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Yoga really helps my child to be calm

This month’s Whaddaya Say is inspired by an actual conversation with a family member. Click here to see last month’s responses.

One of my family members is Catholic but is unaware that practicing yoga goes against church teaching. So, what would you say to someone like this who tells you that yoga has really helped their child to be calm? [read more]

Team Leader Highlights

This month we are pleased to highlight team leader Nancy McCambridge who leads the Gaithersburg team. Nancy has been active with SPSE for over 4 years. Her team is very active; you can usually find them at the Lake Forest metro bus station on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Nancy was gracious enough to share her story of conversion with us on our Stories from the Street podcast. Nancy grew up in a nominally Catholic home and had to face some serious challenges including the sudden death of her brother, which caused her to doubt the love of God. When she was at her lowest point, a friend from high school proclaimed the Gospel to her in a new and powerful way. The friend took Nancy to confession which changed her life. Now Nancy evangelizes and shares the gospel with people from all walks of life.

Find out more about Nancy and the Gaithersburg team: Gaithersburg Team Page

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Latest Buzz Reminder

Join us this Thursday Evening for the Latest Buzz

This is a great chance to meet other team leaders and evangelists so we can all share updates, stories, trivia and prayer! Everyone is invited to share the link with your evangelists. It's part of our ongoing effort build up our SPSE community. [read more]

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Hi Team Leaders!!

In this video we talk about what is going on in December and we pray for our teams.

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Prayer to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: O most Holy Virgin, immaculate in body and spirit, look kindly on me as I implore your powerful intercession. O most Holy Mother, receive my prayers as I present them to God. (state your intentions here) O Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, you intercede for us with your Son. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen.


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