The SPSE Royal Oak Group experienced a recent Saturday filled with the Holy Spirit while they were evangelizing in downtown Royal Oak, MI. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm and a lot of people were out walking and enjoying the weather. Team leader Scott Chaney and five more evangelists had set up two teams, one on each side of the street. They gave out a lot of free Rosaries and Miraculous Medals and engaged many people in conversations about the Faith.

One of their memorable encounters was with a man named Michael. Michael had been watching the team from a little way off for more than an hour. Then he finally approached them. Not sure what to expect from him, the team was overjoyed when he accepted a Rosary. He then shared how he had been raised Catholic but had left the Church and had become a non-denominational Christian. But then he had become disenchanted with them over what he called hypocrisy and stopped attending church anywhere. He still, though, believed in Jesus and prayed every day. 

After a lengthy conversation with Scott, and some prayer, Michael agreed that he needed to return to fellowship with believers. After learning that he had been baptized and confirmed as a Catholic, the team shared with him that he was only one Confession away from being fully restored back to the Catholic Faith. 

He was so amazed and excited to learn this that he said, “You mean, all I have to do is just go the Catholic church on the next block and confess to the Priest?”

We assured him it was true!

He then said, “I’m going to go right now!” We prayed again with him for God’s blessing and help to make a good Confession. He assured us he knew the way there and headed straight for the church!

The truth is, once we’ve been incorporated into the Body of Christ through Baptism, we are truly members of the family of God. If we have become estranged from that family, all we need to do is be reconciled – to confess our guilt – and we will be accepted back with open arms!

Thank you, Royal Oak Group!