Street Ready Evangelization Call

What is the Street Ready Evangelization Call?

The Street Ready Evangelization Call is a way for SPSE evangelists to practice their evangelization skills and receive coaching directly from our national staff over the phone. As part of these phone calls, we go over four key skills that our evangelists need to be proficient in so that they can have more fruitful encounters out on the street. These four skills are: proclaiming the gospel, praying out loud for someone, sharing your personal testimony, and directing a conversation. We know from experience that when teams are proficient in these skills, deeper and more fruitful conversations take place.


What is the phone call like?

The phone call is very laid back. If you’d like to hear a sample phone call, we have a sample video and instructions for evangelists so that they can practice these skills ahead of time and know what to expect.

During the call, you’ll be asked to proclaim the Gospel to us as if we were someone who had never heard it before. There’s 4 steps to it:

  • God’s original plan for the human race
  • The Bad News of Sin
  • The Good News of Jesus
  • Receiving the Holy Spirit and Salvation

Next, you’ll be asked to pray out loud for either our country or our Church using the ACTS method. Your prayer should include:

  • Adoration or praise for God
  • Contrition (being sorry for our sins)
  • Thanking God for the blessings in our lives
  • Supplication (asking God for what we need)

Next, you’ll be asked to share your personal testimony with us. Your testimony should have 3 parts to it:

  • What was your life like before you knew Jesus?
  • How did Jesus come into your life?
  • How has your life improved?

Your testimony should be between 2-3 minutes.

Finally, you’ll be asked to role-play an encounter with us. You’ll play the part of the evangelist and the person conducting the phone call will pretend to be someone walking past your evangelization set-up. Your role is to engage us in a conversation, and in a natural way, move the conversation to a point where you can either proclaim the gospel, pray for the person, or share your testimony with them. This is important because those other three skills take place in the context of conversations. So, we want you to show us that you can go from “Hi, would you like a free rosary?” to directing a conversation to figure out where someone is in their faith life so that you can better evangelize them.

What are the benefits of doing the Street Ready Evangelization Call?

The main benefit is the skills you learn by preparing for and taking the phone call. Those who are proficient in these skills evangelize more fruitfully and lead more souls to Christ. Also, in 2019 this phone call was made a required part of becoming an SPSE team leader. And it is also worth noting that team leaders who have taken the Street Ready Evangelization Call are highlighted on our Locations page with a “Street Ready” badge:  Any partner on our website can also view this badge on their personal dashboard if they have successfully completed the Street Ready Evangelization Call. This is our way of honoring those who have demonstrated the proficiency we look for in our evangelists.

Is any preparation needed?

We recommend practicing these skills before you call so that you can demonstrate proficiency in these skills. The Introduction to Evangelization course at will teach you what you need to know so that you can practice. However, this is not something you’ll be graded on, so there’s no pressure. Have no fears! It’s our job as an evangelization apostolate to teach Catholics how to evangelize effectively. We love talking with evangelists over the phone to coach them and help them become more proficient at sharing the gospel, praying out loud, sharing their testimony, and directing a conversation.

How do I schedule my phone call?

Street Ready Evangelization Calls are available to everyone who has a partner account with us. If you already have a partner account, you can visit this link to view the instructions and schedule your phone call. If you do not yet have a partner account, you can create one at this link. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your Street Ready Evangelization Call today!