How to Navigate our Website

We offer a comprehensive website with all kinds of resources for visitors, team leaders, street evangelists, Catholics, and non-Catholics alike. This can make it difficult at times to find the information you want from our website. This short guide shows how our website is divided up so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

National Website

The national website is mostly to learn what we are all about. You can find the following under each menu option at the top of the website:

  • About – What is St. Paul Street Evangelization? Why do Catholics take part in Street Evangelization and what is it really like? Who runs this ministry? Is it really Catholic? You can also find contact information here.

  • Get Involved – You can go here to find out where our teams are located all over the world, see if there is a team near you, and learn how to get involved. You can get involved by becoming a Prayer Warrior and agreeing to pray for us; by becoming a Member or Supporting Member and gaining access to our Member’s Website; by becoming a Team Leader or Team Member and starting or joining your own Catholic street evangelization team.

  • Resources – This part of our website contains a variety of online resources for Catholics and non-Catholics to learn more about the Catholic faith, to learn where they can find charitable or spiritual help in their area, or to ask a question about the Catholic faith.

  • News – Here you will find links for our Practical Evangelization Blog with printable evangelization resources; to our public service announcements that you are free to use, and to many of the places where our team members have done media interviews or where SPSE has been featured in the media.

  • Members, Store, Donate – We will talk more about the Member’s Website and Public Store below. We need your help to keep growing. We are a grassroots apostolate with very little overhead, but there is a lot we want to do for the kingdom and need the financial resources to keep creating resources to help ordinary Catholics live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ. Any financial gift is taken seriously by our staff as we seek to be good stewards of every dollar we receive.

Our national website also includes information about our live Basic Evangelization Training and Teen Encounter workshops

Member’s Website

The Member’s Website is for all St. Paul Street Evangelization members, either through Supporting Membership or with free Membership. We assume that our members who can help with a small monthly donation are doing so, and those who can’t, well we want you to have access anyway. The Member’s Website is split into 4 main sections. As soon as you login click on “Members Area”

  • Training & Education Center – This center contains all of our online training courses. We use the same e-learning courseware that major universities use. You can keep track of your progress, complete final exams, print PDF copies of the course, and take make up tests. This section also features a unique Evangelization Formation Series that you can print and share with others on practical topics for parish and team evangelization. You will also find videos of our live training and special series from speakers such as Sister Ann Shields.

  • Team Development – We keep all of the materials for our street evangelization teams here. It is filled with documents that leaders need to successfully run their local teams. It includes information about live training as well.

  • Publications – This area houses all of our printable tracts, street evangelization handbook, and other resources. It would normally cost hundreds of dollars to purchase physical copies of everything here, but it is all available for you to print and make copies of for free. Our teams print and copy thousands of tracts that they hand out every week. Individuals also find it useful to print the materials here and give them away to friends and family members.

  • Member’s Store – Our members store is for the exclusive use of our Supporting Members. We wish we could make the store available to everyone, but the monthly gifts that our supporting members entrust to us subsidize the extremely low prices in our store. Everything is listed as a suggested donation and includes free shipping. We want to make it as inexpensive as possible for our teams and evangelists to operate and our member’s store allows us to do just that.

Public Store

Our popular public store has many of the items carried in our member’s store but at higher prices. That doesn’t make it expensive – rather we have the lowest price anywhere on high quality holy medals and other items that you can buy in bulk and use to evangelize.

Local Websites

Every street team receives their own free local website for them to post their own stories, recruit team members, and coordinate schedules. You can find all of our local team websites in the “Locations” menu.

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