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The St. Paul Evangelization Institute is here to partner with your parish and ready to help make your life a little easier.

Train your Parishioners

We have been training, equipping, and moblizing Catholic evangelists and evangelization teams since 2012. Whether you want to train an active parish team, or mobilize a new team of evangelists we are ready to help you decide on the right options for your parish. We provide online training, on-location parish schools of evangelization, weekend conferences, retreats, and missions.

We do not offer programs in the traditional sense, rather we offer methods that can be incorporated into the larger strategic plans for parish renewal and revival.

We believe that the New Evangelization will come to fruition through healthy parishes that encourage intentional discipleship and have parishioners equipped to share the Gospel and accompany people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our motto for evangelists is to “listen, befriend, proclaim, and invite”. That dynamic of building relationships and sharing Jesus has led to the fruit of thousands of stories of witness, encounter, and conversion.

Ministry Options

Street Ministry

Our institute is well-known for St. Paul Street Evangelization. Street minisry, prayer ministry, and door-to-door outreach are effective ways of reaching people in your parish territory who are not Catholic and inviting them into the life of your parish.

Parish Schools of Evangelization

We offer a one year parish school of evangelization which serves the vision of the pastor. Students go on live labs and finish the year by launching a new evangelization initiative for the parish.

Hospitality Training

Our Catholic Hospitality Training Institute exists to empower parishes for the work of evangelization. From transforming the environment of the parish office to using the right words when interacting with guests and parishioners, we equip staff members to make the parish an irresistible welcoming environment. Simply, we empower church employees to share Jesus Christ.

Basic Evangelization Training

Basic Evangelization Training is among the most hands on, practical, and dynamic evangelization workshops available for Catholics today. It is also our most popular workshop. Participants will gain the courage they need to be an enthusiastic and joyful evangelists as they overcome any fear they have to share our faith through a series of presentations, small group work, role playing, and prayer ministry. We offer one and two day workshops.

Healing in Evangelization Training

Our Healing in Evangelization Training reviews the basis in Scripture and Tradition for asking God for miracles of healing, and models healing prayer using a four-step process. The goal of the workshop is to help each Christian evangelist discern what role healing prayer might take in their work of evangelization.

Seeker Small Groups

Our Seeker Small Group model uses a revolving door model where anyone can join a small group anytime, for as often as they want, until they are ready to take the next steps. Small groups usually take place outside of the parish.

Conferences, Missions, and Talks

We offer a number of 1 & 2 day workshops, parish missions, conferences, and talks. The best news is that it fits your budget! Our contracts are donation based.

Light the Fire Night

Light the Fire (LTF) is an event where volunteer evangelists invite people to come into a Catholic church for an encounter with Jesus. The key invitation is for people to come into the church to light a candle. The best news? The entire program is free and downloadable


Our training is practical and hands-on. With hundreds of evangelization teams and thousands of evangelists we have learned what works – and what doesn’t – through trial and error with real hands-on experience in communities around the world. You can use our online group training videos, bring a weekend workshop or annual school to your parish, and more.


We provide many of the resources you need to be effective. Our partner website contains basic courses, leadership training, hundreds of Catholic books, Catholic audio talks, and downloads and printables. We also sell materials in our store in bulk for high discounts. Partners save more and receive free shipping.


We can help your parish launch a street evangelization team, door-to-door ministry team, prayer team, or small group team. We can also help supplement the work you are already doing. Annual partnerships for parishes start at $180 per year and include access for your parishioners. Want to talk to someone now? You can call us at (657) 777-2963 or email us at

Transform Lives


“Thank God you were here today. You were just what I needed to see. I have been
struggling with going to Church and with my belief in God for a long time. You
helped me restore my faith in God.”

- Person from the Street

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