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Our online school is designed to equip Catholics to learn more about their Faith and how to share it with others in a joyful, non-confrontational manner. Looking at the ministry model of Jesus, we see that he invited everyday people into a “school” of discipleship. Over a period of time, the first disciples listened to Jesus, studied Scriptures, engaged in discussions with each other and him, grew in intimacy and prayer, and learned supernatural ministry through empowerment and practice. Once they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they left the foot of the Master and were sent out into the whole world to make disciples of nations. They proclaimed the Gospel and demonstrated the Kingdom of God in signs and wonders. They invited those who repented and believed in the Gospel into the Body of Christ, the Church. Those ordinary disciples changed the world.

This is more than church history – it is our story. Evangelization, to bring the Gospel to the world, is our identity and mission as baptized Christians. And at this unique time in history, the Church is calling us to the work of making disciples by becoming again like the first disciples. We welcome you to the St. Paul School of Evangelization! We want to train, equip and mobilize you to live out your vocation! We firmly believe that together, we can faithfully and effectively witness to the world that our God continues to use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things in the world!

Our mission: To train, equip, and mobilize Catholics for the urgent work of evangelization.

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Courses are broken down into short video lessons, and include extra downloads for reading and enrichment.

    •  Introduction to Evangelization
    • One Good Reason (Apologetics)
    • Theology of Evangelization
    • Team Leader Training Series
    • Entertaining Angels Hospitality Training
    • St. Paul Street Evangelization Basics
    • Fr. John Hardon’s Basic Catholic Catechism Course (written)
    • Catechetical Instructions of St. Thomas Aquinas (written)
    • Complete Audio Course on Scripture


    • 10 Ways To Be a Better Evangelist
    • 7 Rules for Relating to Non-Catholic Family & Friends
    • Fatima & Evangelization
    • The Life of St. Paul
    • Video Tour of the Catechism
    • Group Training for Street Teams
    • +More


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Certification Tracks

School Certification Track Overview

Our online School of Evangelization allows students to earn various certifications by completing different courses in each track. Once you watch all of the lessons in each course and satisfactorily complete all homework and activities you will be able to apply for a certificate of completion. Your coursework will remain on file to apply towards various parish, diocesan, and other ongoing formation programs your work may require.

Step 1:

Introduction to Evangelization

Certification Track: Catholic Evangelization Certificate of Completion

Description: The six courses of Introduction to Evangelization teach the fundamentals of evangelization. Topics include the basic meaning of evangelization, identifying the kerygma, how to give a personal testimony, the spiritual life of the evangelist, and more. 

Step 2:

One Good Reason

Certification Track: Evangelization and Apologetics Certificate of Completion

Description: The five courses of One Good Reason explain the “One Good Reason” method of conversational evangelization. You will learn to engage with groups of people including atheists, protestants, and even fellow Catholics. 

Step 3:

Theology of Evangelization

Certification Track: Specialization in Theology of Evangelization

Description: The six courses of Theology of Evangelization provide some background theology for the work of Catholic evangelists. Topics include the covenants, salvation, the call to evangelize, God’s mysterious saving plan, and imitating God in the work of evangelization.

Step 4:

Healing in Evangelization (not yet available)

Certification Track: Specialization in Healing in Evangelization

Description: The Healing in Evangelization course will teach the principles and practice of healing prayer in the work of evangelization. It is a companion to the book, Ordinary Christians, Extraordinary Signs: Healing in Evangelization by Steve Dawson and Mark J Hornbacher, published by Word Among Us Press in 2019.

Step 5:

Catholic Street Evangelization (not yet available)

Certification Track: Street Evangelization Certificate

    • Complete all other tracks
    • Complete Street Evangelization Training
    • Street Ready Phone Interview
    • Join or start a street team.
    • Go on at least 10 outings and report on each outing.
    • Complete at least 10 testimony forms
    • Get a pastoral reference.
Certification Track: Catholic Evangelization

Introduction to the Catholic Evangelization Track

The six courses of Introduction to Evangelization teach the fundamentals of evangelization. Topics include the basic meaning of evangelization, identifying the kerygma, how to give a personal testimony, the spiritual life of the evangelist, and more. Videos: 3½ hrs (approx.) Practical activities: 8¼ hrs (approx.)

