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"Whatever You Did For These Little Ones, You Did It For Me" (Matthew 25:40)

May 31, 2024

People just need to be listened to as SPSE encourages us to do.  Tom, David and I went out last Saturday and we met so many hungry people one of whom was Christian, who is a Christian, in the picture below.  Tom spent much time with him just getting to know him and how he could help.  Tom is an occupational therapist so his gift is being with people and really listening.  He really encouraged him in the faith as he was struggling with many issues especially lies about himself.  Tom was able to help him to renounce the lies he was believing and proclaim the truth to him.  He recommitted his life to the Lord.  David was also a real support to him.

As the Church is inviting people into this Eucharistic Revival, there are so many Catholics and former Catholics who do not understand the great miracle that happens at every Mass.  It is such a privilege to spread this truth and encourage them to partake of this great gift, especially young adults who are looking for more in their life.  This was the case for Sophia who had been away from the church and probably thought it was useless to approach the confessional again and receive the Eucharist.  We just need to invite people back to partake of this heavenly food and to know God's mercy endures forever.  Please also pray for Tray and Lisa who are also former Catholics.

Sheila, Bob  and I also went out last Thursday and were able to pray with so many people.  Please pray for Ashley, Arianna and Susan who were given the good news and information about the different churches in the area. Sheila definitely has a mother's heart for these people. I am so grateful for these faithful evangelists who give of their time and talents to the Lord.  May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide it.

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The Truth Will Set You Free (John 8:31)

April 27, 2024

As I did my usual rounds around the back of the bus terminal, I saw a familiar face of a young adult.  He is always practicing his karate movements so I always steer clear as he is very intense and serious.  But to my surprise he engaged me in a conversation as he knows we are these "religious people" who are always there carrying our rosaries and pamphlets in our hands.  It is almost like he wanted to check something out with me and started to share that he is pursuing  a girl that he really likes.  This very smart girl said that she is not interested in dating if he is not plugged into God.  Wow!  Does she have her head on straight!  I told him that she must be a very special girl!  As a result he started asking me questions about my faith.  He has never been baptized or familiar with the gospel.  It was such a privilege to share with him about God's intention that He created us for eternal life with him forever in heaven but through the envy of the devil we have all been deceived into believing that to be happy we don't really need God and we can make our own way in life.  I lead him to our table at that point and pointed to our pamphlets on Baptism, the Eucharist, the Good News and information about the different Catholic churches in the area. He gladly accepted all the information and I prayed a prayer asking God to guide him.  His bus came at that point.  I had such a joy in my heart as I felt like his mom directing him to a new path where he will find true happiness and fulfillment.  Please pray for Blake that he will act on what was given to him and also pray for a young adult named Angel who has been raised in the Catholic faith but does not practice.  He shared with me a relationship that he is in. I stated to him that sex outside of marriage is a grave sin.  He actually took the pamphlet on Confession on his own initiative at which point I told  him what a grace the sacrament of confession is as there is where I had my conversion.  Please pray he will follow through also and come back to church.

Thank you to Amparo, Sheila and Bob who had many encounters to share the good news.  Pray in particular for Cordell, Paul, Rafael, Juan and Mack that they would  open  their  hearts  to  God.SPSE Team Photo

May God bless and protect our little chapter, that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom and that Our Lady would guide us.


We Have This Treasure in Jars of Clay

April 4, 2024

None of us knows what impact we are making in other people's lives through our little offerings to God when we go on these outings.  And our day-to-day lives do not happen in isolation but they do impact other people.  Sheila, Bob and I went out during Lent to proclaim the truth of God's love.  We met some very respectable guys from the Mormon Church.  I know part of me wanted to dig in and have a conversation with them what the differences are between Catholics and Mormons but I know one thing that SPSE stresses is a non-confrontational method rooted in joy, maintaining a peaceful presence and evangelizing through conversation; to listen, befriend, proclaim and invite.  One of the guys said well since we believe in basically the same things, you should come to our church and we can visit yours.  We did not really jump to the idea but hopefully our presence out on the street touched them.  Our conversation was cut short as at that point, their bus came.  I didn't get a chance to get their names but we pray that they come to know the truth as they were given some information about the Good News.  They believe in three gods in one Godhead which are three separate beings who are one in purpose.  So they are not baptized into the Trinity as Catholics believe.

May they come to know the presence of a loving Father through an encounter with the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen and Alleluia!

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Bringing Tidings of Great Joy

January 5, 2024

Amparo, Sheila and I ventured out December 14 to spread Christmas joy to a hurting world.  Many families are just trying to get by and feel the pressure of the world to make a living.  We meet many immigrants from Peru, Honduras, Venezuela and African countries who are not hooked up to any particular religion or parish and who are not baptized or received the sacraments.  Amparo is a real key to connecting them to St. Martins where there is a Spanish speaking community to help them.  I feel our presence is a real comfort to them knowing that there is more to life than just existing and getting by.  We offer them the power of the gospel and hope that God is in the midst of their suffering and poverty.  Please pray in particular for Bradley, Zea, Vivian and Michael who are seeking comfort and peace.

And then there are the young adults who think they do not need God.  Please pray in particular for Tyler who initially was turned off by our presence there but later softened up.  I had met him before.  This was his last year of high school and he was going to concentrate on the Martial Arts and make a name for himself.  Well a couple of weeks later we saw him with a foot bandage so maybe he was reconsidering his ambitions.  But we actually did have a very meaningful discussion and the gospel was preached to him.  He was not raised in any particular faith.  He thought that all this God stuff was a myth and was very cynical about life in general.  But you cannot argue with a witness of how God can come into the darkest and loneliness places of our hearts and reveal His love to them which I shared what happened to me.  I told him it is not a coincidence that we met and that God wanted to do a great work in his life.  He willingly took information and a Consecration to Jesus Holy Card which I encourage him to pray before he went to sleep that night.  May Our Lady draw him close to Jesus and reveal His great love to him. SPSE Team Photo



October 27, 2023

In Matthew 28 Jesus commissioned his apostles to go into the whole world and proclaim the good news. "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."  You don't have to travel to a far off country in order to find people who have never heard of the gospel, but they are right in our back yard.  Sheila shared the good news with Adrianna who had never heard the gospel before.  She was very eager to learn and accepted all of the information given to her.  People are hungry to hear the truth. Alex and David who are from Haiti overheard Sheila sharing and she encouraged them both who were baptized Catholic to return to the Church.  Amparo was able to make many encounters with the Spanish community there and to connect them with St Martin's to receive the sacraments.  Many of them were baptized Catholics when they were young but do not continue to go to church.  

Please pray in particular for a young adult named Tyler who was very adamant in not receiving any information about God.  I had met him before.  I asked him if he remembered my conversation with him and he said yes.  He started again in saying you cannot prove that God exist, and it is all a myth.  I challenged him to just ask God if He is real if he won't take our word for it.  He opened up a bit after that and I shared my witness with him.  I sensed that God wanted to use him and had a specific purpose for him to accomplish.  He received that encouragement and actually took information about our parish and information about the young adult group.  I am expecting and praying to see him soon.   Please pray that this little chapter would bear much fruit for God's kingdom and Our Lady guide us.

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October 15, 2023

Between the Hindu woman with her children who was curious about baptism  and the Muslim woman who was seeking to know the truth,  God's Holy Spirit was working powerfully at the Lakeforest bus metro.  Doug, David and I interacted with many people who were hungry just to be listened to and to offer them hope, especially in light of all that is happening in the world right now.   I had met Deon, a young adult whom I had met before and was questioning if God was really alive as he had had some major disappointments in his life.  I encouraged him to reach out to God again and trust that He is with him.  I shared how God had pulled me out of the pit of shame and confusion and offered me a new life full of purpose and joy.  Pray that he will give God a chance and open his heart to him along with Jayden who has had a similar experience.

I continue to pray that God would deliver Wade, Shema and Kenneth from drugs and alcohol addition.  It was so good to see Kenneth again and to see how God has freed him, but he needs continued prayer especially for his sister who has suffered abuse. May God continue to free and deliver them and bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good, His Love Endures Forever

August 30, 2023

We came together last week to celebrate all that the Lord has done through this little chapter at our yearly SPSE dinner. Msgr. Panke gave us a blessing and thanked us for the ministry. We are very grateful for his support!  Thank you to all of our faithful evangelists and intercessors!  Phil Dickerson had to take a raincheck, as he has three small children and could not find a baby sitter (his wife had a meeting that night).

