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Ithaca - Immaculate Conception

Country: United States
State or province: New York

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Darren Pereira

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Team Prayer Requests - Ithaca Festival

June 8, 2024

Our team had the blessing of participating in our town's annual summer festival once again, the Ithaca Festival, last week! We had a prime location across from Dewitt Park with a lot of foot traffic, especially on the very beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. We encountered a range of people, both from within and outside of town, allowing us to have a variety of great conversations and to distribute a lot of sacramentals and brochures about our Catholic faith. Here are the prayer intentions we received; please keep all of those we encountered in your prayers, so that they may know and encounter the presence and tender love of Jesus Christ through those petitions they are bringing to Him, through us and you!

  • "Dear God, I hope that my whole family is safe forever and stay alive. From Ba to God"
  • "To stay at namaste"
  • "Love, health, peace, abundance"
  • "For health for Tracie, Sherri and Tiffany. For a job for Jackie"
  • "Pray for the Gorney family as they transition to a new community"
  • "For Yolanda to be healthy"
  • "For Nancy who has MS"
  • "Please pray for our neighbor Jane Horton"
  • "For a new job in/near Ithaca"
  • "For Roseanne and Vince as they repair their house and prepare it for sale"
  • "Pray for me, breast cancer. Gloria. Thank you."
  • "Prayers for provisions to fix household things (hot water tank/heater)"
  • "For Grandpa"
  • "I have been stressed. Please pray for my family. We pray for peace and stability and to be financially stable"
  • "My grandpa doesn't die from metastatic stage 4 colorectal cancer"
  • "Please pray for my health. Thank you."
  • "For Lilly Gonzalez"
  • "The state of the world. That more people would come to Christ and for family members who are experiencing illness"
  • "My friend is struggling with mental health. Hope she comes to faith and God heals."
  • "Pray for my Christopher who is autistic"
  • "For Stephen"
  • "Praying for my friend Alex, wishing him well and hoping he finds himself and peace. Praying for Grandma and her health. Love, Nicholas"
  • "We want to pray that the world will always be the best place. (from A, 6 years old)."
  • "I want to pray for my parent's health"
  • "Please pray for David (cancer) and for Christopher (leukemia), for healing"
  • "Pray for the health of Stephanie and Shirley"
  • "Pray for John Navarro"
  • "Please pray for my mother who has dementia. Help us find guidance for her. Thank you."
  • "Please pray for David and Toni. Toni has cognitive decline and needs our prayers. David has high blood pressure and diabetes. Please pray for strength and healing."
  • "Kristi - life choices"
  • "Pray for Uncle Jimmy and Grandma Cheryl"
  • "For Baby Tommy - neurologic surgery"
  • "Emma - no more cancer. Peace on earth. Thank you."
  • "Prayers for guidance, health, protection and joy for my son Henry, mother Elizabeth, our friends Perdita, Clark. Sophie and Jonah. Thank you."
  • "Prayers for brother Mike's cancer"
  • "I would like my mom to be prayed for. She's been in a 'tough' situation with drugs and relationship issues. Chooses her friends over her kids. She still has hope but if she keeps going I'm scared she'll get too deep."
  • "Nuestro senor, que se mejore mi tio Gabriel" (translation: "Our Lord, may my uncle Gabriel get better.")

Please also pray for the following intentions we received from a recent food pantry outing as well:

  • "Pray for the Wright family and Rice family (cancer)."
  • "Save the boy I saw from his grandmother, and save his grandmother from herself."
  • "For the intentions of Heather Macdonell"
  • Nicholas has thanked God wants us to do so also: "thank God for doing that for the PPI"