a Third Order Lay Carmelite, and I am a Third Order Lay Dominican , I took the time to study some readings from the proper of saints this morning in the morning liturgy (study is a key metric to my vocation as a Dominican). To my delight, I came across the memorial of Saint Mary Magdalene De Pazzi, Virgin, Carmelite, and some of her writing that stuck with me before we went into the square to put ourselves out there for the Lord:

“Just as two rushing rivers intermingle in such a way that the smaller loses its name and is absorbed into the larger, so the divine Spirit acts upon the soul and absorbs it. It is proper that the soul, which is lesser, should lose its name and surrender to the Spirit, as it will if it turns entirely toward the Spirit and is united.”

Me and Dave asked for her intercession in prayer before we began our evangelization mission.

Evangelization Encounter:

EE#1.) An Indian man approached our table. He explained to us that he just arrived here into the country and that he is Hindu. However, he took some interest in Lord Jesus Christ and had some questions about some of the local parks in the area. Dave had a good discussion with him about some places he can go in the city with their times, as well as welcoming him to our country. We also talked about how some of our Priests and nuns are from India and stay in the local area. We also provided him tracts on the Catholic faith and the good news. He did express interest in Lord Jesus Christ and wanted to learn more. We also gave him a miraculous medal, a rosary, and instructions on the rosary. Please pray for this man to have success in a new land and to consider Lord Jesus Christ!

EE#2.) Daniel came by our table on a bicycle. We greeted ourselves and asked him if he wanted anything at our table, but he refused and rode by. Shortly later, he came back saying “At first I said no, but now I decided that I need Jesus Christ in my life.” After a short discussion, Daniel was very quiet and did not say much. He took a Holy Rosary and placed it around his neck and thanked us. Please pray for Daniel to be drawn closer to the Lord.

EE#3.) John came up to our table in an electric scooter. I asked John if he had ever come to my table before because he looked familiar, but apparently I was thinking of someone else because he had never seen me before. John explained to us how he has not been to church since the 1980’s. After a discussion about returning to church, and how it is never too late, he accepted from me and Dave a St. Anthony necklace that I had trouble fitting around his neck because of a broken chain. He also explained to us how he used to be in a church choir and would sing. Luckily, we had a book of hymns that are sung during the Holy Mass - which is the highest form of Christian worship and prayer - so we gave it to him and he accepted it. Please pray for John to reconsider returning to Church, as we reminded him that the fruit of worship comes from assembly, as the Lord commanded. 

EE#4.) Alajendro and his friend came up to our trouble. He grabbed many rosaries and miraculous medals, along with instructions on how to pray the rosary because of the recent baptism of one of his relatives whom he is instructing on the faith. Please pray for his family to draw closer to the Lord and become knowledgeable of their faith so as to put a good defense for it when it is attacked by others!

EE#5.) Jim and Rodney came up to our table after we invited them over. They are from New York City and moved up to Watertown to get a new start. They seemed to be very happy that they moved up here and expressed their satisfaction with the slower pace. Jim took a blood red rosary around his neck and told us how he is a believer and owns many bibles. They were very friendly to us and just seemed relieved to be up here enjoying their day (and not in New York City). Pray for Jim and Rodney to remain strong in their faith always. 

EE#6.) Natalie is an older lady and she walked up to our table holding back tears from her eyes. She thanked us for what we were doing, and asked us to pray for the Christian missionary couple who were killed for their faith in Haiti recently. After a short discussion about Haiti, mentioning how the nation was consecrated to a demon and the devil, we all prayed together in the square. She led us in prayer as well. Dave asked her to pray for us after we finished, because we realized quickly just how Holy she is! She only accepted a miraculous medal, and gripped it into her palm saying, “I have the Lord’s mother now, I think I will go sit down in the shade,” as it was hot out and the sun was beating down upon us.   

Please pray for these holy souls. Thank you!


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