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Stories from the Street 7-22-2019 edition

July 26, 2019

Saturday started out like many of the past weekends, rain and thunderstorms.  With such a start, I was not certain what to expect at the fairgrounds, but by 8:00 the storm clouds had passed and there was a sizable crowed milling about the eight-track.

No sooner had we set up our table, than we met James.  He told us a little about his family growing up, and how his mother had faithfully practiced her faith, but for him, religion was “just a thought,” and everyone has thoughts but the secret to a good life is good thoughts.   We met him where he was, and using the idea that everything “is just a thought,” made the example that all actions begin as thoughts, but not all actions are good actions, similarly not all thoughts are as true as other thoughts, but God gave us reason to make the determination.  Through our conversation, we were able to determine that he did believe in God, and had a favorable view of Jesus, but still needed to be walk the path to accepting that Jesus is the Wisdom of God.   Hopefully through our conversation, the seeds were planted and watered that will help lead him to faith.

A little later, a fellow vendor stopped by and inquired about a phrase he had heard at a Catholic Mass, specifically he wanted to know why Catholics prayed for the governors throughout the world, in addition to the Pope and Bishops.  We answered by explaining that all leaders are given the responsibility to seek justice in the practice of their leadership, often this requires gifts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and for this reason we pray for all leaders.  From there we inquired if he belonged to a particular Church and we were able to give him a pamphlet on the Holy Trinity that he promised to read.

Overall, it was a very fruitful day.  We gave out about six rosaries, prayed with four different people, and tried to encourage several young people to get serious about the practice of their faith.