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The St. Paul Evangelization Institute provides speakers for Catholic events along with our own workshops. Below are some of our speaker profiles and talks. We ask for the reimbursement of our travel expenses and a stipend given to our apostolate in return for our work. Use the contact form below, or email Adam Janke at adam@stpaulev.com for more information or to book a speaker.

Workshops and Retreats

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Basic Evangelization Training

“Now is the time to commit all of the Church’s energy to a New Evangelization.” Pope St. John Paul II

Basic Evangelization Training is among the most hands on, practical, and dynamic evangelization workshops available for Catholics today. It is also our most popular workshop. Participants will gain the courage they need to become enthusiastic and joyful evangelists as they overcome any fear they have of sharing our faith through a series of presentations, small group work, role playing, and prayer ministry. [more info]

Entertaining Angels Hospitality Training

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

Parish, school, and diocesan support staff have a unique capacity to evangelize. Often times the first 3 minutes a visitor spends with the person of first contact in the parish decides whether they will stay at the parish or leave. Through our unique one day hospitality training, your first contact staff (administrative assistants, business managers, custodians, ushers, principals, Christian charity coordinators, or event planners) will be evangelized and prepared to receive others in the name of Jesus Christ. Additionally, the Catholic Hospitality Training Institute provides ongoing training and materials that can be shared with the entire staff. The one day training is followed up with a monthly program that includes videos, reflections, and a chance for each group to work on their action plan. [more info]

Healing in Evangelization Training

Beginning with Jesus and the Apostles, healing has had a special role in evangelization. In fact, one of the main reasons that Christianity spread so quickly was because of the signs and wonders performed in the Church during the first several centuries of its existence.

It’s not hard to believe that God would use saints to perform miracles. Even saints of the last century, like St. Padre Pio, were known to perform signs and wonders. Yet, do we believe that God wants to use ordinary people like you and me to do so?

Our Healing in Evangelization Training Workshop will discuss the basis in Scripture and Tradition for asking God for miracles of healing, and model healing prayer using a four- step process. The goal of the workshop is to help each Christian evangelist discern what role healing prayer might take in their work of evangelization. [more info]

Street Ministry Training

With over 300 street teams, street ministry is at the heart of our work as an apostolate. Years of experience and thousands of interactions with real people on the street have taught us a lot about how to be fruitful when doing person-to-person ministry in random circumstances. This full-day workshop includes a 1/2 day of instruction in street ministry and a 1/2 day of practice out on the street. It is perfect for parish evangelization teams, St. Paul Street Evangelization teams, college teams, and more. If your group is ready to have an active street ministry, we are here to help. [more info]

Virtual Street Evangelization Workshop

The Virtual Street Evangelization Workshop is a hands-on evangelization training seminar designed specifically for street evangelization. When so many efforts to promote the New Evangelization are focused primarily on catechesis about evangelization, this workshop teaches Catholics, no matter their previous education or experience, how to share their faith effectively and enthusiastically with the people they encounter out on the street. [more info]

Youth Encounter Workshops

Teens make great evangelists! Our youth encounter workshops are similar to the Basic Evangelization Training workshops, but geared towards teens and taught by staff with youth ministry experience. These workshops usually last one day, with training in the morning, lunch, and then a live lab outing in the afternoon where the team finds a place for teens to go and publicly share their faith. Teens are looking for a challenge – we just need to provide it to them. The workshops are heavily subsidized by our benefactors. We ask for 50% of the cost and travel expenses, though even that can be negotiable. [more info]

Upper Room Retreat

The Upper Room is a parish-based retreat for youth or adults that offers an opportunity for participants to encounter Jesus Christ, drop their nets, and follow Him as a disciple. This could be set up to follow several weeks of street evangelization, now inviting the community to come and experience more of Jesus.

The theme of the retreat, “The Upper Room,” takes the call to discipleship seriously while recognizing that it is an encounter with Jesus in the power of the Spirit that can set hearts on fire. The retreat speaker provides powerful testimonies, insights into Scripture, and humor to express God’s goodness. Optional activities are chosen based on the audience and can include group discussions, ice-breakers, free time activities, silent reflection, Eucharistic adoration, Mass, Reconciliation, and dynamic prayer experiences. The retreat focuses on inviting participants to experience a deeper love of Christ and the Church by replicating elements found in the conversion stories narrated in scripture (cf. Acts 2:14-41, Acts 10:34-48) ) and throughout the History of Church. [more info]

Light the Fire

Light the Fire (LTF) is an event where volunteer evangelists invite people to come into a Catholic church for an encounter with Jesus. The church is open to the public, and guests find beautiful instrumental music playing while the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a monstrance on the altar. Other volunteers stand ready to welcome them, pray with them, and share the Gospel. The key invitation is for people to come into the church to light a candle. [more info]


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10 Great Ways to be an Evangelist

Our 10 Great Ways talk is a the perfect introduction for your Catholic parish, school, or organization to the work of St. Paul Street Evangelization. This 60 minute talk flies by as we discuss 10 things that every Catholic can begin implementing into their own life to start evangelizing today. The first 3 are focused on our relationship with God. The last 7 are focused on our relationship with others. After the talk there is time for 30 minutes of Q&A. Every talk includes a free resource table with information and tools participants can pick up and start using the same day.

