Recommendations to Begin Street Evangelization

Hello, Team Leaders!

The COVID-19 pandemic should give Catholics a new sense of urgency. It’s during extraordinary times like this that people consider the big questions in life. We anticipate that a lot more people will be open to conversations of faith, so let’s embrace our call to evangelize with a renewed sense of purpose.  

Many government restrictions have been implemented that prevent a lot of our teams from doing street evangelization. In some areas, these restrictions have been relaxed or lifted. In other parts of the country, they remain intact. Some team leaders have been looking to us for guidance on when they should start evangelizing again. Ultimately, that decision is up to each team leader, but we want to encourage you, when the time is right, to get back out there and continue the work of proclaiming the Gospel for the salvation of souls. 

For those of you who live in an area where street evangelization is permitted, we recommend you take the following common sense precautions:

  • Follow your local, state, and federal government guidelines on how to interact with your team and the general public.
  • Stand behind your set-up rather than in front of it, letting people approach you as opposed to approaching them. If you choose to approach a person, make sure you try to keep a proper distance when you are speaking to them.
  • If someone approaches your table, take a step back to give them some space to explore the materials.
  • Have hand sanitizer available on your table.

You should also take into account the health and safety of your team as well as the people they live with. If a team member isn’t feeling well they should stay home. If someone has underlying health conditions, or lives with someone with underlying health conditions, they need to be prudent about what kinds of situations they put themselves in. 

For those of you who live in an area where street evangelization is prohibited, we encourage you to evangelize by “divine appointment” that can happen at the grocery store or while you’re doing other essential activities. Evangelizing over the phone, email, or on the various social media platforms are always great ways to evangelize, especially when our opportunities are limited. 

We also want to encourage you to pray with us. Everyone is invited to join us Monday through Friday at 3 pm EST as we pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet for an end to the pandemic. We also pray a Scriptural Rosary on Thursday evenings at 7 pm.
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And finally, be sure to check out our recent webinars. We put a new one out every Wednesday and will continue to do so for the time being. Previous webinars available on our website include: Calling for Prayers, Faith and Social Distancing, and How to Become a Saint Indoors.
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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

God Bless!
The SPSE team