Team Badges

What are team badges?

Team badges are our way of publicly recognizing our teams for their achievements and honoring our most active teams. The badges we offer include the blog badge, the calendar badge, the street ready badge, the profile badge, and the team type badges.


What do the different symbols and colors mean?

  • The pencil means the team has blog posts on their team website
  • The calendar means they’ve scheduled outings on their team calendar
  • The street light means their team leader has passed our Street Ready Evangelization Call
  • The yellow circle means their team leader has a public profile on our website
  • The ashen cross means their team is participating in Sent4Lent

Each ring-shaped badge represents one of our team types.

  • The blue ring represents an individual team
  • The white ring represents a parish team
  • The orange ring represents a university team
  • The black ring represents a developing team

Each diploma represents passing a final exam from one of the courses in our online school.



Where are badges displayed?

Team badges show up in three places: the map on our Locations page, the search results below the map, and your team website. If you want to see what badges you have right now, go click your team on our Locations page or visit your team website.


How do I obtain each badge?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at