“As a Church, we are called to evangelize and bring the good news to the world. Each one of us has a story to tell about how Christ has changed our lives. St. Paul Street Evangelization will give you the tools you need to articulate your relationship with Christ to a hungry, broken world. In the Twin Cities, SPSE taught over 150 Catholics to be evangelists. What a thrill to see them on the street talking to people who were looking for God.”

– Jeff Cavins

About Basic Evangelization Training™

Now is the time to commit all of the Church’s energy to a New Evangelization! – St. John Paul II

Basic Evangelization Training (brochure) is among the most hands on, practical, and dynamic evangelization workshops for Catholics in the world today. Participants will gain the courage they need to be an enthusiastic and joyful evangelists as they overcome the fear many of us have to share our faith.

We offer one and two day workshops. Participants who complete the training will receive basic certification, membership on our online training site, and materials to engage their parishes and schools in the work of evangelization. Participants will learn through presentations and hands-on demonstrations as they practice using methods and tools that really work. This training is useful for all kinds of evangelization, not just with street evangelization. Whether you want to evangelize family and friends, with a program at church, coworkers, or on the street, you’ll find a lot here to use.

Dr. John Bergsma, Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, praised our training and evangelization efforts as a practical course for all Catholics in how to share your faith. When so many of our efforts in promoting the New Evangelization are focused primarily on catechesis about evangelization, St. Paul Street Evangelization teaches Catholics, no matter their previous education or experience, how to share their faith effectively and enthusiastically with others.

Course Description

Basic Evangelization Training is hands on and can include time on the streets of the local team or parish to help teams get started and practice being street evangelists. Our training courses go far beyond street evangelization though, and would be great for any parish, school, or organization that needs effective tools to sharing the Gospel. We assume that participants are Catholics in good standing with the Church that have a basic understanding of their Catholic faith. Every participant receives our comprehensive participants manual. Training results in Basic Certification through our national office.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Catholic Evangelization – Evangelization is an intimidating word! We’ll explore the mission of the Catholic Church to evangelize and how we are called to be a part of that mission today in ways that are easy, engaging, and fun.
  2. The Spiritual Life of the Evangelist – You can’t give what you don’t have, so we will spend time talking about the contemplative & active lives of Catholic evangelists.
  3. Exercise 1: Building Trust – We will break into our small groups and learn techniques to get to know new people that even introverts will feel comfortable with. We will learn how to listen and open our hearts to others.
  4. The Journey of Discipleship – Sherry Weddell has given the Church a gift in the Thresholds of Discipleship, we will go over how to identify where someone is at on their journey to God
  5. Exercise 2: Thresholds of Discipleship – As evangelists in training, we spend a lot of time in prayer with Jesus, as he is the one we want others to encounter.
  6. The Prayer of Consecration – Learn how to lead others in a prayer to consecrate themselves to Jesus Christ.
  7. Basic Etiquette for the Evangelist – There are a lot of ways to be an awkward or annoying evangelist. We will help you avoid those ways.
  8. Exercise 3: Our Relationship with God – We will learn how to naturally start up a discussion about God. How can we keep silent about what God has done in our own life?
  9. Sharing the Story of Salvation – What do you believe? Yikes! Sometimes Catholics struggle sharing the story of salvation, but it is easy. We will show you how.
  10. Exercise 4: Sharing the Story – Now we need to practice. Courage Christian soldiers.
  11. Exercise 5: Enthusiasm – No one wants to talk to a miserable evangelist, so we need to show our joy in the Lord by practicing being enthusiastic.
  12. How to Share Your Testimony – We will go through the do’s and do not’s of sharing a personal witness.
  13. Exercise 6: Sharing Your Testimony – Yep, we need to practice this too.
  14. Practical Apologetics – Evangelization and apologetics are not the same thing. We’ll talk about the differences and how to engage someone in a defense of the faith, when you need to.
  15. Exercise 7: Evangelical Apologetics – We will work on some real life examples that evangelists have encountered and discuss how we can respond to those examples. Includes our popular “One Good Reason” method.
  16. Prayer & The Evangelist – We will talk about practical ways to invite others into prayer and how to pray for them.
  17. Exercise 7: Praying Out Loud – We will then pray for each other and those we are going to encounter when we are sent forth.
  18. Oath of Fidelity & Certification


“Recently, my office hosted Saint Paul Street Evangelization’s Basic Evangelization Training (BET) workshop. It is an event that I recommend for a diocese or parish for a number of reasons. The workshop was genuinely “basic” in the sense that it did not presume prior formation in evangelization. This made the workshop accessible to anyone who wished to attend.

The workshop also gave attendees basic evangelization knowledge and skills that are applicable to all forms of evangelization, not just street evangelization. The skills that were developed can be used in the setting of parish, school, family, and door-to-door, as well as in the street.

Finally, the content of the workshop was authentically Catholic. The BET roots everyone in an understanding of Christ-centered evangelization that proceeds from the heart of the Church. Attendees came away with a stronger sense that evangelization relies on prayer as its source of efficacy and it showed them what gifts and tools are available to us in the Church to help us evangelize. Of particular importance was the instruction in the use of sacramentals for efficacious evangelizing.

I recommend the Basic Evangelization Training as a practical and genuinely effective aid in igniting the new evangelization in a diocese or parish.”

