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Valley Center

Country: United States
State or province: California

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Art Reynoso

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Our Team:  My  name is Art Reynoso.  Along with two friends (Aida & Phil) we started a team in Ontario, CA.  We would set up in downtown Riverside.  Three years ago, my wife and I moved to Valley Center California (Aida and Phil still set up in downtown Riverside) and am now starting a new chapter here.  With the culture’s acceptance of Relativism, people need to be here the Truth about Jesus and His Church. 

We are Catholics dedicated to serving Christ by sharing the Gospel and Catholic faith with former Catholics and non-Catholics who may have questions or misconceptions regarding the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Our great blessing is meeting fallen away Catholics and being able to dialogue with them and invite them back to the Church, especially urging them to return to the Sacrament of Confession.


We offer free Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, St. Michael and other saint medals along with prayer cards (which have also been blessed by a local Catholic priest).

We hand out free pamphlets and informative CD's that explain the teachings of the faith in English or Spanish to anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.

We answer questions people may have, present Jesus and His Church to people and invite them to the fullness of the Faith.

We pray for people on the spot (if they like) and for any intentions they may have (family, friends etc.)


We need your prayers for the success of this ministry in our efforts to evangelize and with God's help to ransom hopefully many souls for Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.

We also ask for your donation to help replenish the materials we offer at no cost to individuals (Yes, we need more enthusiastic volunteers to help us so we can be on the streets weekly).  This is truly an exciting mission for us in sharing about our faith and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that our Lord Jesus Christ founded 2000 years ago.  Please support us with your prayers first and foremost, but if you can send a monetary donation our way, we would be most grateful.

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