Evangelization Event Request Form

Use this form if you are interested in having a team from St. Paul Street Evangelization present at your ministry event to do evangelization or prayer ministry.*

We prefer to train a group of your staff, volunteers, or parishioners to evangelize and work along side them as they get started. However, if that is not possible we will also send a team to evangelize. Our staff and teams have limited availability and as such we are not able to accommodate all requests.




(657) 777-2963


26238 Ryan Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48091


Who will you send to evangelize?

In Southeast Michigan we will send our “Parish Festival Event Team”. In other locations we will help you connect with one of our local teams to assist you. If you are in a location where we do not have an active team we may still be able to send one or two staff members to lead a training and assist with street ministry.

*How much does this ministry cost?

We do not charge a set cost to help with any kind of evangelization ministry.

We ask the parish or organization to consider a donation to help cover our expenses and any training we offer.

For example, we suggest $200 for a 90 minute street ministry training, and perhaps $50/hour for each staff evangelist at the event.

If you want us to bring materials such as rosaries, holy cards, Gospel pamphlets, or holy medals there may be a nominal charge for those materials.

Are the people you send trained?

Yes, our evangelists are trained through St. Paul Street Evangelization. All of our evangelists agree to and sign our code of conduct form. Any evangelist conducting training will have received additional formation through our apostolate and be approved to give training.

What training do you provide for us?

We can do a simple 90 minute training session, or we can offer a full day Basic Evangelization Training or Prayer Ministry training workshop. We prefer to train your group to evangelize and help you get started by evangelizing along side you. We want to partner with you rather than “do the work for you”.Β 

How do you evangelize?

We use a non-confrontational method. Our motto is to “listen, befriend, proclaim, and invite”. Our goal is to find common ground, understand where a person is at spiritually before the Lord, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, and make an invitation to faith in Jesus for their salvation. Follow-up is also important to us so that a person who encounters Jesus has the long term support that they need to grow as a disciple. We will talk to you ahead of time about the type of follow-up opportunities you have that we can invite people we meet to take part in.

*What kind of prayer ministry do you offer?

Simple prayer ministry. We do not do any kind of deliverance ministry, extended prayer ministry, or spiritual counseling. We will pray with people for emotional and physical healing if it is requested.

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