This month we went out as a team for Saturday afternoon at the park. The forecast leading up to Saturday told us 96% chance of rain for all day, so we instead planned to meet at the local cafe to pray together and practice some roleplay. When we got downtown in the afternoon, there was no rain! So we quickly changed our plans because of our answered prayers to evangelize for an hour before the rain would come. 

We walked around and there were so many people at the park. We actually saw another group of Christians evangelizing. They gave out a card to their event and two of them were walking around preaching out loud to people. One of our teammates talked with the man preaching with the bible and had a 5min conversation with him. We walked around and first met a man selling these hand-made tree decorations. I asked him about his craft and he told me about how he made his products. He mostly talked in spanish and said he was from Colombia. He traveled a lot with his bike and sold these trees for a living. We offered him a rosary and he took one, telling us he was catholic. He said when he was younger he used to be involved in a catholic street ministry too in Colombia. But he made some bad choices and his license was revoked so he lived a life that was hard. We invited him to the local parish on sunday, and he accepted our offer. We also prayed with him for healing and strength for his faith. 

After talking with him we started feeling some raindrops, so we walked towards our cars. On the way out, we gave our rosaries to some homeless folk sitting by the benches. One of my new teammates came with me to strike up a conversation with the man wearing a UCF shirt. He told us that he was raised Protestant and never prayed a rosary, but we told him that it was okay to pray the rosary and if he was interested in becoming catholic we could discuss that further. He talked about his life a bit and told us that he was feeling a bit down lately. We offered to pray with him, and he accepted. We prayed over his health, finances, and especially healing for any past wounds that he felt. 

After our outing we came together to eat and pray in thanksgiving for the opportunity to once again evangelize in Orlando.