The Boise team showed up downtown at the same time that a Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) convention was being held. This turned out to be an interesting encounter with some JWs who came up to ‘preach’ to the Catholic team. The JW insisted that believers are to address God by His ‘real name’, “Jehovah,” so that’s the topic they spent most of the time discussing. What turned out to be ironic is that the JWs were so focused on the name “Jehovah” that they missed the fact the New Testament puts a big emphasis on the Name of Jesus, Whom the JWs believe to be a mere man.

The evangelists pointed out how the Apostles were always calling upon the “Name of Jesus” when performing miracles and preaching, which is also ironic because the JWs officially don’t believe Jesus even exists anymore, and instead they officially teach that Jesus ceased to exist upon his death and was only “resurrected” back as Michael the Archangel. So throughout Acts, the Apostles are calling upon the Name of someone who doesn’t even exist!

The Old Testament Hebrew Name for God was spelled by four letters, YHWH, which modern scholarship says is best pronounced “Yahweh.” The name “Jehovah” is actually a Latin interpretation of YHWH, and this name only came about in the middle ages when a Catholic priest took a guess as to how it was to be pronounced. So by using the name “Jehovah,” the JWs are not even following the Bible, but a Roman Catholic priest who was making an educated guess and turned out to not be accurate!

The JWs rely on the Catholic Church for “Jehovah,” and yet the JWs teach the Catholic Church was the one responsible for hiding God’s Name! Certain JW literature has reluctantly admitted that “Jehovah” is not really accurate, but they know that they must hide God’s real Name, Yahweh, because it would force them to admit they were wrong all this time!

Pray for these poor souls on their journey towards truth.