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How to Use your Team Calendar

This video explains how to add an event to your team calendar.

First, go to and click on Locations. Find your team using the search bar beneath the map. Next, click Go To Website.

Once the page is loaded, click the Login button underneath Admin in the sidebar. In the page that loads, click the Calendar tab to add a calendar event. Select “Evangelization Outing” if you want to use our standard event template, otherwise select “Other” and give your event a short title.

Next, select the date and time of your event. You can either type a date or click the arrow to select a date on a calendar. Then, type the time when your event will occur: hour, minute, and AM or PM. Next, say where your event will take place. You can type an address or say something like, “The Fish Fry at St. Mary’s,” or, “Meet at the fountain in the square downtown.”

Next, add some details, You can use the “details” textbox to tell people if there’s anything they should bring, such as a bible, or when your outing will finish, or anything else that you think might be relevant.

When your event is ready, click the Publish button. Your event is now published on your calendar. If you click on the Settings tab, you can view your team website by clicking the button that says, “View Page.” Then click the calendar tab. There’s your team calendar! Click the arrows to view the various months and find your event.


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