Blogger Elizabeth Scalia points us to a real war on women and the religious sisters who are going to the front lines of street evangelization to rescue them and help them meet Jesus Christ.


These “rescue operations,” teams of two to six nuns and volunteer lay people, are part of the apostolate to reach out to prostituted women and girls in Philippine cities and towns and to establish contact with them by distributing rosaries, scapulars and missionaries’ phone numbers so those who want help can contact them.

They go into bars and brothels “not to judge these women who work there, but to reach out to them and offer them a way out of prostitution should they want to get out. . .”

At each sex den, the assigned team member first asks the bar manager or owner for permission to visit with women workers. She tells bar officials her group of missionaries will give out free rosaries and scapulars to the women, along with leaflets on how to pray the rosary. . .At brothels, they aim to arrive before 3 p.m. since women go on display to customers around that time and cannot be disturbed.