Evangelization in a Modern Culture

This 45-60 minute talk examines practical methods to evangelizing in a modern culture that has turned its back on God and the Christian faith. We will look at the 4 basic questions on which humanity finds common ground, study Pope St. John Paul II’s Mission of the Redeemer and Pope St. Paul VI’s Evangelization in the Modern World, share real life stories of evangelization, and talk about ideas for evangelizing family & friends, in the workplace, and with people in everyday circumstances.

Conversational Evangelization

This 45-60 minute talk examines how to have a conversation that leads to conversion. We will walk through each of the steps that drive our apostolate: To listen, to befriend, to proclaim, and to invite. We start with ice breakers and conversation starters. From there we discuss the art of Christian listening. Then we talk about how to use a person’s story to share the story of God’s love and mercy. We proclaim the Gospel using our own testimony and invite people to make a response of faith. Finally we model how to invite someone to give their heart to Jesus, repent of their sins, and take the next steps to join a Christian community.

One Good Reason - Evangelization Method

This 45-60 minute talk examines our tried and true “One Good Reason” method of evangelization. It goes deeper than conversational evangelization and focuses on the “proclamation” part of sharing the Gospel. We will review the history of this method, it’s growth through out street teams, and how it has helped our evangelists become better at proclaiming the Gospel in everyday life. We will review the 5 archetypes (Catholic, Christian, non-Christian theist, agnostic, and atheist) and “one good reason” we use with each. Finally we will do some role playing and take questions and answers.

The Story of St. Paul Street Evangelization

This 45-60 talk covers the history of St. Paul Street Evangelization, from the conversion of its founder, Steve Dawson, to an international apostolate. It is filled with stories to inspire your listeners to become missionary disciples themselves. We will talk about some of our basic methods and do some role-playing with evangelization tools, including the Miraculous Medal.

What is a Disciple?
This 60 minute talk is focused on the concept of Christian discipleship. What is a disciple? What does the life of discipleship look like? During the first half the presenter will walk participants through the meaning of Christian discipleship in the Bible, through stories, and their own testimony. During the second half the presenter will lead an exercise where each participant will reflect on their own walk with God through a written handout. The talk ends with a call to “drop one’s net” and follow Jesus, whether for the first time or the 100th time.
Parish Mission

2 & 3 Day Hospitality Training – Our Catholic Hospitality Training Institute offers a 2 or 3 day parish mission on hospitality.

  • Day 1 – Called to Holiness – The mission begins with a look at our unique calling to live a life that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. We will focus on our gifts of brokenness, perspective and surrender considering how each one provides an opportunity to allow Christ to work through us and draw us closer. We will also take a look at the roots of hospitality in Church Tradition and Sacred Scripture to help us understand how our hospitality can be a beautiful and powerful fruit of our holiness. We will look at holy people such as Bl. Solanus Casey and St. Andre Bessette.
  • Day 2 – Called To Share – During night two of our mission we will focus on understanding and spreading the Gospel message. We will focus on the gifts of evangelism, Gospel sharing and prayer. Authentic hospitality is a reflection of Christ’s love shining through us. In order to understand and share that love we must be strongly connected to Christ through prayer. We will focus on personal, formal and spontaneous prayer, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and take some time to practice praying with and for others. (Night two usually includes Adoration and a chance to drop our nets and follow Jesus as a disciple in the life of the Church.)
  • Day 3 – Called To Build His Kingdom On Earth – The final night of the mission is where we put all the pieces into practice. Participants will develop and practice skills for sharing the Gospel with those they meet. Using the gifts of connecting, comforting and mercy we will have an opportunity to practice interacting with each other and learn how not to be a “jerk for Jesus”.


Steve Dawson

President & Founder

Location: Warren, MI

Adam Janke

Chief Operating Officer

Location: Warren, MI

Beth Schuele

Associate Director of Teams

Location: Warren, MI

Sheri Wohlfert

Hospitality Coordinator

Location: Westphalia, MI

Dr. Deb McManimon

Local Director of Teams, St. Paul, MN

Location: Owatonna MN

Brian Lee

Director of Teams

Location: North Carolina

Randy Grasso

Senior Regional Missionary

Location: Dallas, TX

Bob Wilson

Director of SPSE

Location: Warren, MI

Mary Ann Weisinger

Archdiocese of Miami

Location: Miami, FL

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