And we welcome two new people who joined Sheila, Bob and myself on our outing last Saturday, Thomas and Elizabeth  M..  It was crazy busy and  God continues to provide us with some amazing encounters one of which was with Christian and Kevin who are cousins.  They are two young adults who have had some painful events happen to them but were so open to praying and hearing about God's love and were genuinely interested in seeking to check out our parish and community. May God reveal His truth and love to them personally and all the people that we encountered.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide it.

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God is Full of Surprises

July 26, 2023

I am so grateful for our team that was out last Saturday at the bus stop and who are pictured down below.  Elizabeth has a real gift for reaching out to the lost.  Last February she and I prayed over Lena who had a lot of recurring health issues.  We asked her if there was anyone in her past where she needed to forgive someone.  It was a beautiful exchange of listening and praying that followed, as she shared with us how she was abused by both parents growing up.  She was able to forgive them!  I have seen her recently and reminded her of the great work that God did in her life and she was very grateful.  Her ailments had cleared up also.  God is good.

So grateful for Tom (in the middle) as we pull him in on many conversations that need help in speaking to the Spanish community there and for his caring heart.  David (on the left) is great for sizing up where everyone is at and for being lead by the Spirit to reach out to people we have maybe missed.  Achilles, in the picture below, is a real sweetheart and loves when we come around to joke with us.  He is a regular at the bus stop and I try to keep him on the straight and narrow to keep him away from the drug scene and encourage him in the faith.  He loves to be generous with our rosaries and handing them out to everyone.

Keep praying for Paul who was at one point free from his drug addictions but fell back and for Jose,that God will free them of their addiction and come into the fullness of God's plan for them.  There were many more encounters that everyone had.  Please pray that God would continue to bless and protect our little chapter and that Our Lady would guide us.

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"Nothing But Charity Will Change the World"

June 14, 2023

This is a quote by St. Giuseppe Moscoti, Doctor to the Poor in the early 1900's.  Tom, David and I went out to the bus stop last Saturday. I am very grateful to have wonderful evangelists in our chapter who exhibit such love.  Tom, who is also a physical therapist, works, along with his wife, at the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.  He was able to give Terrance some guidance on a difficult living situation that he was in.  I prayed with Terrance and asked God's guidance and provision for him.  He was very grateful for the support.  David was also there to encourage people in the faith along with Tom who prayed with John who also was experiencing a difficult family situation.  Please pray for both Terrance and John that God would comfort and provide for them.

I was disheartened to speak with someone who originally had been freed from his addiction to drugs but now was hooked again.  He has experienced the goodness of God and I sensed that the pamphlet "The Last Things" would be good for him to have.  I shared with him my past addictions and how God had freed me and encouraged him to cry out to God.  I reminded him of how he was a such a witness to so many young adults who were trapped in their addictions.  He even had a blog that he wrote frequently that many followed.  Please pray that Paul will cry out to God and choose to be free.  SPSE Team PhotoMay God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.


Just Need That Special Invite

April 22, 2023

Sheila, Amparo, Bob and I went out last Thursday to share the good news.  The parable of the workers whom no one has hired came to mind when I was talking to a young adult named Jeremiah.  I told him that I loved his name and had not heard of too many people with that name.  I sensed that he was pretty bored with his life as I presented the gospel to him.  However, as soon as I was finished, he lighted up!  He was so open to hearing that God loved him and had a plan for him.  He was very eager to receive information about our prayer meeting, Life in the Spirit Seminar we are offering and also our parish Mass schedule. Please pray he will follow through.

Amparo was able to connect with a single Spanish mom with 2 children who was looking to receive the sacraments and register at a church.  She gave her name to our parish office where they will get in touch with her.  I am so grateful Amparo is there to help these single moms.

Please also pray for Parker, a young adult who attends the Mormon church and two teenage girls who I sensed are into the occult, that God would open up their hearts to the truth of His love for them and set them free.  Thank you to Sheila also for being a witness of Christ's  love to so many people.  As always so grateful to Bob for being there to protect all of us ladies!

May God continue to protect and bless our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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February 27, 2023

Since God has rescued us from the Kingdom of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of His beloved Son we need to do the same for others.  Tom, Elizabeth and Annie met at the bus terminal Saturday, and God acted right away.  Annie was lead to talk to these three girls (unfortunately we did not get their names).  As Annie started to share the good news with them, one of the girls said she was Muslim.  In other words she was not interested in hearing anything and to go away.  But as Annie persisted and kept on sharing the love that God has for them, one of the other girl's eyes started to tear up.  Annie has such a mother's heart as she has six children of her own.   She felt she was talking like she was talking to her own daughter.  Their bus came unfortunately and Annie forgot to give them a Good News pamphlet so I followed them and got on the bus and told them about the prayer at the end of the pamphlet to give their lives to Christ.  I do believe these girls will not forget this encounter.  Please pray for them.

Not long after that we met a woman, whom I had met before, whose name is Leeanne.  We asked her if she needed prayer for anything and she said yes - an ulcer which got infected.  After we prayed, Elizabeth sensed that she should ask her if she needed to forgive anyone.  Well this hit a nerve in her and she started to tear up.  Her parents had both abused her growing up.  Elizabeth lead her to renounce the spirit of unforgiveness and to forgive her parents which she did and to renounce any lies that resulted in the wounding.  Leeanne was so open and grateful to pray with us, and I told her how proud God was of her for her courage to forgive.  She belongs to the Methodist church,  Please pray that God would protect that act of repentance.

We also prayed with Paul who needed prayers, and again Elizabeth sensed to ask if he needed to forgive anyone.  His sister had been raped and did not want to let go of the anger and unforgiveness in his heart. She said it is not a matter of feelings but an act of the will. He still did not want to forgive.  Please pray that he will let go and bring that sin and pain to God.  Thank you to Tom who is our Spanish evangelist who connects with many Spanish people.  It was such a  privileged evangelizing with Tom, Elizabeth and Annie who have such beautiful hearts in reaching out to the lost.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide it.

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God's Mercies Are New Every Morning

January 24, 2023

Sheila, Doug and I went out last Saturday spreading the good news and  encouraging others in the faith.  That was the case of the bus driver, Tim, who is a regular at the bus terminal.  He came over to our table asking for a rosary and shared briefly with me before he had to get back on his bus that he had been away from the church.  I encouraged him to recommit his life to the Lord and prayed over him.  He felt rejuvenated and encouraged.  It is such a privilege to know that we are there for these bus drivers who have a hard job.  Many of them get off their bus and we equip them with the good news, miraculous medals, rosaries etc.

We also prayed with Wilma in the picture below.  She shared with us her struggles of her living situation and her children who have neglected to help her in any way.  I sensed when she was talking in her broken English that she was carrying bitterness and anger in her heart and lead her in a prayer to help her to forgive the people who have hurt her.  She felt at peace after we prayed.  We were grateful to be there for her and to remind her that she needs to cry out to God for peace and forgiveness. Please pray for Wilma that there will be reconciliation in her family.  Please also pray for a young adult called Dante whose father passed away from Covid and whose mother is sick, that God would comfort him and heal his mom.  He was given the good news pamphlet and information about our church.

I have a continual intercession of the people at the bus terminal I pray every day for who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Please pray for Shema, Wade, Kenneth, Carlos, Santos, Ed, and Bryan that God would free them and break the power of addiction over them in Jesus's Name so they can come into the freedom of the children of God.  One last request, please pray for Pat, an atheist, whom I talked with and shared my witness with, that God would draw her to Himself and reveal His love to her personally.  Thank you to Amparo and Nelly who reached out to the Spanish community for their commitment and to Bob, Sheila, Doug and Tom for their ongoing support to SPSE and for all the intercessors.  May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

SPSE Team Photo


Give God a Chance

December 17, 2022

On Friday, Amparo, Bob and I ventured out to the bus transit center, and Amparo connected with many Spanish people inviting them to the Christmas Mass  at our church.  Sometimes people just need that personal invite.  She was able also to talk with many mothers whose children need the sacraments and connect them with the parish.  I am very grateful for her involvement in SPSE.

