October 2020

​Hi team leaders! Can you believe it’s already September? We have a lot to look forward to this month: Labor Day, Football and pumpkin spice lattes. But do you know what else we do in September? We honor Our Lady of Sorrows. Her feast day is September 15. This devotion is rooted in Sacred Scripture and so close to a mother’s heart. The Seven Sorrows include the prophecy of Simeon, the loss of Jesus in the temple, the crucifixion and death of Jesus, and the pieta. It’s a beautiful devotion!

In her suffering as co-redeemer, the Blessed Virgin reminds us of the tremendous evil of sin and shows us the way of true repentance. As always, Our Lady points us to her son! “May the numerous tears of the Mother of God lead to our salvation as they wash away the sins of the whole world. Most Merciful Mother, remind us always about the Sorrows of your Son, Jesus. Amen.”

You can read all about both the sorrows and the graces associated with the devotion in the link below. Now, on to the newsletter. For starters, we’re active again on Facebook. We tried getting away from it, but we realized we can reach more people by using it, so we’re back at it. We have a private group for Team Leaders and Missionaries, and we also created a new group for evangelists,  Now your team members can fellowship with other evangelists too.

It’s inspiring to hear from you, our amazing team leaders and evangelists. We noticed that some of you are even broadcasting from your outings using Facebook live which is so cool! Another thing we want to tell you about is that our monthly zoom meeting has been revamped! There are two big changes.

First, along team leaders and missionaries, evangelists are also invited to join us. So invite your team to jump in to hear the Latest Buzz.

Second, we’ve moved it to the Third Thursday evening at 9pm Eastern, which means for this month it’s Thursday Sept 17th. We picked Thursday because we took a poll on Facebook to see what time would work best for the Latest Buzz.

By the way, the Latest Buzz is the new name for Zooming Around with the B’s. Bob, Brian and Beth are the B’s. The Latest Buzz, the Bees, get it? It’s genius! So join the B’s to discuss the current situations, best practices, fellowship, prayer, trivia, testimonies. It’s a good time. Mark your calendars September 17th at  9 pm Eastern – 6pm Pacific.

Speaking of calendars, have you checked out our new events page? Now any outing you post on your calendar will make it to our official SPSE events page! That way when people look at the events page they will not only see the national events but also all of our team outings. Check out the tech tip video to learn more about this update!

Speaking of outings, they have been going great! I’d like to give a shout out to Francis Wazny of San Angelo and Allison Schoonover of Carroll Iowa who lead their first team outing this month, whoop whoop! Thanks also to Reggie for posting the testimony from the evangelists who prayed for healing. It is amazing to hear the story in her own words.

In fact, thanks to all of you who post to your team blog or calendar, include us in your team emails, send us your stories and prayer requests, or tag us when you post on social media. People who did that this month include Lucy, Bill, David, Robert,Patty, Markus, Janet, Reggie, Christine, Joe, Paul, Mick, Mark, Patty and Anne. It’s great to know you are going out so we can pray for your team and those you encounter!

Also check out the new awesome masks that are now available in the store. Moreover, we’ve got a new Whaddaya Say and we’re highlighting two more team leaders: Kim from Hawaii and Paul from San Diego. So check all that stuff out.

That’s it, thanks for watching, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have. God Bless!


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