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How to Add a Blog Post

This video explains how to add a blog post to your team website.

First, go to and click on Locations. Find your team using the search bar beneath the map. Next, click Go To Website.

Once the page is loaded, click the Login button underneath Admin in the sidebar. The page that loads is where you can add a blog post. Give it a short title and add some written content in the textbox.

You can also insert a picture from the image bank below the textbox. If you want to add an image from your computer, click “Choose file” and select your image. Crop it or rotate it as necessary, and click OK. Now that the image is in your image bank, you can add it to your post by clicking it.

When your post is ready, click the Publish button. Your blog post is now published. If you click on the Settings tab, you can view your team website by clicking the button that says, “View Page.” There’s your post! Click “Read more” to view the whole thing.


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