Zach and I went out to Lake Eola for an outing this past month and decided to sit near the end of the park area. It had been raining all week, but it actually rained after we finished the outing!

We sat on the side with a few rosaries and other items. This time I brought a ukulele to try and attract some attention. I started playing praise and worship music and zach offered a few rosaries to people walking by. We had a man stop by because he thought it was great to see young people evangelizing in a unique way. He was christian, and although he didn’t accept a rosary we were talking to him about our faith and he seemed interested enough to listen to us. 

We also took some time to actually walk over to the fountain area where quite a few people were sitting and relaxing. We met an elderly man who said he was catholic too and had a rosary. He called to his friends sitting nearby and introduced us to a man who asked about my playing abilities. I shared with him a bit about music and how we were out sharing our faith and playing some praise music. He invited me to sing, so I chose a song I knew and we ended up singing the song together. He then opened up and told me how he was a part of the music scene in Nashville and that he went to a local baptist church. He shared how he felt a lot of christians had really strayed away from their faith and his experience with christians who were vulgar and mean. I talked with him about how even Jesus loved people who would betray him one day, like Judas, but that he did have true disciples. I also shared with him that many catholic doctrines were grossly misrepresented in secular culture, and I urged him to truly look into catholic doctrine. I then gave him a book on early church history and we exchanged contact information to keep in touch.