Meghan Cokeley, Director, Office of the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Philadelphia [ Full Text ]

“Yesterday’s Evangelization Training was beautiful, practical and inspirational. It lifted my heart to hear someone speak so passionately about relationship with Jesus Christ! I was also lifted up going around to the small groups and listening to some of your stories. May we all be salt of the earth and light to the world as we share the Good News of the Gospels!!”

– Brenda Quinn, Director, Collegium Center for Faith and Culture

In the Church, there are many worthwhile efforts being made to further the New Evangelization heralded by Pope Saint John Paul II. Among these, I enthusiastically recommend the work of St. Paul Street Evangelization. “SPSE” helps Catholics bring the gospel of Jesus Christ from our churches into our communities, where it meets people of all walks of life who in one way or another hunger for God. Lapsed Catholics, Protestants seeking more, non-Christians starving for truth – all of these are reached by the apostolate.

– Deacon Guadalupe Rodriguez, Director of Diaconal Formation [ Read Full Text ]

Over forty people gathered at a parish in the diocese of Rochester, New York to be trained by Adam Janke of St. Paul Street Evangelization. The training provided a wonderful theological and practical foundation for evangelization. Those in attendance agreed that the training gave them not only an understanding of the necessity for evangelization today, but also the tools needed to engage in evangelization. Since the evangelization training in March we have established an SPSE Chapter in Rochester with a growing group of evangelists who are joyfully spreading the Gospel at public markets, parks and the local baseball stadium. My hope is that my diocese will continue to embrace this kind of practical training and encourage more people to be trained for street evangelization. I’m grateful for St. Paul Street Evangelization for their commitment and zeal for the Gospel.

Fr. Mike Mayer, Rochester, NY

“The live training has proven to give Christ’s followers the confidence, the knowledge, and the experience to boldly proclaim the Good News of Salvation and to take the Catholic faith into the streets. The Church has been calling forth for a New Evangelization, and St. Paul Street Evangelization has taken the Wisdom of the Church and has placed it into the hands of Her disciples. I am proud to work with my brothers and sisters in the Lord to accomplish a task so desperately needed in the world today.”

– Chris Gawel, Director of Young Adult & Campus Ministry, Archdiocese of Detroit

“I am very impressed with your training and with the work of SPSE.”

– Kyle Neilson, Director of Adult Evangelization & Discipleship, Archdiocese of Vancouver

“The Office of Evangelization has sponsored several successful training events with the SPSE. And without hesitation, I give thanks and praise to God for their presence with us and for what the Lord will continue doing through this grassroots, Catholic evangelization ministry.” [ Full Text ]

– Fr. Eduardo Montemayor, SOLT, STL, Associate Director, Evangelization and Hispanic Ministry, Archdiocese of Detroit

We answered what we think, and now know, was a sincere call from that same Holy Spirit, to attend an outreach program to train us to go out and proclaim the good news of salvation of Jesus Christ through the JOYFUL proclamation of the KERYGMA. As you guys so skillfully presented to us that, as you told us what Pope John Paul II said: “The moment has come and is here NOW!”, it is on us to go out and present what we have been enlisted to do by our commitment to the new evangelization. I personally hope that I am up to the challenge to go out and do what I suspect was very hard for you to do for the very first time. THANK YOU and all who helped put on the training program at Sacred Heart Seminary.”

– BET Participant

“A boost to my soul!”

– BET Participant

“Great information. Evangelization is not as frightening a topic as I thought it would be. You made this a very comfortable, intriguing presentation.”

– BET Participant


Our workshops are heavily subsidized by St. Paul Street Evangelization. A one day workshop is currently $1200 + expenses. A two day workshop is $1500 + expenses. Expenses include transportation and accommodations for the speaker. Workshops include the opportunity for an optional “live lab” where participants are invited to do street evangelization with a local team for an hour. Finally, you are also responsible for any hospitality or meals you offer your participants and the cost to copy handouts. Most Catholic speakers charge a minimum of $1,000 for a 45 minute to 1 hour talk, making our workshops extremely affordable. You may also recoup your costs by charging participants a fee to attend. Most groups charge $25-40 per person.


Steve Dawson is the National Director of St. Paul Street Evangelization. After a powerful conversion to the Catholic faith in 2002, Steve has been active in various Catholic ministries and in leadership positions in the pro-life movement.  Steve also spent time discerning religious life, spending 14 months with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, before discerning his call to work for the Church as a layman.  As founder and National Director of St. Paul Street Evangelization, he has been featured on the EWTN Radio Network, Catholic Answers Live, Catholic Connection, the Radio Maria Network, Sirius Satellite Radio, Archangel Radio as well as in several Catholic news publications.

Adam Janke, M.A. is the Program Director of St. Paul Street Evangelization. After converting to Catholicism from biblical fundamentalism in 2004 he obtained his BA in Theology and Catechetics & MA in Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He worked as a Director of Religious Education and Coordinator of Youth Ministry in Michigan for the past 6 years before starting his position at SPSE . He has been active not only in parish ministry, but also served as a team member for Lansing 40 Days for Life and maintains his role as the diocese of Lansing coordinator of the National March for Life. He teaches and speaks at parishes throughout the country. He lives in Michigan with his wife and four children.

The Basic Evangelization Training course may also be taught by authorized SPSE Regional Missionaries.

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