By Jeffrey van Zuiden

Have you ever looked into the face of evil? Have you ever carried on a conversation with evil? Have you ever been into a house of evil? How about this; have you ever helped carry groceries into evil’s house? I have.

Today, I learned that a client of mine, is a member on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood. I was left contemplating this all day. With the Gosnell Trial still fresh in my memory, I couldn’t help but discern my encounters of the past three years with this gentleman.

So what is evil like? Evil is polite and friendly. Evil likes to laugh, grill, travel, and garden. Evil says please and thank you. Evil has a pet dog that he loves. Even stranger yet, evil feels that I’m a stand-up guy and appreciates my service, and also when I help above and beyond my responsibilities.


In fact, not too long ago, evil had knee surgery. I helped him carry some items to different rooms. Another time while visiting, I put his groceries up for him. When I need a sales boost, evil will contribute to help me out. He has a face, a home, an address. He lives next door to you and to me. He eats at the same restaurants, shops at the same stores. Evil is even a patron of the local arts!

So what did this warrior of Christ, this foot-soldier of the light learn about his enemy? I learned something very important. Evil doesn’t usually know he’s evil. Evil thinks he is doing what is right. Evil laughs, loves and lives.

I know, this all sounds quite ambiguous. So what is evil missing? The light of Christ. Salvation. This seemingly nice gentleman is now my responsibility. It is now my duty, as the warrior of Christ, to found away to crack his hardness of heart. It’s not my job to drop him as a client and walk away, instead, to win him to the Lord through my actions, and my words. Evil will continue to be my client. I will continue to show him my Christian love, and with much prayer and hope, the Holy Spirit may be able to work through me, to rid the world of one more agent of evil … not by destruction, but by conversion.