SPSE teamed up with the Archdiocese of Detroit and sent two teams of evangelists to the Health and Fitness Expo at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI. More than 30,000 people passed through. The evangelists handed out many Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, crucifixes, and pamphlets. They also recorded dozens of prayer requests. The following are just a couple of samples of the many conversations about the Catholic Faith that the evangelists were able to engage in.

One man, Paul, approached the booth. He wanted to tell our evangelist Anne about his priest and how he “talks down” to the parishioners. Anne asked Paul to explain what he meant. Paul then talked about how the priest wanted people to dress in a certain way and had cautioned them about taking communion at a non-Catholic church over the holidays. A discussion of exactly who can consecrate the Eucharist ensued, and the man accepted the SPSE brochure on the Eucharist. He was pleased to receive the explanation.

In another conversation, Steve, our national director, spoke with an off-duty Detroit police officer who was considering coming back to the Catholic Faith. Steve gave him several reasons to come home to the Church and offered him several pamphlets including the pamphlets on Reasons to Return to the Catholic Church, the Eucharist, and the Good News pamphlet. The man said he would come back.