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Prayer and Evangelization on Sunday

April 21, 2024

Our Galveston team met this Sunday morning in an area of Houston at an indoor flea market and set up a table where we offered free rosaries, Miraculous Medals and other religious items to a largely Hispanic population.  We were very well received and many people responded with joy to what we were doing and we met many wonderful people in the process.  We prayed for people who requested prayer for their children and families and we encouraged everyone who took a rosary to pray it every day with their family.   We hope to go to the same place in a couple of weeks and may the fruit of our efforts through the intercession of our Blessed Mother bring those we encountered today closer to Jesus.


Evangelization Team Outing

April 14, 2024

Our evangelization team plans to be at the Pasadena Indoor Flea Market on Sunday, April 21st at 11 AM.  The address is 2222 Spencer Hwy., Pasadena, Texas and we are excited to bring the gospel message and healing prayer to anyone who needs it.  "We know that in all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom He has called according to His purpose."  Romans 8:28


Prayers of Healing before the Tabernacle

February 11, 2024

I sat with Virgie after Mass on Sunday morning before the tabernacle to pray for her.  She has mobility issues and walks with a cane.  I asked her what she would like prayer for and it was for the pain to be relieved and complete healing after her upcoming surgery.  I wear a rosary bracelet (rosalet) that is a third class relic having been touched to the actual relic of the True Cross found by St. Helena who had enshrined the relics after finding the True Cross that Jesus died on while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in A.D. 326.  She had divided the relics for veneration and in 1936, my parish became one of the few for which the splinters of the wood of the Cross is enshrined.   So, I laid the rosalet on her foot that was painful and began prayers of healing for relief of her pain and for a successful upcoming surgery.  I had asked Virgie to let me know if she felt in physical changes while in prayer or afterwards.  She told me that she felt a pinch in the foot at the moment the rosalet was removed.  I gave her a card with healing prayers that she can pray at home along with Epiphany water that she can apply to the painful areas.  I will find out next week if she has experienced any improvement to the pain that she was experiencing.  It is truly special to pray for healing before the tabernacle and with the very special sacramentals that can be used by our Lord for His purposes.  May God bless, Virgie, and through her hope in Him may the pain subside and the surgery be successful.


God Uses Every Day Circumstances for His Glory!

December 14, 2023

We were blessed with a "God moment" when fellow evangelists and I met at a local restaurant for lunch.  In fact, there were blessings abound!  Firstly, I received a box of twenty-four books given to me at lunch for evangelization purposes from this dear friend and fellow evangelist.  We said grace before eating and we had a lovely lunch brought to us by our waiter, Fabian, who was very attentive to us in checking in to see if we needed anything and if the food met our expectations, which it did.  When we finished up and were preparing to leave, we had a conversation with Fabian who told us that he is in college, stressed about upcoming finals, helping his brother with a marketing project and working at the restaurant.  I had noticed that Fabian was wearing a cross around his neck and I asked him if we could pray with him right then and there for his needs.  He agreed and all of us held hands around the table and I led in prayer asking that Jesus would lead him, guide him, protect him and help him in his present needs.  Afterwards, Fabian was clearly moved and said that "he felt that" and that he had had a recent conversion to believing in Jesus which is why he wore the cross.  I asked him if we could give him one of the books and he agreed and so I inscribed it with a message of hope that God would lead him on the path that he was to follow with all hope, faith and trust in God in all his future endeavors.  He was clearly moved by what we were doing and he gladly took the book, "Holy Moments" by author Matthew Kelly.

Not being familiar with this particular book, when I arrived home, I started reading it and what I read on page eight moved my heart to joy in knowing that God had intended for us to be there that day and He intended for us to be waited on by Fabian out of all the other waiters.  Also, the name, Fabian, is not a common name so that makes what happened even more remarkable.  That page that I read in this story was about "Brother Fabian!"  Fabian's name was in this book!  I wonder what our new friend, Fabian, thought when he read his own name and I marvel at how God used this every day circumstance for these remarkable holy moments we experienced.  All glory to God and to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who moved us to pray for Fabian and to give him this book.  May God lead Fabian forward in doing His Will in all that He has planned for his life.  It was truly a Holy Moment!


Beautiful Fall Days to Evangelize

October 29, 2023

We are now in beautiful, fall weather and have taken advantage of going out on Saturday mornings to evangelize and spread God's love. We went one Saturday morning to a farmer's market and spoke with many of the vendors and attendees while passing out Miraculous Medals and rosaries. So many beautiful conversations and we gave encouragement to people to return to Christ who loves them and wants a relationship with them. Prayer is how we commune with God and glorifying Him in prayer and worship is so pleasing to Him. We also encouraged one young Catholic woman to go to Mass every Sunday because her eternal salvation is more important than anything else and to take her boyfriend with her since he knew nothing about the Catholic Faith. We took time to prayer with one mother who shared that her son was being deployed to Iraq and she was grateful for the prayers and we promised to continue to pray for him.

Yesterday, we went to a park and did the same thing. We met a immigrant family in the park and although they did not speak English very well, we were able to give them Miraculous Medals and my hope is that the graces they receive from wearing the medals will bless their lives.

I have also begun to offer rosaries and the Miraculous Medals to people that I encounter during the week. I gave one to my hair stylist and she received it with such warmth and happiness and then shared with me her faith life and that of her mother who lives in another country. That sharing of faith brings about a bond of friendship and unity knowing we are on the same journey of salvation.


Summer Heat and New Opportunities

July 16, 2023

The summer heat in Southeast Texas has been extreme and thus we are searching for new opportunities for places to gather inside to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through evangelization. Yesterday, we were blessed to attend a Life Mass at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston. Afterwards, we stayed and prayed the rosary to end human trafficking which has been brought into the light recently by the showing of the movie, Sound of Freedom. If you haven't seen the movie or can't afford to purchase tickets then please feel free to check out You will be blessed with FREE tickets!