Description of each course

  1. Evangelization: The Basics – Presented by Dr. Mary Healy. Evangelization means “to proclaim the good news” that God genuinely and passionately desires the salvation of sinners in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Messiah who came to effectively deliver mankind from all forms of slavery. He did this through His death and resurrection which won forgiveness and new life for us. As disciples of Jesus, we are sent to proclaim this news and call all to accept salvation into eternal life through living a new life of faith in Him. This course provides the evangelist with the fundamentals of not only the Gospel message, but how to bear witness to it in one’s own life.
  2. Introduction to the Kerygma – Presented by Peter Herbeck. “Kerygma” means “preaching,” and is equivalent to the Gospel message itself. The kerygma can be divided into a four-part message: God’s loving plan for our lives, the problem of sin, the saving work of Jesus, and the invitation to repent and embrace Jesus by faith. This course trains the evangelist in the kerygma, ways to deliver it, and shows the power of God that is behind it, giving hope for forgiveness and salvation.
  3. Introduction to Christian Testimony – Presented by Joe Philip. A personal testimony is a story of conversion to Jesus and His Church, shared with another person for God’s greater glory, and the person’s spiritual benefit. This course helps the evangelist to see the good that God has done in his/her life so as to hone one’s personal testimony into a powerful tool for evangelization, one that breaks through barriers and makes Jesus and His saving love real to those who hear it.
  4. Basic Evangelization Strategies – Presented by Patrick Brennan. It’s very common to be afraid of sharing our faith with others. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, such fear can be overcome. This course teaches the evangelist that conversation is central to contemporary evangelization. It models the Saint Paul Street Evangelization four-part model for evangelizing others (listen, befriend, proclaim, pray & invite) for conversational evangelization.
  5. Introduction to the Spiritual Life of the Evangelist – Presented by Beth Schuele. To be faithful and effective evangelists, we need to have a strong spiritual life. This course discusses the spiritual life, what it is, and provides ways that the evangelist can develop his/her spiritual life, with a mind for evangelization.
  6. Introduction to a New Pentecost – Presented by Pete Burak. Because of Jesus’ Paschal Mystery, we have access to the life and power of God, the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit first came upon the Church, and equipped her for the work of evangelization. This course shows the evangelist how Pentecost is the method, the message, and the power-source of evangelization. It also emphasizes our need for a “new Pentecost” in our lives so that the flame of the Spirit might be renewed within us and be more effective evangelists.
Certification Track: Evangelization and Apologetics

Introduction to the Evangelization and Apologetics Track

The five courses of One Good Reason explain the “One Good Reason” method of conversational evangelization. You will learn to engage with groups of people including atheists, protestants, and even fellow Catholics. Videos: 3 hrs (approx.) Practical activities: 11½ hrs (approx.)

Description of each course

  1. Introduction to OGR – Presented by Mark Hornbacher and Brian Lee. When following St. Paul Street Evangelization’s model for conversational evangelization (Listen, Befriend, Proclaim, Invite), some find it difficult to move from Befriend to Proclaim. A valuable method that helps to bridge this gap is the “One Good Reason” conversational tool. One Good Reason combines compelling reasons for the faith with a form of personal testimony. It is also adaptable, and is useful to fall back on when feeling stuck in conversation.
  2. OGR for Atheists – Presented by Pat Flynn. Atheism—the denial of God—is unfortunately quite common. There are four basic kinds of atheism: emotional, intellectual, indifferent and practical. We can use many arguments to respond to atheists. This course offers ways for evangelists to engage the different kinds of atheists using the One Good Reason method.
  3. OGR for Non-Christian Believers – Presented by Carlos Bersabe. Everyone, on some level, recognizes and yearns for “something greater.” This fact of human life can form a basis for finding common ground with non-Christians. This course provides examples to help you do so, using the One Good Reason method.
  4. OGR for Protestants – Presented by Bob Wilson. Protestants are baptized Christians but they do not enjoy full ecclesial communion with the Catholic Church. Catholics and Protestants share much in common, though doctrinal division remains between us. This course discusses various groupings of Protestants and how the Catholic evangelist might engage them using the One Good Reason method.
  5. OGR for Catholics – Presented by Dan Marcum. It might be surprising at first, but even fellow Catholics might need a little evangelization. Many Catholics have strayed from the Faith or completely fallen away. Some have adopted beliefs from the secular world. This course presents the One Good Reason method in various contexts to show how the evangelist might be able to bring back sheep who have strayed from the fold.
Certification Track: Theology of Evangelization

