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Mesa, AZ

Country: United States
State or province: Arizona

Team leader
Nancy Nemitz


SPSE Arizona Annual Potluck

August 27, 2019

A few weeks ago I hosted the first Annual SPSE Arizona potluck. I encourage other SPSE teams to do the same because it brought everyone together who may not regularly evangelize for fellowship, food, and prayer. I’ll share my agenda for that day in case it’s helpful to others.

Date: A Sunday     Time: 2 PM    Forum: potluck

  1. Welcome and Grace
  2. Champagne Toast to the teams and to those we met on the streets
  3. Eat
  4. Before dessert, each team leader spoke for no more than 4 minutes recapping the past year in terms of where they evangelize and stories from the street
  5. Dessert
  6. Rosary – We prayed the rosary together for all the people we met, prayed with, and evangelized during the past year.
  7. Catholic trivia quiz I developed. Winners received prizes
  8. Fellowship


Inspiration and Encouragement

August 27, 2019

My job is to follow the High Quest to the best of my ability, to make the daily sacrifice, and let God take it from there.  – Tolkien

He doesn’t reward for success but for patience and hardship undergone for His sake. It is through your weaknesses He will work most powerfully to bring mercy. The greater work is to do His will in the darkness of faith. – from the book Fr. Elijah

Speak the truth sincerely and calmly whenever the opportunity arises. Guard the gate of your heart.  – from book Fr. Elijah

St. Ignatius said, “Man was created to praise, reverence, and serve God and, by these means, to save his soul. Nothing more, nothing less. Whatever else we do, if we neglect this one responsibility, we miss everything.”

Felt or unfelt, He is with me. For whatever it’s worth, I give Him my time walking. That’s enough.  – from the book Field of Stars (Camino de Santiago)  I have to remember the time we spend standing on the sidewalk with our rosaries, whether or not we feel successful, that’s enough. –

Nancy Nemitz


St. Patrick’s Day Parade Phoenix

August 27, 2019

We’ll be joining the Phoenix Chapter at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown Phoenix on Saturday, March 16. Contact Nancy Nemitz for further details: