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You have been selected to be a reference by someone who would like to become a St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) team leader. They chose you because you have worked with them in a faith-based setting. Here at SPSE, we take seriously our responsibility to evaluate new team leaders and we appreciate your response to the requested information. The applicant will not see this form.

Team Leaders play an important role in the work of evangelization by bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the street. You can learn more about what a team leader does here: This applicant should be a faithful Catholic who loves the Lord and has a zeal for souls.

Thank you. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

In Christ,

Brian Lee
Director of Evangelization Teams | 765.293.7107

Your Information & Relationship

Relevant references are in a better position to give an accurate estimate of whether the applicant will be able to perform with regard to the specific circumstances and challenges of ministry and public evangelization. They also provide perspective on the applicant's strengths and limitations so that we can support the person once accepted.

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Information about the Applicant

Please tell us about the person who requested the reference from you:

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How long have you known the applicant?
Less than 1 year
1-5 years
6-10 years
More than 10 years

In what capacity do you know the applicant?

Please describe how involved the applicant has been in Church ministry. Include specific service opportunities and leadership positions.

Emotional and Spiritual Maturity

The applicant must be able to handle himself/herself in a variety of situations when evangelizing in a public setting. Based on your interaction with the applicant, please rate them in the following categories:

Emotional resilience
Ability to work through challenges and conflict
Impulsive or easily angered
Withdraws in difficulties
Works through difficulties
Joyfully adjusts and meets challenges

Ability to formulate, execute, and carry out plans to completion
Starts but doesn't finish
Does only what is assigned
Meets expectations
Creative and diligent going beyond expectations

Social Interaction
Ability to attract and work well with others
Avoided by others
Tolerated by others
Liked by others
Attracts others

Willingness to serve others with joy
Reluctant to serve
Serves without joy
Serves when asked
Eager to serve with joy

Ability to inspire others and maintain their confidence
Does not lead
Tries to lead but lacks ability
Has some leadership ability
Leads well

Ability to work well with others even through difficulties
Frequently causes friction (unhealthy conflict)
Usually cooperates
Works well with others (healthy conflict)
Brings energy and joy to the team

Reliable and trustworthy with commitments and assignments
Often does not show up or complete tasks
Usually gets things done but often late
Usually holds to commitments and is on time
Always keeps commitments and is on time

Communication Skills
Can communicate effectively in a digital age
Fails to use communicate effectively
Can communicate but struggles with many digital options
Communicates well
Highly effective communicating with others using multiple platforms as needed

Ability to learn concepts and apply them to situations
Learns and thinks slowly
Average mental ability
Alert and smart
Exceptional intelligence

Concern for Others
Awareness and responsiveness to the feelings and needs of others
Unaware of how others feel
Reasonably aware and responsive
Understanding and thoughtful
Anticipates needs and responds with love

Faith Knowledge
Understanding of the Catholic Faith
Confused on many points
Knows the basics (Creed)
Knows the faith, but not necessarily the theology behind our beliefs
Deep understanding of the Faith

Faith Life
Lived witness to their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ
Relatively superficial
Rigid and judgmental
Genuine but reserved
Authentic and inspirational

Evangelization Skills
Willingness to engage others in conversations of Faith
Looks for opportunities
Eager to engage anyone

Character and Disposition

We know that nobody is perfect; in Christian charity, we both bear with and build up one another (Ephesians 4:2, 1Thes 5:11). For that reason, it's important to know as much as possible about the applicant to assure their high level of success in the role of evangelization team leader as we bring them on board. In their evangelization outings, they will be a public witness to the faith as a representative of St. Paul Street Evangelization and the Church in general. In this section, we are looking specifically for character traits that may negatively impact the applicant's ability to lead.

Personal Evaluation
Please check any words or descriptions which pertain to the applicant

Negative attitude about church
Easily offended
Critical of others
Easily embarrassed
Lacks charity
Easily discouraged
Lacks humor
Unable to cope with stress
Erratic in attitude
Radically prejudiced
Free from all such tendencies

Does the applicant have any attitudes or behaviors that may reduce their effectiveness as an SPSE Team Leader?

If yes, please explain:

Has the applicant shown to be unreliable, dishonest or of questionable character?

If yes, please explain:

As far as you know, is the applicant involved in anything that would cause scandal? (sexual sin, drug abuse, occult practices)

If yes, please explain:

Your Recommendation

Is there any additional information that may assist St. Paul Street Evangelization with the evaluation of this applicant?

Do you recommend this candidate as an SPSE Team Leader?
Yes, strongly
Yes, fairly strongly
Yes, with reservation
No, not recommended

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