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Resources for inviting fallen away Catholics back to the faith

September 16, 2019

(^^^ A little free video from Saint Paul Street Evangelization!)

Inactive Catholics (and those who have chosen to attend other churches), if you put them all together, would constitute the second largest religious group in the USA.  But so often–in fact, most of the time–people drift away and don’t know how to come back.

Well, the first thing you do is you invite them!

This can be scary, especially if the relationship is a little tense around this issue.  But there are lots of resources–for you, for them–and the best reason of all: Jesus Christ heals and saves us.  He is the source of our life and the shelter in the storm.  Practicing the faith God gave us makes life EASIER, not harder (“my yoke is easy and my burden light”!)

A few resources for those doing the inviting:

Catholics Come Home: Invite others home

Have a plan: invite others back to the Church *****

Sharing Mercy With Fallen Away Catholics

The #1 Thing I’ve Learned From Fallen Away Catholics

For those who want to “come home” but don’t know how:

Free audio talks from SPSE

How do I return?

But the best way to return home is through you–through your offer to connect them with a priest for confession, or to go to mass with them, or to connect with the RCIA director for sacraments of initiation.  This just gets you started and excited!

***** This is especially good!  Based on Brandon Vogt’s book, Return