Introduction to the Theology of Evangelization Track

The six courses of Theology of Evangelization provide some background theology for the work of Catholic evangelists. Topics include the covenants, salvation, the call to evangelize, God’s mysterious saving plan, and imitating God in the work of evangelization. Videos: 5 hrs (approx.) Practical activities: 8 hrs (approx.)

Description of each course


  1. Old Testament Covenants – Presented by Dr. John Bergsma. A covenant is the extension of kinship by oath, a way of making someone a member of your family. This course covers the six specific covenants recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, and stresses that God made human beings members of His family, a fundamental point in all evangelization.
  2. Salvation in Jesus Christ – Presented by Dr. John Bergsma. Jesus Christ came at the “fullness of time” (Galatians 4:4), the time appointed by God. The prophecies of the Old Testament heralding the coming Messiah now came to pass, exemplified in the genealogies in Matthew and Luke’s gospels. This course shows the evangelist how the New Covenant Christ brought is in His blood, in the Eucharist; and it identifies the stages in which this took place.
  3. The Call to Salvation – Presented by Marcus Peter. Man, created in the image and likeness of God, was destined to become like God through deification. Unfortunately, man lost the divine life of grace through Original Sin. As a result of this fall, sin, death and the devil entered into the world making man’s journey through this life more difficult. God, however, desired to save man from sin and put him on a path of salvation. This course expands upon salvation, showing what it means and how it is obtained.
  4. The Call to Evangelize – Presented by Fr. Patrick Gonyeau. The Lord Jesus calls all of His disciples to evangelize, and that call is intimately bound to each person’s state in life. Jesus established both the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial priesthood; the work of the Holy Spirit runs through them both, clothing each with power from on high, making them cooperators of the truth. This course covers how the call to evangelization works in the common and ministerial priesthood.
  5. The Economy of Salvation – Presented by Mark Hornbacher. The “economy of grace” is God’s plan of salvation that reflects His infinite Goodness, Wisdom, and Love. We should trust God, even when we don’t fully understand His ways. God calls all of us to eternal salvation by His grace and only through Jesus Christ, and the one Church He founded. How God saves only through His Church is a mystery, but we can understand some things about it. This course walks the evangelist through the mystery.
  6. Imitating God in the Work of Evangelization – Presented by Fr. Matthew MacDonald. Jesus Christ set the example of how to evangelize and His followers are called to imitate Him in the work of evangelization, to be “perfect as [our] heavenly Father is perfect.” This course shows evangelists what perfection means and how to apply it in evangelization in both difficult and non-difficult settings.
Certification Track: Healing in Evangelization (Coming Soon)

Lessons will include:

  1. Introduction: Healing Stories & Ordinary Christians
  2. Ministry of Jesus & Apostles
  3. Healing Signs in Church History & Skepticism
  4. Theology of Charisms
  5. The Role of Faith
  6. Spirituality, Prep, Discernment
  7. Role in Evangelization
  8. Redemptive Suffering
  9. God is a Good Good Father
  10. Pray Without Ceasing
  11. Models and Approaches, Practical Considerations
  12. Tips & What not to do
  13. Role of healing prayer in Xtian life
  14. Encouragement & Call to Step Out & Pray for Others

School Videos

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