My Ticket to Heaven

Life is short and death is sure, 

The hour of death remains obscure. 

A soul you have, and only one, 

If that be lost all hope is gone. 

Waste not time, while time shall last, 

For after death ‘tis ever past. 

All-seeing God your Judge will be, 

And Heaven or Hell your destiny. 

All earthly things will pass away; 

Eternity . . . alone will stay 

Many believe: “Life is short… better enjoy it.” 

Few know: “Eternity is long… better prepare for it.” 

There is a day ahead of me on the calendar that God has circled. 

On that day my heart is going to give its last beat… and then beat no more. 

On that day I am going to die. 

On that day there is only one thing that is going to matter to me: 

Are those the gates of heaven in front of me… or are they the gates of hell? 

Did I make it? Or did I miss? Nothing else is going to matter. Only…DID I MAKE IT? 

If I achieve worldly success yet lose my soul in the process…is it worth losing my soul FOREVER in the fires of Hell? 

How can I lose my soul? By disobeying God’s commandments. This is called sin – plain and simple. God knows what is best for us.

After all, HE MADE US and did so because HE LOVES US every single person ever created! 

Now, in getting to those gates of Heaven, I have everything going for me. There is no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t make it. 

If I don’t get to Heaven, this will be the greatest calamity . . the greatest disaster. . . the greatest CATASTROPHE imaginable! 

Remember this: God doesn’t put anyone in hell – they put themselves there by turning away from Him. 

God is love.

He pursues us relentlessly, to share His life with us now and in heaven.

We show Him love by believing and hoping in Him, obeying His commands, and sincerely repenting whenever we fail. This is our path to heaven.

Anything less than this will lead to a life without God, a life without knowing His love.

Love dispels all fear and gives us confidence to continue the journey, no matter how difficult. 

Imagine being free from fear and worry in this life… and NOT BEING AFRAID TO DIE! 

God wants me in paradise. That is the one and only reason He made me. 

This is the end for which I was created. 

He wants to love me and share His heaven with me for all eternity. 

Heaven is our true home, our ultimate destiny, and I WANT TO BE THERE! My heart is longing for it and I am restless until I get there. 

Therefore, the day of my death is going to be… 

the most important, the most exciting, the most thrilling day of my life! 

Are you ready for Heaven? 

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