"Give God a chance" was my answer to many people that I encountered today, Saturday.  Tom and I were out today and we met Xavier from Cameroon who was looking for a Catholic Church to attend.  He was very grateful for the information.  My second  encounter was with Mia, a young adult  I asked her if she wanted some good news today as I attempted to hand her the pamphlet.  She said she was an atheist and declined to take anything.  I asked her if I could share how God revealed His love to me personally and transformed my life.  She was very open and willing to listen.  I told her faith is a gift from God, there for the asking, but we have to invited Him in and shared the gospel with her.  I asked her if I could give her the Sacred Heart holy card that has a beautiful prayer on the back asking God to reveal His love.  I told her to give God a chance and before she goes to sleep tonight to pray the prayer.  She accepted it and agreed.  Please pray for her and also Tyler, also a young adult who was never raised in any particular religion.  I presented the gospel to him along with his two friends who had been baptized.  They were so respectful and listened while I shared my witness with them.  I gave them the same card as Mia.  Tyler said he really did not believe in God and I challenged him to pray the prayer before he went to bed tonight.  He also agreed.  I believe that these were divine appointments from God and He wants to do a special work in their lives.  These young adults are so hungry to hear the truth.  I am so grateful to Tom for his involvement in SPSE as an evangelist and braving the cold!

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.  Thank you to all our intercessors for their prayers and for our donors!

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October 28, 2022

PSALM 34 was the Psalm at Sunday Mass the next day, and so many people needed prayers.  On this beautiful Fall day, Doug and Elizabeth encountered many beautiful people at the bus transit center while I manned the table.  Doug met Enrique, a high school boy, who use to go to church but stopped because his parents stopped.  Doug encouraged him to return and gave him information.  Please pray that he will return and encourage his parents to return.  Doug and Elizabeth both prayed with Davis and Catherine who asked prayers for his mother-in-law.  Please pray that God would heal Pastora's  knees and restore normal function.

Doug engaged Neresh, a young Hindu man who believes everyone has their own way to God.  Doug shared that one thing we all have in common is the desire to do the right thing but not the power.  He listened very respectfully as Doug proclaimed the gospel to him, that through Jesus's cross we have the power to change.  Pray the God would reveal the truth to him.  He had a similar conversation with Katie, a young college student, that she would come to know Jesus personally.

Doug and I prayed over Gastogne, a middle-aged man who was wearing a neck brace, that his neck and back would be completely healed from his accident back in April.  Please also pray for Jerome, Carol, Zaki and Sophia, a Spanish lady, whom Elizabeth met, that God would work powerfully in all of their lives.  Thank you so much for Elizabeth stepping out for her first time with SPSE.  She is a natural in sharing God's love and joy!

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide it!

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A Welcomed Visitor

September 20, 2022

What a welcome addition to have a faith-filled young adult join us today to evangelize! Maria, Doug's daughter, was a welcome surprise. (She is in the picture below.)  She has helped us out before and many people visited our table to say hello to her.  What a witness, to give up her Saturday, sunny afternoon to be with us and share the gospel with others! The person also in the picture below Abubakeh, a Muslim, is a regular at the bus stop who frequently engages us in wonderful questions about the gospel.  He was showing Maria how he prays on his religious beads which look similar to a rosary. But he definitely knows the gospel and can recite it to you.  We keep praying for his conversion.  He watches us witness and sharing our faith with others all the time, so I am sure God is working  Doug has befriended him and took him to lunch.

I met a young woman, Tia, who was trying to smoke some grass with another person but was having difficulty with the man-made cigarette.  Unfortunately, Marihuana use is a fairly common activity at the bus stop.  She finally gave up, and I was then able to engage her in conversation.  I shared with her my witness and told her God is in the business of working miracles in our lives if we let Him, as he took the desire away from me to smoke in my twenties as I smoked a pack a day.  I also shared how God delivered me from much darkness and loneliness. Tia was open to hearing me and took some information and the surrender prayers. At the same time Doug, who was up at the other end of the terminal, was witnessing to Tia's boyfriend , Derrick, who I believe was more open to hearing the gospel than Tia.  Derrick and Doug found us, and we prayed over them and encouraged them to check out all the information given to them.  They were very grateful.  Please pray for them.  And also keep praying for David whom I have prayed over before for Trigeminal Neuralgia (nerve pain in the face) that God would take that away from him and bring relief.

So many young adults experience this ache in their hearts to find the truth.  Please also pray for Jasmine, Frederick, Malek and Jenny who are seeking answers in their lives, that God would touch them with His love and mercy.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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August 18, 2022

God pours out grace and power when we share our testimony.  Thank you to Tom who evangelized with me last Saturday.  It was very fruitful.

Bob and I went out to the bus terminal today and met a man Simon.  He was in a hurry but was really eager to talk and was asking questions as to what we believed as he was Muslim.  I shared my testimony with him and the basic gospel message and gave him information for him to read.  His bus came at that time.  Please pray that God would open his heart to the truth.

So many people need to be encouraged in the faith as was the case when we talked to Kojo who is Christian.  He shared with me some circumstances that have been very challenging and he felt like God was not hearing his prayers.  I shared some scriptures with him and encouraged him to give God a chance.  After talking a while, he was convicted that he needed to stop dating the girl he was dating as it was bringing him farther away from God.  Please pray for him that he would follow through on the information given to him and God would give him courage to do His will.

We met a beautiful lady named Sandra and prayed with her.  She shared with us that her 22 year old son had just been in a motorcycle accident which was not his fault. He received major injuries to his back and vertebrae, ribs and shoulders.  She said it was a miracle that he is alive as he was wearing his helmet.  Please pray for Benjamin that God would completely heal and restore his body.  She was very grateful as we gave her a crucifix and miraculous medals for him and all of her other four children and told her he will be on our prayer list.   Lord, please continue to bless our little chapter and all the people that we talked to today that you would draw all of them to yourself in Jesus's Name.

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July 21, 2022

It is hard to believe that we are partakers of God's divine nature but that is what God's word says.  "Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires." (2 Peter 1:4)  Every time we share God's heart with another person relying on God's Holy Spirit to console, encourage and upbuild each other, God's grace is poured out.  I met Adrian, a young adult who actually was taking a break from one of the Protestant churches that he was attending.  I felt like God wanted to relay to him that he has many more gifts and that God wants to give him to build up his kingdom.  He was very attentive and was interested in learning about things that we were offering at our Catholic church not to mention the Eucharist which was instituted by Christ and given as a gift to the church to share in His very own life.  The Catholic Church has such riches to offer people.  Please pray he will follow through.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition that causes painful sensations similar to an electric shock on one side of the face.  I had met David years ago and I have seen him off and on.  Every time I see him I continue to pray for complete healing for this painful condition.  I invited him to the Miracle Healing Service at our church. Please pray God would heal him completely! Please also pray for Ed who I have had a relationship with over the years, that God would give him the desire to go back to confession and receive God's healing mercy as he has been away from the church for awhile. Also pray for Angelo whom we prayed with for direction and peace in his life.  There were so many other people we shared the gospel with.  May all the seeds planted God would draw them to Himself.  Thank you to all our intercessors.

Below are some pictures taken at the SPSE Immersion Conference a week ago in Detroit, Michigan where my husband, Bob, and I were evangelizing outside of Starbucks.  These wonderful women we also met were on our team evangelizing.  May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter,SPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team Photo that we would bear much fruit for His kingdom.



June 27, 2022

Bob, Amparo and I ventured out last Thursday to the bus terminal.  Amparo does a fantastic job of connecting with the Spanish community.  So many single moms feel so alone and have no transportation and their children are void of all the sacraments.  Amparo has a real love for the faith and follows through on connecting these moms with the right resources.  She has no fear of approaching these families and finding out their story.  We are very grateful to have her on our team.

One of the bus drivers left her bus running and ran to grab some rosaries to give to her friend.  She mentioned back at the bus depot where the bus drivers meet, there  have been many discussions about the faith and she was glad that we were there to also grab some Good News pamphlet.  Another bus driver came off his bus because he had lost his Benedictine cross and wanted some miraculous medals for his children.  He shared how it is very difficult these days to handle the different personalities who ride his route. We prayed over him for God's protection and asked God to give him wisdom and patience to know what to do.  I told him I felt God was using him in a mighty way to spread the love of God.  It is a real privilege to be there for them and pray and encourage them.  May God continue to bless and protect out little chapter that it will bear much fruit for God.

