Spiritual Care Unit

Our Mission: To go where the lost, broken, and shattered are. We have trained team members who join us to pray for healing. A Catholic priest is often available to hear confessions, give counsel, or listen.


Available in Southeast and Central Michigan


Interior has a confessional with screen


No charge for appearances


Available for many ministry opportunities


Ambulance is filled with free Catholic Resources

What is the SCU?

The Spiritual Care Unite is a former working ambulance that was purchased, retrofitted as a confessional, and is filled with Christian imagery, free resources, and is available for a number of public ministries including meals on wheels, healing and prayer ministry, street ministry, and confession.

Who Are We?

St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) is a grassroots, non-profit organization, dedicated to responding to the mandate of Jesus to preach the Gospel to all nations by taking the Catholic Faith to the streets. Christ’s call to evangelize was made to every Catholic Christian, and the Second Vatican Council reiterated this need, urging each of the baptized to bring the Gospel, found fully in the Catholic Church, to a culture that has largely reverted to paganism. As an on-the-street Catholic evangelization organization, St. Paul Street Evangelization provides an avenue for people to share the Person of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith with a hungry culture.

Our mission is to train, equip, and mobilize Catholics for the urgent work of evangelization.

Founded in 2012, St. Paul Street Evangelization provides the tools and resources for Catholics to engage the culture in a simple, non-confrontational method of evangelization which involves making themselves available to the public to answer questions about the faith and to pray with those who request it. SPSE has had tremendous growth and now has teams throughout the United States and the world.

Where can I find you?

The SCU can usually be found at public events or Christian business locations on Saturdays.

How Can I support you?

You can make a tax deductible financial gift by clicking here. We pray for and depend on our donors to operate.


I need more information

Receive more information about the Spiritual Care Unit by sending an email to info@stpaulse.com.

Can I request the SCU?

If you are intersted in bringing the SCU to your event in Southeast Michigan, email us at info@stpaulse.com.

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More Information

Learn more about the Spiritual Care Unit and St. Paul Street Evangelization.


We Believe

We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are active in what you read in Mark 16 17-18. We believe in the mercy, healing, patience and forgiveness of God Almighty through His Son Jesus Christ.


Why the SCU?

Many of us as prayer warriors have seen an increase in the need to pray for strangers on the street. There is a lack of hope that is pervasive. We want to change that!


Our Community

We pray for family, home, businesses, inner healing and physical healing as a team. However, now with the Spiritual Care Unit we can bring a priest to provide the opportunity for confession out on the streets.


About the Donor

We wish to thank our Chicago area team leader, Mark Kollar, for his faithfulness in responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to create the Spiritual Care Unit and to donate it to St. Paul Street Evangelization. 


Confession is a Place of Victory


SCU Blessing Video

“God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

All Catholic Christians are called to share their faith. We are here to help teach you how to have simple conversations that lead to fruitful encounters with Jesus.


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