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Katy Catholic Evangelists

Welcome to Katy Catholic Evangelists, a chapter of St. Paul Street Evangelization.

As brothers and sisters in Christ, the enthusiasm of sharing the fact that our Eternal Soul can bask in the Glory that is God can only lead to fulfillment.  We wonder of all the great evangelists before us, but one in particular, one of the original evangelists, Saint Paul is seemingly the most extraordinary of the apostles as his ministry is one of the cornerstones of the New Testament.

Many before St. Paul and many after him, it’s just an honor to be on the same field as the Saints and disciples that have come before us.  We work with courtesy, respect, charity, friendliness, and politeness to spread the true news of our Christ.  At other levels, apologetics, history, philosophy, and theology could all help to solidify a person’s journey to everlasting life.

Contact the Katy Catholic Evangelists via email and we’ll get to work.

To learn more about St. Paul Street Evangelization at the national level, click here.