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A Warm Welcome

May 13, 2022



As soon as Bob and I arrived at the bus metro we were greeted by one of the friendly bus drivers who has a regular route there.  He wanted to thank my husband and I for being there and spreading the gospel of peace.  He was Christian himself and it warmed our hearts to receive this message.  We have been coming there for over six years and we bring Our Lady's presence and peace as we pass out the miraculous medals and crosses and share the gospel message.  There are always so many different people that we talk to, from all walks of life.  Ickra, a beautiful Muslim lady accepted a good news pamphlet and she said that they basically believe the same beliefs as we do,  Jesus, was a great prophet, etc.  I shared with her the basic gospel message.  Please pray that as she reads the pamphlet and that God will open up her eyes to the real truth of the gospel and come to experience God's love.  I then met a woman, Brittany.  My heart went out to her as I shared my testimony with her.  She had the most beautiful turquoise eyes and her body was filled with many tattoos.  I could see she had lived a rough life. I told her that she is beautiful in God's eyes and that God loved her.  Her beautiful turquoise eyes lit up and she burst into a big smile.  I felt like it was salve to her heart.  I told her of the prayer in the Good News pamphlet that God wanted to reveal his love to her personally and to give her life to God which she gladly accepted.  Please pray for her.  As I was talking to Brittany, a young man, Todd, came up to me and wanted to talk to me.  I could see he was greatly troubled and wanted to talk to someone.  He was raised Catholic and I felt he needed to talk to a priest.  He welcomed all the information that I gave him to connect him with a parish and he agreed to say the surrender prayer with me.  I told him that God was greatly pleased with his act of faith and I prayed over him.  Please pray that he will follow through.  The final person I talked with was Venessa, a young girl around 15 who had never been baptized and still lived at home.   I told her how important it was to be baptized and gave her information to give to her parents to hook up to a parish near her home and receive the sacraments.  She gladly received it  Pray her parents will be open to check it out!  Thank you Lord for all the encounters that we had.  May it bear much fruit to build up your kingdom here on earth.

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Now is the Very Acceptable Time

March 6, 2022

My husband Bob and I wanted to take advantage of this spring-like day at the bus metro and to remind everyone of the great grace that is being poured out during this Lenten season.  My heart went out to a lady named Lisa who was raised Lutheran but had been away from the church for awhile.  She shared with me how her children had been away from the church  and that she was suffering with many physical ailments.  I encouraged her that this was a real time of grace and that God wanted to reveal His love to her personally.  I gave her the Good News Pamphlet and told her of the recommitment prayer to God in the pamphlet.  I did not have time to pray with her because her bus came at that time  Please pray that she will take my words to her to heart and return to church.

Please pray also for John, an older African man who had many unresolved issues with the Catholic church.  His wife had left him and he was left raising his two teenage boys.  He was suffering financially as they cut back his hours at work.  I encouraged him to seek out St. Vincent DePaul Society at our parish and our food pantry.  I  prayed with him that God would give him the grace to forgive his wife and that God wanted to take all his burdens from him.  Pray he will surrender them all to the good Lord and seek help.

As I was at the bus stop my heart began to get heavy and weighed down. We see so much suffering and pain in the world around us especially with the Ukraine crisis but God wanted to impress on my heart that the gift of Jesus Christ to the world is not like the trespass.  It far surpasses all the sins and evil that we see in the world around us.  One drop of Jesus's precious holy blood can cleanse the whole world and not to get discouraged and stop believing in the victory that Christ has won for us already.  This is the hope that I need to proclaim to those who are hurting in the world and know that when the gospel is proclaimed there is power to transform hearts and minds.  Jesus, I trust in you.

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January 20, 2022

After my conversion I remember going back to work and seeing everyone in a different light.  The Holy Spirit was giving me new eyes to see His creation.  I saw everyone walking dead and I wanted to wake everyone up and tell them about Jesus!  I was part of that walking dead as God had literally delivered me from the dominion of darkness and brought me into the Kingdom of His beloved Son.  God had given me a new life and He wanted me to proclaim it to others.  This was 46 years ago and I can still walk in this anointing through the power of the Holy Spirit by surrendering my life to God every day.

Bob and I went out yesterday to the bus terminal.  As we shared the good news that God never created us to die but that we have been deceived by the evil one, so many people have no idea of this truth.  That was the case of Jessica who had never heard the gospel or has been baptized.  As I shared the good news, her eyes widened and she wanted to hear more.  Can it be true that we can experience eternal life right now?  Jessica was given information about baptism and churches in the area and we encouraged her to check them out.  Giselle, another young adult, was eager to hear the good news also and given information.  Please pray for them both.

A Pentecostal minister has been there several times also preaching as we talk and share  with the different people.  In the beginning he came to me and said that this was idolatry sharing these miraculous medals and rosaries and that the only thing that matters is preaching Jesus.  I smiled and just said thank you.  Every time I see him I smile and yesterday I felt compelled to introduce myself  to him.   I said we are actually preaching the same message and I thanked him for being out there.  I believe that a bridge was built and maybe down the road he will be open to hearing more about our Catholic faith.  May God be praised!SPSE Team Photo



December 16, 2021

I remember in my girl scout days which were quite a long time ago, going caroling to the different nursing homes in the area and feeling such joy as we walked through the dark halls bringing in much hope and joy.  But it is the same joy that you experience when you meet people on the street who feel so hopeless and lost.  Tom and I ventured out on a very windy Saturday last week at the bus metro.  I am very grateful to Tom for being able to converse with the many Spanish people that we meet there.  Tom met a refugee from Colombia and he shared his experience coming to the U.S. Tom hooked him up to the Catholic churches in the area.  I am sure it was a great comfort to the man to meet a friendly face in the area and to encourage him in the faith.

Many people I meet have been raised Catholic but for many different reasons have left the faith.  This was the case with the woman, Christine, that I had met.  She was very eager to receive information about returning to the church as I encouraged her no matter how long it has been that she has attended church, God is willing and waiting to pour out His grace and mercy on her.  Please pray that she will respond.

What I believe was a divine appointment at church this past Sunday, I sat next to a woman who I felt was suffering much.  As I prayed during Mass for her and asked the Holy Spirit how I could minister to her, she opened up to me how she has been experiencing much pain from a spinal injury from an epidural she had with her last child twelve years ago. She has been in pain for 12 years!  She never received compensation and was still very angry over this experience.  I felt that God wanted to free her of her ailment and thought of the woman with the hemorrhage who reached out to Jesus to be healed.  I told her I believe God wants to take her pain and heal her, but asked if she had forgiven the people who had caused the injury.  She then began to cry and I assured her that we cannot forgive on our own but only by God's grace.  I asked her permission if she wanted to pray a prayer to forgive and she said yes, that she would say it inside her heart.  I told her God will be so pleased with her taking a step in faith and encouraged her to go to confession.  I then asked her permission if I could pray over her for God to heal her physically and take away the pain and she said yes.  I believe God wants to bring her total healing and I ask that you pray with me also.  Her name is Jennifer.  The Kingdom of God is at hand, and God is pouring out much grace to prepare the way of the Lord during this Advent season!

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An Unexpected Surprise

November 14, 2021

Bob and I ventured out last Saturday on a beautiful Fall day at the metro bus stop.  There are many homeless people there, and we have befriended many of them over the years.  One man in particular I have been praying for is Wade.  About two months ago I approached him when he was sober and just felt God never intended him to be living this way.  I had a wonderful conversation with him.  I asked him if he believed in Jesus and he had a big smile on his face and he said yes. I asked him if he would like to commit his life to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and he said yes!  We both said the prayer out loud after he repeated it after me and  I asked him if he would like to renounce the spirit of alcoholism and the desire to drink in the Name of Jesus, and he said yes which he did.  We both left each other and I kept on praying.  I saw him a couple of weeks later and he seemed to be doing better.

To my surprise, right when Bob and I were setting up the table, Wade came with a big smile on his face and he said that he had gotten a job and that he is to start next week!  I was so taken by surprise and I asked him if Jesus healed him and he said with an enthusiastic manner, yes!  I was so thankful to God for hearing our prayers and I pray that God continue to bless Wade and bring him into the fullness of His plan for him.

