Here is our Washington, DC Team!

Three Catholic ‘Evangelicals’ went out today and the Holy Spirit allowed all three of us to have good conversations with many people in Dupont Circle. We gave out our emails to a few people and a few people gave us their emails so we can have longer conversations in the coming weeks. The Holy Spirit sent me a present in the form of Joseph, a cradle Catholic, who had fallen away and was calling himself a Seventh Day Baptist. Those who know me, know I love a good debate with a well informed “Bible Christian.”

We talked for about 20 minutes about Greek-Aramaic languages, the nature of the church, the rosary, Peter, and the bible. He left with a CD on the Papacy, a Rosary, and a guide on how to pray the Rosary. He gave us his email so I will follow up with him in the coming weeks. He was the anomaly however, most of the people were totally non-confrontational, and interested to hear from us. People were so surprised to see Catholics out evangelizing.

We had many Catholics come up to us in shock, wondering if we were somehow different from the “Roman Catholic” church! We learned some lessons today about ways to be even more effective in the future, such as being in a location with more ‘wandering’ people. Today we set up next to a metro stop, so people were in a hurry to get to the train, or get to their destination. Next time we thought the National Mall or Old Town Alexandria may be better since people are just lazily strolling along, with more time to stop and talk with us. God bless you all!