When I went to the park this week I finally was able to sit down at a bench and offer some rosaries and prayers. I was planning to say hello to a hispanic family walking by when I saw a man walking by a large bible in his hands. I waved hello and asked him what kind of Bible he carried with him. The man came over and showed me a large King James bible and asked me if I was a christian, to which I responded yes. He told me that he was a pastor at a local church and was on his way over there, but he had some time to talk with me. He became very excited and started to preach a little about the cost of discipleship. I listened for a while and then asked if he wanted any books before he left. He ended up taking one of each book that I had in a small box on the catholic faith and then he left for his work. 

I saw a woman walking by and offered her a rosary I was holding in my hands. She kindly accepted it and stopped to ask more about it. I shared with her about the rosary, and asked if she believed in Jesus. She told me that she used to go to a church but then fell away and once the pandemic hit she felt a bit lost. She admitted that she just wanted some prayers, so I assured her I could pray with her and she sat down beside me. We prayed for spiritual healing, protection, and a desire of faith again in her life. She was relieved and I told her that we could pray again soon and meet at a local coffee shop, so we exchanged contact information and she went on her way.

Later on I saw a woman wearing all black clothing and coincidentally I was holding a black rosary. When she walked by I offered her the rosary and told her that it matched her clothing. She didn’t understand me at first because she spoke spanish, so I began to speak to her in spanish. She was from Ecuador and had recently moved to Orlando. She was familiar with the rosary since she went to catholic school, but I asked if she went to a catholic church nearby she told me she went to a spanish church. I asked her if she knew about Apostolic Succession, and we came to the topic of forgiveness in the bible. We talked for about an hour and half on authority, forgiveness, and other things in the bible. Eventually another man came up to us after hearing our conversation and he was very enthusiastic to hear that we were talking about the bible. He joined into the conversation and shared that he went to a local pentecostal church and was trying to grow in holiness. We all prayed together and exchanged contact info to keep in touch.