The Detroit team reports, “Droves of people walked past us and among those willing to slow down for a short time was Gail. I offered her a Rosary, and she told me that she could use all the prayers she could get! She shared some of her struggles and difficulties. I offered to pray with her, so we stood there on the sidewalk and prayed together that the Lord would bless her and help her in this time of struggle. She was very open, but explained afterwards her trouble with prayer, that it seemed as if her prayers “didn’t work” and wondered if she was even doing it “properly”.

Looking at me with an open heart, she asked, “how do you pray?” Put on the spot and caught a little off-guard at the simple but poignant question, I explained to her, “Prayer is relationship. It is about spending time with someone you care about and letting their love change you. Sometimes that love is communicated by words, other times through images, and often most powerfully in the silent presence of the one you love.” I proceeded to explain also that in order to build a relationship with someone, you need to get to know them, and the Rosary is a privileged way of getting to know Jesus through the eyes of Mary. We continued to chat a little more, and it became clear to me that there have been many people in her life that have wounded her, so I explained to her how the power of forgiveness releases the grace of God into our lives and sets us free from the pain and burden of the past. Finally, I encouraged her to build upon her relationship with the Lord, and assured her that our Heavenly Father loves her very deeply, has a beautiful plan for her, and has heard every one of her prayers.

Please pray for Gail that she may forgive the people who have hurt her and enter into deeply into relationship with our Lord Jesus.”