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The team leader homepage is a page on our website where our team leaders can go to manage their team, assign roles to team members, make sure everyone fills out their code of conduct, and email team members. They can also post their stories from the street with pictures and correspond with other team leaders on our private Facebook page or through our forum. Also, on the team leader homepage, all of our great resources are only a click away.

To access it, just visit, go to Get Involved in the menu, and click Team Leader Homepage. It’s the last option on the dropdown menu.

The first thing you’ll see is our national blog. We put that there because it’s got stories from the street from team leaders throughout the world. We post new stories from the street there almost every day. Plus you can find our Stories from the Street podcast right there in the sidebar in case you want to hear from other team leaders through your mp3 player.

Our all new Team Manager contains a list of your team members with an option to add or remove them, assign them roles, and track whether or not they’ve filled their code of conduct. You can send an email to your team members too. if you go to Community and click SPSE Forum you can talk to other team leaders right on our website. Or, if you like facebook, you can click that link, sign in, and talk to other team leaders on facebook.

Next to My Team is My Site. There’s a link in there for viewing your team website. You can make changes to your website by using the Edit My Site button. Using the button next to that, you can submit a story from the street. Any stories or photos you submit there might get featured on our national blog. Next to that is the Events tab where you can easily find out when and where other teams are going out and contact them using the team contact form.

The next button says Resources and it contains all of the different resources we offer our team leaders to help them grow. It has a team development center, which can help you bring on new team members, printable tracts (we talked about those last month), audio lectures about the faith, free ebooks, and more.

We hope that you like it, team leaders! We’ve put this together to make it easier for you to be a more effective leader in your area and we really appreciate your feedback. So check it out and if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out to us at



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