Get Involved

How to Get Involved

There are a few ways to get involved with St. Paul Street Evangelization.

    • We train Catholics to share their faith in our evangelization school.
    • We equip Catholics by offering rosaries, medals, holy cards, pamphlets, and other resources at discounted prices in our online store.
    • We mobilize Catholics to evangelize in their every day life and by helping them to find or start a street evangelization team in their area.

Learn about what’s involved in leading a St. Paul Street Evangelization Team.

Read about starting a team below and then fill out the application to get started.

A meeting of Catholic disciples who are interested in learning more about starting their own street evangelization team. Held once a month for 1 hour.

Find a local St. Paul Street Evangelization team in your area. Contact and join them today!

Become a prayer warrior and pledge a certain number of prayers per day for our apostolate

Become a pledging partner and get access to our online courses, tools, and discounted materials