We love seeing other groups and ministries engaging in street evangelization. Here is a report from Franciscan University of Steubenville. We have featured red light district ministry here before.


We have amazing students.

This past Friday night, the men’s household Prodigal Sons Return organized and mobilized 100 of our young men to pray and demonstrate in front of the “gentleman’s club” in the next town over. They were there in the middle of the night to pray for all involved, to stand up for the dignity of women, and to challenge men to respect women. Such “Red Light ministry” events are student-initiated and include women on campus praying before the Blessed Sacrament while the men are out.

One of the young women who was going to the establishment to work was approached by some of the men who shared with her the Good News of her inherent dignity as a beautiful daughter of God. She quit her job that night and was in attendance at the noon Mass on campus the following day.

Franciscan University is forming men and women to change the world. They are not afraid to confront what is wrong and bring the light of the Gospel.