December 2015


We had a great hour last Saturday December 5th  talking to people and giving out 30 Christmas cards with the true meaning of Christmas on Monument Bridge. Judith had a great idea of asking the people who asked for prayer to put their names in a book so we could pray for them the whole month. So we did and here are their names and I ask you all to pray for them. Their needs for prayer were varied but God knows them.

Tracy, Joe, Terry, Gail, Leon, Nora, Gerrard, Tommy, Pauline, Anthony

If you would like to join us we meet after the 12.10pm mass at St.Charles or on Monument Bridge at 1.15pm. Next time:
January 2nd


2nd May 2015

Hello all – the St.Paul’s street evangelisation team is out again on Saturday 2nd May. We meet either at 12.10pm mass at st.Charles or at 1.15pm monument bridge. We talk to people and offer them rosaries, miraculous medals, and divine mercy information. We stop at 2.15pm and go for a coffee in Heaven cafe on the corner of Storey Street. It is always interesting talking to the people we meet and it always surprises me how many stop and talk to us.It is a real privilege to share our faith of Jesus Christ with other people. You are very welcome to join us if you would like to give it a go. Please pray for us and everyone we meet.IMG_20140906_135500021

Advent Adventures

We had a lovely hour last Saturday, talking to people on monument bridge. The photo is of some young catholic men from East Timor. Catholics in East Timor have been very persecuted. These young men are living in Scunthorpe and were delighted to see rosaries and the lovely picture of the Divine Mercy we have on our sign. They even took photos of us! We also offered people a Christmas card with the real message of Christmas and an invitation to the Alpha course which is starting on January 15th. We pray that many will come. Many thanks to our wonderful prayer support team at Endsleigh Pastoral Centre.IMG_20141206_132611824_HDR

Beautiful sun heralds our November outing!

blurred photo nov14A small group of us made our way into the city centre last saturday so thankful to God for sending us some sunshine!
We gave out many rosary’s and had very interesting conversation’s, including a memorable one with 2 muslim ladies. The younger one was especially open to hearing about Jesus, they both accepted roseries and allowed us to take photo’s and pray for them. We were so thankful and happy that others also asked for a prayer.
Thanks to all who joned the team and a big thank you to our prayer team. God Bless you all.

November the 1st

St.Paul’s Street Evangelisation will be out on Monument Bridge on saturday 1st November. If you would like to join us you will be very welcome. Either meet following the 12.10pm mass at St. Charles or we will be at monument bridge from 1.15pm. Our prayer support team will be at Endsleigh from 1-3pm and you are very welcome there too. But please say a prayer for us and everyone we meet.

Saturday 4th October

Although it was pretty wet and chilly 9 of us went out including our youngest evangelist Dominic who is 3! He comes with his mum Kelly and is so good with his Thomas the Tank Engine. We spoke to many people and gave out rosaries and miraculous medals and details of our RCIA group. We also gave out the brilliant new leaflets Catherine had for Hull Catholics Website As usual it was great to be out and a real honour to do this for Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are very welcome

to join us on saturday 4th October for street evangelisation in Hull. Join us at St. Charles church for mass at 12.10 or 1.15pm on monument bridge. We will be out on Monument Bridge again this Saturday 4th October. It will be great to see you if you would like to come with us to give rosaries and information about Jesus and our Catholic faith.
1 hour adoration on thursday 2nd October for Evangelisation in Hull and our WONDERFUL prayer support group will be at Endsleigh Pastoral Centre in the chapel from 1-3pm.

September 6th

Kingston Upon Hull UK Saturday 6th September. This weekend in Hull we have our freedom festival which is in honour of William Wilberforce who was born and lived in Hull and worked for 26 years to abolish slavery – in 1807. So the city centre was especially busy and we met a lot of people including atheists, same-sex couples and a young woman wanting to return from satanism. But the photo is of a man who has been to talk to us before. He is not a catholic but had a wonderful healing at Our Lady’s Shrine in Lourdes, France. He had a very painful skin condition which particularly affected his hands. After washing them in the spring which Our Lady told St. Bernadette to dig out of the ground he was cured. He said he had a calling to go to Lourdes even though he isn’t a catholic and spoke of the wonderful happiness he experienced there. I think he will be back to speak to us again! God bless you all x (He gave us permission to use his photo) The two evangelists are Judith and ClareIMG_20140906_134106488IMG_20140906_135500021

September 6th

Hello and come and join us for an hour September 6th
We will be going onto the Street on saturday September 6th to share the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ with the people of Hull.
Meet at the 12.10 mass at St.Charles or at Monument Bridge at 1.15pm. We stay for an hour offering free rosaries and information about our faith, listening and offering pray to people.
Prayer support group at Endsleigh Centre on Beverley Road and if you would like to go there at 1pm Kath and Mary will make you very welcome. If you can’t make either please pray for us. See our blog at
Also Thursday 7-8pm 1 hour adoration for evangelisation in Hull at Endsleigh Pastoral Centre