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How has St. Paul Street Evangelization impacted your life? Did you meet one of our team members and find yourself drawn closer to God? How have we helped you? Are you going back to Church now? Have you found peace or forgiveness in your life? Share your uplifting stories below! We will post your stories on this page so others can be encouraged too.

Your Basic Evangelization Training provided emotional healing in my life. Thank you for offering this and for coming to our city.

- BET Participant

I love you guys, because I always saw Catholics as “non-evangelizing” I also saw evangelization as nothing more than scare tactics from Protestants. You’ve thrown both misconceptions out the window. Thank you.


“God put you here today for me. I just got finished cussing out God and I know you are here because of what I did. I was about to commit suicide – everything in my life turned upside down on me – and I feel life is not worth living anymore.”


Thank God you were here today. You were just what I needed to see. I have been struggling with going to Church and with my belief in God for a long time. You helped me restore my faith in God.

Person from the Street

I grew up going to Mass at [ local Catholic Parish ]. I know I should go. Seeing you here today has given me the courage to go back Mass. I’ll see you Sunday morning.

Person from the Street

“It’s very exciting to see SPSE taking off here in Lincoln. It’s a ministry of the New Evangelization that is capable of reaping a great number of souls for the Lord.  I strongly encourage those interested to participate and get involved in the ministry.

Nick Jorgensen, Diocese of Lincoln

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