We also talked to Tyler, Nollis and Dominic, three high-school age boys.  They were shocked to know that God never created us to die, but by the envy of the devil, the whole world has been deceived and been in slavery for the fear of death.  We told them of the good news of the gospel and they were very eager to know more and to receive information,  Please pray that God would draw them to Himself and bring them to the fullness of the truth.

Doug and I went out to the bus metro yesterday. Please also pray for two young men, Bill and Raoul who both don't believe in hell and were not really ready to accept the good news pamphlet, that God would open up their eyes to the truth.

May St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael continue to protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

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A Blessed Send Off

October 25, 2021

The plus side of being at a particular SPSE site all these years is we get to run into people whom we had not seen for awhile and catch up.  That was the case of Sarah.  I met her last year and she was new to this area as she was stationed in the military.  She mentioned that she and her husband were looking for a church nearby where she lives.  I gave her all the information.  We met again last Thursday and recognized each other right away.  She was very grateful for hooking her up to the local church and said that she was about to go on an assignment overseas and waiting for her orders.  It was such a privilege to pray with her and over her for God's protection and direction and for the St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to defend her and her husband as I sensed that she was anxious about the future.  Please pray for God's protection over she and her husband.

John was another person whom I had met about 2 years ago.  I remember the conversation that we had had and we picked up right where we had left off.  Because of Covid he said he had been away from his Baptist church and never really pursued about getting baptized.  I encouraged him to speak to his pastor and follow up and gave him the pamphlet about "Last Things" and being Baptized.  I also met a beautiful lady called Lillian who worked with the elderly.  She was suffering from swollen legs and the doctors did not really know what was causing it.  I asked God in the Name of Jesus to take away any swelling and pain and to give the doctors wisdom.  Her bus came at that point and she was very grateful for the prayers.  Please pray for her healing and also Theresa who was given information about housing and the St. Vincent DePaul Society as she is not able to meet the rising cost of rent.

There are many Spanish people, young families in particular, who have left the Catholic Church and therefore not passing on the faith to their children. Amparo was with me and my husband again and had many very important conversations about enrolling their children in a Religious Ed Program at our church.  May God bless all the other people that were given the Good News pamphlet and miraculous medals, that God would draw them to Himself.

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Whatever You Did For One of the Least of These Brothers, You Did It for Me Matthew 25:40

September 29, 2021


Doug and I ventured out last Saturday. One of the things that I love about SPSE and that Doug manifests so well is the relational aspect of SPSE - to listen, befriend, proclaim and invite. The picture below exhibits Doug's beautiful gift of getting right down with the people at their level and getting to know them. Robert, in the picture, lost his son Dante last July to an accident on his job. Robert was really grieving and Doug was able to share his pain with him and pray with him. Doug also prayed with Cynthia who lost her 36 year old brother recently in Africa. Please pray that God would console and strengthen them

A beautiful young woman from Ghana called Ruth was with her mom and walking with a walker. As I asked her if I could pray with her - she said that the doctors did not really know why she had so much swelling and pain in her legs and were running tests. As I prayed over her for healing, she and her mom felt consoled that God was with them and that He was hearing their prayer. Please pray that in the mighty Name of Jesus that all the swelling and pain would be gone and that God would give wisdom to the doctors. A Moslem woman also wanted prayers for her upcoming surgery and was given information about the good news. Please pray it will be successful and God would draw her to Himself. Also pray for Brownlee, Jeff and Fernando who are not baptized into any particular faith and were very eager to hear about the good news of the gospel, that the seed planted would bear much fruit.

May God continue to bless and protect our little Chapter and that Our Lady would guide us.


"Put Love Where There Is No Love and You Will Draw Out Love" (St. John of the Cross)

August 30, 2021

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I was very blessed to have one of the members of St. John Neumann parish come and help me evangelize last Thursday along with my husband. She is a beautiful Colombian woman, Amparo, who loves her faith and is passionate about spreading it AND she speaks Spanish! There are many Spanish people, young families in particular, who have left the Catholic Church and therefore not passing on the faith to their children. Amparo had many very important conversations about enrolling their children in a Religious Ed Program at our church. She is also from the Legion of Mary and shares her love for Our Lady as well.
There are also many people who have just moved into the area from Africa. This was the case with a young man, Pierre. He was very eager to know what churches in the area offer Masses in French which was given to him. It was beautiful to see him hungry to be with the Lord.
Tom and I went out this past Saturday as well. Please pray in particular for a Hindu family whom I witnessed to and invited to attend a healing conference in our area, Lisa who is homeless and very wounded that God would bring healing and restoration to her and Sabrina, whom Tom prayed with for peace and strength.
May God continue to bless and protect our little Chapter, that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom.


Let Your Light Shine Before Men

July 25, 2021

SPSE Team Phote"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light"  (Ephesians 5:8)  The Holy Spirit wanted to impress on my heart that we are shining lights in the darkness, and just our presence being out evangelizing brings the very presence of Christ to people. Tom and I went out today to the bus terminal asking the Lord to provide divine appointments, and God provided.  Tom met a young adult named Derick who was seeking to grow deeper in his faith.  Pray that the wisdom that Tom shared with him, he would take to heart. I met a young woman named Sarah who was raised Catholic.  She is in the military and stationed with her husband, Theo, in this area for a couple of months.  They have not really been going to church.  I encouraged her to avail herself of the gift of the Eucharist and to reconnect with God.  I gave her information of a church right near where they are staying and she was very grateful for the miraculous medal and cross. I said I believe this is a divine appointment from God and she agreed.  Tom is pictured here with a young man named Jonathan.  I could sense he was filled with much fear about the pandemic and he shared with me that in his country of Uganda, everyone is under lockdown.  We prayed that God would take away his fear and fill him with His peace that surpasses all understanding.  He was very grateful.

Towards the end of our outing I met a man named Ram from India who is Hindu and just moved to this area because of his job.  His wife is back in India with their family.  As I gave him the Good News pamphlet, he was so very much interested in what I gave him and starting questioning me what was in the pamphlet.  I explained that I was there to proclaim the good news of salvation.  He started to tell me that his wife back home became a Christian and he hasn't a clue about what this is all about.  I proceeded to tell him the Kerygma and about  the Blessed Holy Trinity.  He was very eager to receive this information and asked if there was a Catholic Church near him which there was, and gave him the info.  He said his wife will never believe who he met at the bus metro!  God is full of surprises!

Thank you Tom for accompanying me on our outing today and for planting many seeds.  May it bear much fruit for God's kingdom!



Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

May 26, 2021

As God has been so merciful to us from rescuing us from the kingdom of darkness and bringing us into the Kingdom of God of His beloved Son (Colossians 1:13), we need to share the good news of the kingdom and to bring hope to a hurting world.  The kingdom of God is here!  I encountered a couple of weeks ago a young adult who was so discouraged and shared with me that he thought God had abandoned him.  I knew he had a problem with alcohol.  He had diabetes, and the only way he could alleviate his pain is through drinking.  He had been baptized Catholic and attended the nearby Catholic church.  I felt that he needed to recommit his life to God as he had done many times before.  He prayed the prayer on the Good News pamphlet with me out loud, and I had him renounce the spirit of addition to alcohol and discouragement.  I prayed that God would heal him of his diabetes and his foot that was bandaged up as a result of his sickness.  I kept on praying during the coming weeks that God would free him of his addition and sickness.  I met him last Saturday and he had a big smile on his face and the bandage was gone on his foot!  I was so happy and delighted that God heard our prayer!  I asked him if Jesus had healed him and he said yes!  His picture is below.  Thank you God for demonstrating your power and mercy to your people.SPSE Team Photo



Tell Everyone About this Life (Acts 5:20)

April 27, 2021

SPSE Team PhotoI was very much struck about the words in Acts when the angel freed the apostles from jail and told them to go into the temple area and tell the people everything about this life.  I think of what my life was like before I met the Lord, a life that was in such darkness and misery   I was filled with such gratitude to the Father for drawing me to Himself, freeing me from the bondages that I was in and making me His child.  "No one comes to me unless the Father draw Him" (John 6:44).

