During a local Halloween event, our Detroit team saw a family of Smurfs! Papa Smurf stopped and pointed (in approval) to the free treasures he saw being offered: Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, CD’s, and more. The team spoke to the family about how we also take prayer requests (notice that the Smurfette is writing on a clipboard her intentions). So many people approach us and are hurting or are struggling with difficulties in life. In these situations we let them know that God loves them and wants peace and joy in their lives. This often can lead in to a conversation about how this joy and redemptive suffering is made present in their own lives, through living as a disciple of Jesus Christ in His Church.

These were Protestant Smurfs, but they appreciated what the team was doing, and after writing down their prayer request they promised them that we would pray for their intentions. They also gave them several items for them to peruse at their convenience, such as a CD on Scott Hahn’s conversion story.