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Katy - West

Country: United States
State or province: Texas

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Eduardo Torres

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Our First Outing

March 19, 2021

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The first people to approach the table was a Latino family. We chatted with the whole family, who was in the park for some jogging. The father of the household indicated they were Catholic and asked for healing prayers due to a cyst in his left lung. Also, the entire family shared that they had lost their 5-year-old son and brother of leukemia, and we committed to pray for consolation and strength for them.

After that, an old lady approached the table and shared she was also Catholic and a parishioner of St. Bartholomew. She shared with us her frustration with the government and society's moral values. We also prayed for her and her family and we ask her for prayer and she accepted.

The third person was Peter, a German who loves soccer. He indicated he was from Munich where his favorite team still plays today in the Bundesliga. Peter shared that his wife is a Hindu and expressed that all religions "lead to the same place."Β  Although we amicably disagreed on this point and sensed it was not the time to pursue this question, in the course of the conversation we did invite him to come back to mass and he accepted warmly our offer we would pray for him.Β  It was a positive conversation for the end of the day.

In conclusion, this was a small step to get our feet wet into the ocean of evangelization. Thanks be to God!