This past week,  we met so many people who are seeking peace and healing.  Deacon Mike Davy and I prayed with a woman, Sheena, in need of a job.  Please pray that God would provide.  Please also pray for Omar, a Muslim, who was open about hearing the good news and took information, that God would reveal the truth to Him.  The next day Tom Stief and I went out and prayed with David who is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, sometimes called the suicide disease because of the great pain they suffer from. It is a chronic pain condition that affects the nerves in the brain which carry sensations to the face. I had met David before and prayed with him.  He said he was going to be operated on which actually did happen, but unfortunately it did not help.  Please pray that God would sovereignly heal the nerve in his pain and that there would be no more pain.  Please pray for Brandon (in the picture) whom we prayed with, for God to heal his depression.  He was raised Catholic, and we encouraged him to recommit his life to God and gave him information to the church in the area.  Also pray for Nicholas who needs a job and has a family to support, who is suffering from diabetes and cannot be hired because of his condition, that God would provide for him as well.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and bring many people to conversion and new life in Him!


God Hears the Cries of the Poor

March 10, 2021

I love the passage from Hebrews 10:23 - Let us hold unswervingly to this hope that we profess, because he who promised is faithful.   I met this lovely couple five years ago when I first started attending the Gaithersburg Chapter.  Vladimir and Rosa are their names.  They were homeless and very much need of prayer.  I kept on seeing them over the years and kept on praying with them and for them for their housing situation and addictions.  Rosa had mentioned to me that she was in needed of new clothes as some people had stolen her's.  Many people were very generous and we compiled some very nice things for her.  Since Covid hit I haven't seen them for quite a while.  I saw them for the first time however today and was overjoyed to hear how they were doing.  God answered our prayers over these long years.  They not only have their housing situation solved, but Vladimir is free from his addiction to alcohol and their children are receiving their first Holy  Communion at the nearby Catholic Church.   I SPSE Team Photothank God for answering our prayers.  His faithfulness and love endures forever!


The Harvest is Ripe

January 15, 2021

It says in Matthew 9 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness... He said to his disciples, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." As my husband Bob and I went out this past Saturday, we met a woman whom I had met before and shared my faith with called Kat. My heart went out to her as she has been very much influenced by the culture, dressed in masculine clothes with tattoos all up and down her arms and appearing very tough and rough. She had been very receptive of our conversation before and is actually a Catholic but had been away from the church for awhile. I could tell she really needed to hear how much God loves her and has a plan for her life. She actually goes to the same church as we do and I encouraged her to start going again and gave her the Mass times and confession. I believe the Holy Spirit is prompting me to reach out to her and get to know her better. Many young adults frequent this bus stop. John and Christopher were one who were very receptive in receiving information about the good news and were eager to receive the Mass times. I also had a good conversation with Ty, another  young adult who moved here from Virginia and was looking for a fellowship group where he could be fed. I gave him information and encouraged him in the faith.  So many people are hurting because of the job situation and need prayers.  We prayed with Francisco and encouraged him that God is with him and to trust.  We have been cutting our time short to go out because of the cold, but what we are finding is that the harvest is indeed ripe and when we offer him our little loaves and fishes, He comes through a hundred fold and brings joy to our hearts/

SPSE Team Photo


Where Sin Abounds Grace Super Abounds

November 23, 2020

Despite all of the confusion and anxiety of the world, God is working overtime to touch the hearts of many people.   As was stated in last Sunday's first reading from Ezekiel, God himself will rescue his lost sheep from every place where they have scattered.  As we all were the  lost sheep that God has found, we just need to be available as His instruments for Him to work through to spread His love.  A number of weeks ago I came across a middle-age man, Tom, who was complaining about soreness in his neck.  I offered to pray with him, and as I was praying with him he started to complain about his ex-wife and a number of other people whom he resented.  At that time, his bus came and I was unable to continue the prayer.  I saw him again yesterday and he came right up to me and asked me if I remembered him and I immediately said yes and was so happy to see him  again.  His neck was actually getting worse.  I told him I remembered the people whom he was complaining about and I began to explain to him that sometimes it is because we are holding resentment in our hearts that God will withhold his healing.  He was very familiar with this as he was raised in the Catholic church but left in his teens.  He then started to go through the people whom he needed to forgive and  we prayed over him.    On his own he then repented of other people he needed to forgive and we prayed over him again after which time he said his neck felt better. We told him God did not want him to be in so much pain and urged him to meet with a Catholic priest he knew growing up as he has been attending a Mormon church.  We told him that the Sacrament of Confession is very powerful and urged him to contact the priest. I gave him information about the Trinity and the Catholic church. His bus then came.  He was very appreciative that we spent time praying with him.  Thank you God for arranging us to meet with him again.

My fellow evangelist, Doug, also met Jimmy who was interested in going back to church and was given the Mass schedule and prayed with Dennis who needed encouragement in the faith.  Please also pray for Carlos, a young adult who actually had given his life to God at some point in his life but had fallen away that God would draw him back to Himself.  I shared my witness with him and gave him information about the Good News and the pamphlet on returning to the Catholic Church.  Pray that he would follow through.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us all closer to her Son.

SPSE Team Photo


Extravagant Love of the Father

October 5, 2020

I was very much struck by the gospel this past Sunday about the parable of the landowner who planted the vineyard  If you know the story, he leased it to tenants and when vintage time came, he sent his servants to the tenants to obtain the produce.  The tenants seized the servants and beat and killed not only three of them, but also another group of servants as well. Finally the landowner sent his Son to them thinking they will respect him. Why would the landowner risk in sending his only Son to collect the fruit after the servants were so brutally treated?  This is the extravagant love of God our Father to us, who time after time wanted to display his mercy, power and love to His people.  But instead we put His only Son to die a cruel death on the cross to set us free.  What an incredible price he has paid for all of us!

I share this parable with you after I encountered a very humble middle-aged man who had just been released from prison after 30 years!  He had very kind eyes behind his mask, a full beard and dressed very respectfully in his flannel shirt and holding a binder.  He could not wait to show me as if I was the very first person he wanted to tell - he was now a free man!  And there it was on paper - Floyd, after serving a sentence of 30 years, is now a free man!  He was 18 when he entered and is now 48 years old.  I felt so privileged to have met him. I prayed over him and asked God to protect him and direct his steps.  I sensed that he was Christian as he was so receptive of the prayer.  I gave him information about our church and pamphlets about the Good News.  Please pray for Floyd that God would truly bless, direct and protect him!  Please also pray for a kind, gentle soul, an older Spanish man, Saul, who received prayer for direction and for God to provide a job.  Edward, Rachel and Natali were also three young teenagers whom I shared my witness with and received information and a prayer to commit their lives to God, that they would follow through.

Thank you to Rick who joined me for the first time last Wednesday and was a great help in evangelizing!  Let us all rejoice because of our baptism!  We have been plunged into the very death of Christ and have been given a new life, and, like Floyd - free men and women in Christ Jesus!




"You, my Child Shall Be Called the Prophet of the Most High"

September 5, 2020

This prayer that the church prays together every morning in the Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of Zechariah prophesying about his son St. John the Baptist.  It is a call to the whole church also that we too are called to be prophets to prepare the way of the Lord, to be priests, prophets and kings.  "For you will go before the Lord to prepare his way, to give his people knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of their sins."  (Luke 1:68-70)

My husband and I recently had a get together at our home inviting our evangelists over to thank them for their commitment to the SPSE Team.  One of the evangelists hit it on the head when he was encouraging one of the other evangelist what THE most important thing on his heart that he has when going out to evangelize was the kerygma.  The Webster's dictionary, which I thought was very impressive, states that it is  "the apostolic proclamation of salvation through Jesus".   He said that if he proclaims this to at least one person in his outing, he feels he has accomplished his task.   I totally agree with him.  It is so amazing to see how many people have never really had the good news explained to them.

My husband and I went out today on this Labor Day weekend and I encountered a young adult, Kevin, who was about 18 years old.  I asked him if he grew up in any particular church and he did not really know, although he said it was Christian.  He was not too sure whether he was baptized or not.  I gave him information on the Good News and how important it was to be baptized at which time his bus came.  But I come across so many young adults who have no purpose or direction in their lives and are so surprised when I share with them the good news that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.  Please pray for Kevin that he would seek to know God.  I also talked to a Muslim, Omar, who was so open about hearing about God's mercy.  He took information about the the good news and I showed him the beautiful prayer at the end of the pamphlet inviting God to come into his life right before his bus came.  Please pray that he would follow through.

May God and Our Lady continue to bless and protect our little chapter, and that the seeds that were planted would bear much fruit for God's kingdom.



