Permission Guidelines: “Individuals may print specific pages, such as tracts from this website for personal use. Permission needs to be obtained for large scale distribution (more than 20 copies).” See the full text here. Pamphlets: All tracts can be downloaded in pamphlet format in our Members Area. Divinity of Christ All Christians at all times have made a claim about Jesus Christ that no other religion has ever made about its leader: namely, that He is God in the flesh. Unfortunately, this doctrine that many Christians take for granted is now coming under vigorous attack from numerous and various quarters: even among those who claim to believe in the inspiration of the Bible. Does the Bible indeed teach that Jesus is God? Contraception and Sterilization Do we want to place our souls in distinct danger of ultimate damnation? All we have to do is commit serious sin on purpose: when we know it’s sin, and fail to repent and receive forgiveness and absolution before we die. Contraception is one of these serious sins, and it is distressingly common. Such sins are so serious that they affect us even in this life, since sin is literally turning away from God, and as a result, we’ll end up with no fellowship with God. This separation could quite possibly continue forever (in hell). Petrine Primacy and the Authority of Popes The Catholic biblical case for the papacy is based on a lot more than merely Matthew 16:18-19. Other passages and biblical context improve, rather than weaken, the case for Peter, his office (a primitive version of pope), and a claimed unbroken line of successors (apostolic succession). But before we get to the more complex issues of the papacy, infallibility, and apostolic succession, let’s first establish common ground by examining how the New Testament presents Peter the apostle. Other available tracts: