I went to visit the tourists area around the shrine for evangelization. My idea was to strike up conversations while being there and offer prayers. A major feast day had passed, the feast of Angels, so the large statue of Michael the Archangel had flowers all over it. I went to admire the flowers when I spotted an elderly man leaving the area. I walked over and offered him a miraculous medal, to which he smiled. He told me that he owned one, and pulled the chain necklace from out of his shirt to reveal the medal. I offered him some prayer cards and he said he had too many, but that he really appreciated the gesture and was happy to see young people evangelizing.
I continued walking and eventually was able to make it inside the shrine. There weren’t too many people inside, but I spotted a woman lighting a candle and walked over. I asked her if I could offer her some prayers for her prayer intentions, and she agreed. She told me that her son had recently gotten out of jail and that there was still court cases going on. She was clearly worried and said that she had come to pray for him everyday before the court date. I shared with her how Our Blessed Mother takes care of all our families, and prayed over her for consolation and peace within her family.