His Mercies Are Renewed Every Morning

July 30, 2020

The reading from Lamentations 3:22-23 is very comforting to me, as God's mercies are renewed every morning. "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
his mercies never come to an end;  they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness Oh Lord (Lamentations 3:22-23)  Living the Christian life can be challenging as God calls us to go deeper into being changed into His image and likeness.  But as we take up our cross and try to follow Him to the best of our ability, He gives us new hearts (promise of Ezekiel 36:26), to experience His mercy and love  so that we can give His love away.  God's love is perfected in our weakness. I find this to be true whenever I go out to share my faith.  I give God my little loaves and fishes and He multiplies them.

What I am also realizing is that even though I meet all kinds of nationalities, people of different cultures and faiths, everyone has the same innate desire for God.  All of our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God. (St. Augustine's quote)  No sooner did my husband Bob and I set up our SPSE table that people were approaching us for help and prayers.  Please pray for Roland, a young adult, whose brother, Trent, had just heard the news that his best friend had died in a motorcycle accident and wanted to give him something to encourage and console him.  I had just ordered the pamphlet "the Problem of Suffering" which he gratefully took along with the Good News pamphlet.  We prayed with him and asked God to bring consolation and comfort to his family.  Please also pray for a number of people who are looking for a job, a person from Ghana, Nicholas, who has to provide for his family and also Lily.

Please also pray for Ellis, an older man whom I prayed with who seeking to know the love of God in his life that God would bring him into a living knowledge of His  love for him and also Deshawn, a young adult Christian who is not very happy being fed where he is presently attending church and who was given information about the Catholic faith that God would draw him to experience the fullness of the faith.

May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us that it would bring much fruit for God.




God is So Faithful!

July 13, 2020

SPSE Team PhotoAbout four years ago, Joanne Portzer (then Joanne Fields), the SPSE Gaithersburg Chapter Leader, had met a sweet lady, Laurie Martini, at the Lake Forest Bus Metro.  She spent a good deal of time with her.  At that time I was joining the SPSE chapter and learning how to evangelize.  When Joanne left to get married and moved to Ohio, I took the chapter over and started befriending her.  To make a long story short, Laurie entered RCIA last September 2019 and stuck it out during this crazy pandemic.  She was received into the church on Sunday, July 12, 2020 and extremely happy!  It is so wonderful to see how faithful God is in drawing people to Himself and bringing them into His church.  May God be thanked and praised!  Her picture is below.


For Freedom, Christ Has Set Us Free

July 5, 2020

Happy Fourth of July 2020!  I thank God for the freedom to share our faith on the streets.  The first reading for Saturday, July 4, were so encouraging from the prophet Amos as God said "I will bring about the restoration of my people Israel".  We, who were alienated from God of Father, have now been brought near through the precious blood of Christ.  If Christ has set us free, we are free indeed!

After being locked down for three months. our little chapter is back on the streets and the harvest is ripe!  My husband, Bob and I, ventured out on this beautiful 4th of July, and immediately people came up to our table and started asking for rosaries and information.  I was hoping to see some people whom we have met over these past four years there so I could tell them I have been praying for them, and were so glad to see them again, but they were all new people at the bus stop.

Please pray for three young adults, Kevin, Noel and Joel (in the picture).  Like so many young adults,  many of them who do believe in God say that they don't belong to a particular church and have their own private faith.  For Noel, as soon as I shared about the Eucharist and the real presence of God, he followed me to our table and wanted to know more.  I am so glad we have this beautiful material to give out, particularly the Good News and Eucharist pamphlet.  I shared how it is a foretaste of what heaven will be like as we worship the Lamb on the Throne.  I gave him a list of churches in the area and phone numbers.  Pray that they will follow up on the information given to them and experience the beauty of our Catholic faith.

Please also pray for Kofi, a kind, older man from Ghana whom I prayed with, for God to provide a good job for he and his family and for Omar, a Muslim who was open to hearing about the Trinity as one God in three divine persons and who is Love itself.  I was grateful to hear the webinar on witnessing to Muslims as it gave me more of an awareness of where they are coming from.

May God continue to bless our little chapter that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom.  Thank you Faustina and Bernardine for your intercessory prayers!





"They Overcame Him By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony" Rev. 12:11

March 12, 2020

As Bob and I ventured out today on this somewhat milder day of winter, we were reminded of the hope of spring approaching as the daffodils and forsythias are starting to bloom. We are grateful for the warmer temperatures these days. It is also a time of preparation for the greatest feast soon to take place of Our Lord's resurrection and victory over the darkness, sin and death. The harvest is so ripe and the kingdom of God must be ushered in and the good news preached to the poor. It is a privilege to share in the priestly, prophetic and kingly ministry of Jesus. We encounter so many young adults who have no direction for their lives and are not baptized into any particular church. That was the case today of four young adults -- Samantha, William, Jasmine and Que. As I shared my witness with them and the good news of salvation, they welcomed receiving information about Baptism and the different churches in the area. Please pray that the seeds that were planted would result in them experiencing the Father's personal love for them. Please also pray for Jayda, a girl who just moved here from Jamaica who is actually Catholic and was eager and grateful to receive information about Mother Seton Parish in Germantown where she lives. In closing this is a quote from Blessed Abbot Aelred from the Short Breviary on Christ's passion. "There is no greater stimulus to love of our enemies than the contemplation of the marvelous patience of him who, though "beautiful beyond the son of men," offered his face to be spat upon and endured the other torments of his Passion, and who was at last "led like a sheep to slaughter and stood silent like a lamb before the shearers, and did not open his mouth." May we all this Lent experience a deeper knowledge of God's mercy so that what we have received in faith we may give away.


In the Beginning was the Word

January 23, 2020

As my husband and I ventured out on Wednesday, I was thinking about how the Proclamation of the Word spoken to me transformed my life. It is such a mystery how this creative word of power can convict, comfort and change hearts. It truly is living and active. I experienced this in two interactions with some young adults. The first one was called Eli. As I offered him a miraculous medal and asked him if he needed prayers for anything in particular, he shared with me how he just moved from Alabama and wanted to settle in this area. I asked him if he belonged to any particular church and he said he went to a Catholic high school in Alabama but was a non-denominational now. I asked him if he had a good experience going to the Catholic high school and he said yes. I shared with him my witness and how I have a greater love for my Catholic faith especially the Eucharist. He was very open to hearing about my experience and wanted a list of churches in the area and also the Baptism, Eucharist and Why Be Catholic pamphlets. His bus arrived at that time and he thanked me for offering him a good faith community he could plug into. Please pray Eli will follow through.
The second encounter was with LeRoy. I asked him if he has ever heard the good news of the gospel and he was not exactly sure what that was. I asked him if he was baptized and he said his family are Jehovah's Witnesses. I immediately thought about what they believed about Jesus, that he is not really the Son of God. I shared with him about the Trinity as a community of persons who want to share their life with us, how man fell away from this initial relationship with his Creator and Jesus came as the Incarnate Son of God to save us and bring us back to the Father. I gave him pamphlets on the Trinity, the Good News, Why Be Catholic and Baptism. He actually said he would like to read all of them. I went back to the table and thought I should give him a miraculous medal and cross, but when I went back to the bus booth he was in, he was not there. A lady who had been listening to our conversation pointed me to where he was as he was in line for the bus and I was able to give them to him. I believe there are angels helping us minister to people as this lady was so eager to help me. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will touch LeRoy with the truth of the gospel and he will come to know the love of the Father personally for him.


May Your Kingdom Come, Oh Lord!

January 3, 2020

As we can see from the prayer of the Our Father that Our Lord gave us that the primary concern of God's heart is that "His kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven".  As Bob, my husband and I, ventured out last Saturday, December 28, I prayed that God would give us an expectant heart.  That God would use us, weak instruments that we are, to pray that His kingdom would come into people's hearts, that people would experience his presence.

The first person that God brought to my husband was Martino.   Martino shared with him the great joy and comfort that he saw in people being out on the streets actually sharing about their faith.  He was a Christian and shared with my husband his great conversion story of God delivering him from a very sinful life style and from alcoholism.  It was beautiful.  Bob prayed with him that God would continue to strengthen him in that area. His wife, however, was in a wheelchair and could not walk.  As my husband, Martino and I prayed over Renee, his wife, I proclaimed over her that the Kingdom of God is real and that it was God's desire to heal and manifest His love.  I knew God was with us and Renee and Martino expressed a real gratefulness that we prayed with them.  I pray that God would continue to bring healing and health to her body.