In the meantime, if you would like to invite us to come to evangelize at an event or place that would be inside and for which we can evangelize by passing out free rosaries, Miraculous Medals, books and brochures, please contact me. Thank you and God bless!


Texas Heat Plays a Role in our Evangelization Efforts

June 18, 2023

A few of us met on Saturday, June 17th during a time of excessive heat and humidity to pray the rosary for our nation, every citizen and elected government official.  We all know how much our country needs prayer.  We placed our banner and gathered under a canopy of oak trees in the park.  After praying the rosary, it was decided to forego the evangelization efforts because of the heat.  But, we shall continue to look for those opportunities during the week where we can engage people one-on-one to offer spiritual nourishment with prayer, hope in difficult situations, free rosaries, miraculous medals and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for us!SPSE Team Photo


Where Two or Three are Gathered In My Name...

June 3, 2023

Today, June 3, 2023, two of us decided to go out together to evangelize and offer prayer for those we encounter.  I pray in advance of the day that God puts those people whom he wants us to encounter on our path and we were richly blessed today with many wonderful encounters.  We met at a popular family park where there are many covered picnic tables, an outdoor cabana and a children's playground.  This was a park located on a lake and this day happened to be a day of free fishing which does not require that one purchase a fishing license.  We encountered some wonderful Christian people of different denominations and shared God's word and love for them and prayed with them.  We passed out rosaries and Miraculous medals along with the brochure on how to pray the rosary and we encouraged one woman who was there with her husband and children to come back home to the Catholic Church as she said she had not been to Mass in awhile.  God even allowed me, in His permissive will, to trip over fishing line and fall to my knees as I approached one family.   I had a minor rash burn on my hand but, other that, it was something that I could laugh about, it broke the ice and made them more receptive and it was a wonderful encounter.  Praise be God!  We are looking forward to doing this again next Saturday.


A Rainbow and Blue Light in the Sky

May 21, 2023

Our outing on Saturday, May 20, 2023 was a day when the sky was overcast in the early morning but by the time we gathered together to pray the public rosary at 11 a.m. the skies were mostly sunny with cirrus clouds in the southeastern skies.  We began praying the rosary and when we were about half way through one of the women in our group pointed to the sky and remarked that there was a rainbow.  We stopped and looked up and I saw the smallest little rainbow that I have ever seen at the top of the cirrus clouds.  This rainbow was not there very long when it disappeared and a blue light was seen emitting light through the clouds and it followed downward in the trajectory of the line of cirrus clouds.  Since I had prayed to the Blessed Mother beforehand and asked her to be with us while we were praying the rosary that day, this seemed to be a sign from heaven that she was there.  It was a beautiful experience and gave us much hope that our rosary for our nation was heard and received in heaven and would be answered through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God.

Afterwards, most left to go on to do Saturday errands but a couple who had traveled five hours to be with us that morning stayed with me.  We went into the area of the American Legion Post in San Leon, Texas where the veterans were serving lunch.  I ate and we shared with one another our experiences in evangelizing.   There was not much time to evangelize by the time I finished lunch but, I did approach one older woman who was alone and offered her a rosary.  She told me that she was Catholic so she did not accept it.  There was a live band and they started to play music which made it pretty much impossible to evangelize over the loud music.  So we departed ways with the intention to stay in touch.


Rosary Worn Around Her Neck Caught My Eye

April 15, 2023

We made our very first outing to do street evangelization on this Saturday which turned out to be a beautiful day here in southeast Texas.  A group of us gathered to pray the rosary before evangelizing and we were right there in the park adjacent to the Farmers Market where many people had gathered to buy fresh produce and other hand-made food and items.  There was live music being played under the pavilion nearby which brought a festive mood to the people there.

We had our Catholic banner with us on full display that reads, "Restore Christendom - Defend Catholic Faith" with the outline of Christ Crucified, His head bowed down and his sagging body on the cross against an orange backdrop making this banner quite noticeable.  Next to the banner, we had someone holding the American flag.  We stood under a large tree in the shade not far from the road leading in and the parking lot.  This is where we prayed The Patriotic Rosary which was written by a member of Caritas Community, Alabama.  It dedicates one hail Mary in the traditional Catholic Rosary to each state of the United States and asks God's protection of and guidance for the nation.

After we prayed the rosary, the banner was rolled up and along with the flag was placed in the car.  I had rosaries, brochures on how to pray the rosary, Divine Mercy prayer cards and Miraculous medals.  Prayer warriors had left to attend to other commitments except for one, Suzie.  Suzie and I crossed the grass and headed over to the Farmers Market and pavilion when we encountered an older woman, her daughter and a child in the stroller.  We offered them a rosary and the older woman smiled and said that she was Catholic and had a rosary.  So, after telling her "God bless you," we moved forward and encountered a man with two teenage daughters.  We offered the rosary to him first and he declined.  But, then I spotted a beautiful rosary hanging around the neck of one of his daughters.  I told her how beautiful it was and asked her if she knew how to pray it.  She said that she did not.  So, I gave her the brochure on How to Pray the Rosary and told her about the rosary.  I also gave her the prayer card with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and she seemed very pleased to have these things.  Since her Dad seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, we departed and moved on through the crowd.

We encountered an older couple and a couple of vendors who seemed happy to receive the rosaries.  We encountered another Catholic woman who took a miraculous medal and a couple who seemed very happy to have the rosary and thanked us.  Overall, with this being our "maiden mission" for street evangelization we were very happy to propagate the praying of the rosary and for the souls that God put in our path.  We are looking forward to doing this again in May when we will have our next scheduled outing.