Regional Missionary Application

The application process is currently closed. We typically begin accepting new applications once every two years. For more information, please contact Adam Janke at

St. Paul Evangelization Institute

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The Regional Missionary Program

A regional missionary is first an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ who has experienced a conversion of mind (intellect) and heart (will) and is striving to become a saint. With that foundation a regional missionary is also a volunteer leader in the St. Paul Evangelization Institute who is committed to using their gifts to further the mission of the Catholic Church and build the kingdom of God in their community through evangelization activities with our apostolate.

Regional missionaries take on many roles. As volunteers you have flexibility in the number of hours you work and the types of activities you become involved with. Our desire is to honor the gifts that God has blessed you with and to play to those strengths while helping you grow in new ways. As a disciple every regional missionary understands their role to mentor and build up other Christians who are less mature than they are, and be mentored by Christians who are more mature.

Some of the activities that our regional missionaries take part in include:

Activity Gifting Needed
Evangelize with our teams (required) Evangelization, Faith, Healing, Missionary
Mentor new team leaders and members (required) Encouragement, Evangelization
Serve as a liaison between the local diocese and the SPEI national office Helps, Leadership
Plant new street evangelization teams Encouragement, Leadership
Help local street teams that need assistance Mercy, Prophecy, Encouragement
Coordinate fellowship between teams (required) Hospitality
Run vendor tables for SPEI at local events Leadership, Helps
Tell local parishes about our work Communication, Service, Giving
Serve as a contact for the local media Communication, Giving
Work on team projects with the national office Knowledge, Wisdom, Writing
Work as an editor for new courses and projects Teaching, Wisdom, Writing
Run workshops and training events for SPSE (rare) Pastoring, Speaking, Teaching
Give 5 minute introductions to our work at events Pastoring, Speaking
Coordinate prayer ministry Intercessory Prayer, Music
Attend Regional Missionary Conference Calls & Events All

As a regional missionary you will also receive phenomenal training in the New Evangelization from some of the most experienced local and national experts in their fields. This in itself will make your journey worthwhile. You will also have the opportunity to work with other potential regional missionaries who are passionate about spreading the Gospel and those active regional missionaries who have come back to learn more. Take the time to get to know one another in this intimate setting. Our current regional missionaries work closely with one another despite living all over the country.

Important Notice About Your Application:

After you complete and submit your application we will contact you within 2 weeks (usually within 2-3 days) to conduct a short phone interview. We may ask for additional information including your resume. Previous regional missionaries candidates have come from all walks of life – stay at home parents, workplace professionals, retirees, parish and diocesan employees, and students. We are looking for Catholics who have a passion for evangelization. Previous experience with a St. Paul Evangelization Street Team is not necessary to apply and attend, but will be required before you can become an active Regional Missionary.