Tech Tips

How to Use the SPSE Forum

First, go to In the menu, hover over School, and select SPSE Forum.

Login using your regular login credentials. See our video “How to Login” for more information about that. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see our Forum Home. It contains a welcome message and a description of each forum. We also occasionally promote an evangelist, street tip, or national event on this page, so check back often.

In the left side menu, you can find our most popular forums and recent threads where other SPSE evangelists are interacting with one another. The School Forum is where students of our online school complete some components of their courses. The posts in that forum often contain stories of evangelization and personal testimonies, so check them out! You can reply to any post by clicking the Reply button.

The Community Forum is where conversations take place besides our mandatory School posts. There are Community posts about apologetics questions that you might hear out on the street, a variety of tips for proclaiming the gospel, and suggestions for things to consider handing out while evangelizing in your community. You can start a thread too by clicking “Create a new thread.” Get a conversation going!

We also have a Prayer Requests forum if you’d like to add some prayer requests or pray for the ones that are already there. Also, team leaders in a few States have requested a special forum for their State. Information about our teams and outings in a particular State can be found in these forums, including a map of all outings planned in that State. If you’d like a special forum for your State, contact us at

You may notice that some evangelists in our forum have a profile picture. This is called an avatar. If you click it, you can view their profile and sometimes read about that evangelist, if they’ve added an “About Me” section. To add your own avatar or “About Me” section, click your name in the top menu and select My Account. Next, click Forum Profile. Then, click Edit, or click the image that represents your avatar. On this page, you can upload a picture from your computer. You can also write something in the section that says “About Yourself” and customize your display name.

When you are done editing your profile, click “Update Profile” near the bottom of the page. To view your changes, click “Profile” in the right side menu. When you post in our forums, your profile picture and display name will appear next to your posts, and people can access your profile by clicking either one.

We hope this Tech Tip is useful to you as you begin using our Forums to interact with other team leaders and evangelists throughout the country.


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