The second person I prayed with was a partially blind beautiful woman, Kim.  I felt for her because it was hard for her to see the right bus that she was to take in order to get where she was going.  I asked her if she would like prayers for God to heal her eyes, and she was very receptive as she was Christian.  Again I proclaimed the Kingdom of God is here and that God was with her and had a great love for her.  I asked God would restore the wandering eye that I saw in her left eye and all the membranes connected with it.  She asked what church I belonged to and was very surprised that Catholics were out on the streets praying over people and sharing their faith.  She asked for information and I gave her a list of the churches in our area and the bus routes as I walked her to her bus. May God continue to do a great work in her.

Bob and I gave out many miraculous medals and good news pamphlets and ended up talking to a young adult, Robert, who was very sincere in seeking the truth and God's plan for his life.  It was a joy to encourage him in the faith and to speak into his heart God's great love for him.  Please pray for him that God would bring him into a personal encounter with him.

May God continue to bless our little chapter this new year, that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom and that Our Lady would guide us.





















Surprised by the Spirit

December 16, 2019

A woman from the Congo approached Deacon Mike and I last Wednesday when we first arrived at the Bus Stop straight away and was so amazed that we were Catholic since she had been looking for a Catholic Church after recently moving here. It was a joy to see how enthusiastic she was about her faith and to receive information about all the Catholic Churches in the area and a miraculous medal and rosary. We were then approached by Edith asking for prayers for her elderly father who has pneumonia. Please pray for his healing. Deacon Mike also prayed with three women who approached him who were from the Protestant background and were very much interested in why we were out there and was able to share with them the beauty of our Catholic faith and give them information. Please pray for Rosemary, Josephine and Gladys that they would be open to the fullness of the truth. Please also pray for Solomon, Jason and Liz whom I shared the gospel with and received information, that God would draw them to Himself. The last encounter was with a young man who listened very attentively as I was sharing my witness. I asked him if he had been baptized into any particular faith and he said no. His father is Muslim and his mother Christian and they were leaving it up to him if he wanted to be baptized or not. I was able to offer him the beautiful pamphlets on Baptism, the Good News, the Eucharist and Why Be Catholic. He felt that this was providential as he was looking for more direction in his life. As his bus pulled up, he gave me a big hug and parted with a smile on his face. It is such a joy to bring glad tidings to people and to see how the Spirit leads. May God continue to bless our little chapter, that it would bear much fruit for his kingdom and that Our Lady would continue to guide us.


It's in the Air

November 24, 2019

As Deacon Mike and I went out last Wednesday, November 20, we could feel the Spirit moving in interactions that we had with the various people we encountered People were coming to us and asking questions. Maybe it is the various Christmas decorations that are now being displayed in parking lots and grocery stores that people are sensing something special will be happening soon. However, some people may be dreading the holidays and hoping they will be over soon. In any event, people are hungry to hear the truth as they were approaching us. They are attracted to truth, goodness and beauty and the Catholic faith contains all three. Many nondenominational people and Protestants come to us and ask for rosaries. I know it is Mary interceding for them and drawing them to her Son. I believe as we share with them that they have a Mother who wants to guide and care for them that it is a comfort knowing they are not alone. This was the case for many people we met, in particular for Dave, Barbara, Simon, Michael and Nicole. Please pray for them that as Deacon Mike and I shared our stories with them and our love for the Eucharist, that God would draw them to Himself. Please also pray for Ashwen, a Muslim, who is opening to hearing about the Catholic faith and took information, that God would reveal the fullness of truth to Him.

May Mary and the Holy Spirit continue to guide our little chapter that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom and bring glory to God. As we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe this Sunday, may He be praised, worship and adored. Thank you prayer warriors for your continued support and sacrifices.


The Hound of Heaven

November 12, 2019

As Doug and I were setting up the SPSE table, an older Spanish man approached me and wondered why we were there.  He had a scarf around his face as it was pretty cold out so all I could see were his brown eyes.  As we conversed, he shared with me that he had given up on God and that this is the way life is, just getting by and living each day aimlessly.   I shared with him the good news and a bit of my witness and that he can have purpose and meaning in his life.   He was not sold on what I was saying and started to walk away.  I felt a little discouraged but as I followed him to the other side of the terminal I asked him if I could pray for him and asked his name.  I believe that he was very touched by that and said his name was Mauricio.  Pray that the Hound of Heaven would seek him out and reveal his personal love to him.

Doug and I prayed with an elderly gentleman who has a brain tumor.  Pray that God would miraculously remove the tumor and manifest his love to him through this.  As we were praying for the elderly gentleman another man was waiting at the table and was so amazed at all the literature and beautiful medals displayed.  His name was Kenneth and was raised as a Baptist.  As I shared with him the richness of our Catholic faith and especially the Eucharist his eyes lit up.  I gave him information about churches in the area and the brochure "Why Be Catholic"  He was every eager to receive it.  Please pray also for Terrance who I have seen at the bus stop many times and have developed a relationship with, that he would have a desire to seek out the Catholic faith as he works seven days a week.  Doug talked to Takia who took a rosary and was interested in deepening her faith and received information.  A woman named Maria also talked with him who would like prayers for housing.

We were very blessed to have Jeannie Tondo come and help out as she is still grieving the loss of her dear husband Dominic.  Please pray that God would continue to console and strengthen her.  May God continue to bless our little chapter and Mary intercede for us to bear much fruit for his kingdom.



The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor

October 30, 2019

In Psalm 147 it states that God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.  Great is the Lord and mighty in power, his understanding has no limit. Psalm 147:3-5  As Doug and I prayed last Saturday, God took our little mustard seed of faith and ministered to some needy people.  As we heard last Sunday in the Psalm also God hears the cry of the poor.
I prayed with a young woman who has been sincerely trying to be freed from an addition to drugs and alcohol.  Pray that in the mighty name of Jesus that God would break any agreement and lie that she is believing that she cannot break free.  Pray this also for an older man who also needs a job.  I gave the woman a beautiful prayer that is cited at the end of the Good News pamphlet recommitting her life to God and Our Lady.  Please pray also for a man who has bladder cancer that by the wounds of Jesus he would be healed.
Doug talked to Bobby and Drey who expressed interest in the Catholic church and also to some young boys Jaysen and Elvis. Pray that the seeds that were planted God would water it and work in their lives.  Nino also was there and is such an asset to SPSE as he speaks Spanish.  He talked at great length to a man who was Pentecostal and interested in the Catholic faith.  Pray that God would reveal the fullness of truth to him.
May God continue to bless our little chapter and that it would bear much fruit for God's kingdom.  Thank you for all of your prayers.
God bless all of you,
Nancy and the SPSE Team


The Best Things in Life Are Free

October 22, 2019

SPSE Team Photo

Deacon Mike and I went out this past Wednesday and had many beautiful encounters. It is so amazing to see so many Protestants come up to us asking for rosaries. I do believe Our Lady is trying to draw them into the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith. We feel so privileged to be able to offer everyone the beautiful literature provided by SPSE, especially the crosses and Miraculous Medals. Many of them are astonished and ask if it is actually free because it is so beautiful.

We gave these to a beautiful french-speaking woman from the Ivory Coast in Africa who has a deep love for her Catholic faith and could not believe that we were offering all of the complimentary material. Deacon Mike was able to share the beauty of the faith with a Methodist woman who was very interested why we were there. People are hungry to hear that they can receive the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist which is the greatest treasure that we have.

Please pray for Joshua, James and Crystal who are young adults and were very glad to receive information about the faith, that they will follow through. I talked to Jason who believes in a ‚Äúhigher power‚ÄĚ, that God would reveal Himself personally to him. Deacon Mike and I prayed with Dana that God would provide a job for her and for a Chinese lady who is unchurched and was given the Good News and Salvation pamphlet, that God would draw her to Himself.

Praised be Jesus Christ! If you run into someone who asks ‚Äúwhat‚Äôs the catch?‚ÄĚ when showing them love or giving them a rosary or Miraculous Medal, make sure to remind them that you‚Äôre just sharing the love and generosity that comes from God!