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How to Use the Team Donation Form

As one of the perks of being a verified SPSE team, you get a donation form on your team website where you can receive tax deductible donations. If you find out that someone wants to donate to your team using a credit or debit card, just point them to your team website. Or, if your team has a booth at a parish festival or a Catholic conference or something like that, all you need to do to take donations from somebody’s credit or debit card is pull up your team website on a cellphone or a tablet.

To donate money to a team, first go to and click Locations. Scroll down to the search options and look for the team you want to donate money to. Every team on our website has a donation form, so you can donate to any one you want. Click Go to Website. Click Donate. Fill out your donation information using our form, and remember to fill in the donation amount and your credit or debit card information. Then, hit Submit Donation.

The money you donated will be credited to the account of the team you selected minus a small processing fee. The team leader can then use that money to buy items from our online store, including medals, rosaries, holy cards, pamphlets, and anything else we offer. Team leaders can call our office at 657-777-2963 to use their money or ask about the balance of their account. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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